Tommy Tooter LOLsuit + Begging + Doxing Extragavanza! - Featuring the TPD, the Gem Show, Jonathan Ross and More!

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This has been a very eventful week for Tommy, and as such, an update is needed, each of those events alone would probably command a thread of its own, but let's compress them all into one mega OP, and when I say mega, I mean mega.

So after Tom showed us his reality distorting delusions in his last call to the TPD (video, thread), he's been taken down to earth. Because not only has Based James Parisho not been arrested, he is also apparently on good terms with the cops, coconut water good terms, in fact.

As of today, not only does Tom plan to get Based James, KF and AMB members in jail, he also plans to sue the Gem Show for kicking him out because they saw his pedo confession video and told him to gtfo like responsible adults:





Notice how he mentions that we could be punished by "one of your cows coming after you"?

Well, he's talking about none other than Jonathan Ross. Yes, you read that right, he's the same Febreeze-drinking, pants shitting, admitted pedophile autist who murdered our sides last year.



It's like Tom is trying to go back in time and ally with his younger more exceptional counterpart. :story:

Now you will note that in almost every cap (and many more posts on AMB), Tom kept bragging about how Sgt. Petersen will meet him soon and will start knocking down our doors any minute to arrest us.

Well the thing is, Petersen is with the Tucson PD's Office of Professional Standards, which means that Petersen is essentially the person who deems certain cases to be COLD and instructs the department not to spend manpower on them. Which makes Tom's constant namedropping on him incredibly hilarious. :story:

As time passed on old man Tooter, he slowly began to unravel as he slowly realized that the cops aren't gonna be his personal army against his trolls. These caps are from various threads on AMB, ordered by time posted, which I think gives a great breakdown of how his week went:







Wow.. Our time as free men and women is sure coming to an end pretty soon, huh?


Evidently, the cops refused to take in Based James Parisho for any crimes, nor would they entertain his constant calls about his internet asspain, this attitude of theirs sent Tom into a depressive streak, resulting in this incredibly hilarious message in which he threatens to sue the fucking Tucson Chief of Police, Chris Magnus, which I am sure he actually sent, because hey, this is Tom we're talking about:


1,000,000,000 x :story::story::story:
Dear Chief Magnus,

I am a targeted individual who has been stalked on the Internet for over 20 years by gangs of cyber criminals. I have been reporting this to the TPD for 4 years and instead of actively investigating my complaint , your MHST has filed 4 falsified petitions for psych evaluation, the last one so bad, the doctor refused to sign it for the judge and the one before that so lame the admitting doctor said that if it weren't for the judge's signature he would release me right there.

There are people on the Internet inciting violence against me. There have been two incidents where there has been violence in the street because of it. The latest one cost me and my client , El Paso Rock Shop, at least $100, 000 in lost sales. Nothing was done with either report I filed. I was assaulted in the underpass by another busker with priors. my face was bloody and my horn was damaged, yet your department refused to prosecute , saying it was mutual combat, which it wasn't. the man attacked me and slammed my face into a pillar.

There is evidence that your department is being paid off to protect the "Hoffman Group" enterprises in contraband trafficking in partnership with the Sinaloa cartel. In addition to that, it is apparent that, since I am transgender, the department considers me to be mentally ill and unfit as a witness. Gay men and lesbians are notoriously transphobic. You and your chief of staff will be questioned closely about that.

I haven't kept count of the messages I have sent you but the number of responses I've received are easy to count because you haven't responded. That's what courts are for. See you there, sir.

Furthermore, Tom decided that filming a crashing-into-slumber video is a good idea, because that worked a lot for Chris, note how all his calls to the cops go to voicemail:

On top of all this, Tom also is apparently seeking funds, he's been shilling his paypal with a particular persistence on his latest streams.

He also apparently asked his family to send him money like a 10-year-old:

Tom is apparently planning to get a car and "hit the road":


This leads us to suspect that he's planning on skipping out on rent again, this would make sense because Tom is currently being shunned by hippies and gem dealers alike over his pedophilia and as such, needs to skedaddle out of town.

I was planning to end this OP here, but as all cows do, Tom never stops making bad decisions, just a few hours ago, he posted his friend Mario's number on AMB, because doxing your friends to the internet forums you accuse of criminal harassment is definitely the way to win friends and influence people :story::


Stay dumb Tommy, we will be here laughing as always.


[16th Feb 2019]:
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Are you planning on asking the Chief of Staff: "Take those cyber criminals down or you're a big gay"???
LMAO the Chief of Police is actually a married gay man, which makes Tom's rant about how the Tucson police are biased against LGBT people even more hilarious. :story:

Wikipedia said:
In 2014 Magnus married his partner of many years, Terrance Cheung, then chief of staff to Tom Butt, the mayor of Richmond; this is thought to be the first time an openly gay police chief in the United States has married.[5][6]

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LMAO the Chief of Police is actually a married gay man, which makes Tom's rant about how the Tucson police are biased against LGBT people even more hilarious. :story:

No just biased against true and honest two-spirit trannies like him is what he's claiming. Ironically enough, this is actually just more evidence of Tom's homophobic tendencies.


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:story: Imagine being a normie police chief and reading a letter with that as the opening sentence.
Lol we're talking about Tom here. That shit is a daily occurrence for the TPD.

It got to the point where they assigned a designated tardwrangler who continually monitors AMB while getting his morning donuts, or whenever Tom calls them about much harassment. :story:


Probably wearing pants.
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Lol we're talking about Tom here. That shit is a daily occurrence for the TPD.

It got to the point where they assigned a designated tardwrangler who continually monitors AMB while getting his morning donuts, or whenever Tom calls them about much harassment. :story:
I stick to the belief that whenever an officer has to go see Tom they draw names from a hat, each of them hoping it's not them again.

break these cuffs

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@Miss Tommie Jayne Wasserberg your plight has moved me so I'm going to do you a solid and try to help you leave Tuscon with some dignity intact. Instead of groveling to your family for money, you can go to an institution known as a bank to secure a loan. Banks hold money for people and they also loan money out for a small percentage of the total loan amount along the life of the loan. Look up usury and how your tribe created it as a way to swindle goyim. I know you have to be ignorant about this because such a fine citizen as yourself must have an excellent credit rating, a measurement people use to determine how risky it is to loan to someone, and should have no trouble securing a loan. In short, credit union masterrace.

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