Tommy Tooter Two Spirit Combo? -

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Cranky Hermit
Once again Tom made me think of Shadowrun. If anything he'd be a composite of two insect spirits - probably roach and mosquito. Aside from the obvious allusion to him being a parasitic drain on everyone around him, as well as literal vermin, he possesses another quality that definitely fits. Most of the time those possessed by insect spirits are so unsettling, unnatural and just... off, that most people will get a very instinctive and visceral "something isn't right" reaction after being around them for only a short time.

...I apologize for my dorkery. No need to call the guards, I'll escort myself to the flaying chamber.


They climbed aboard their silver ghost
Tommy believes themselves to be two spirit? What combo do you think fits best?

I think Tommy is part maggot/part garbage rat.

Ones with best ratings will be added to this post.

1. Ug and Hagraven
2.Inside Tom there are two wolves. One is a pedophile. The other is also a pedophile.

Tom is a pedophile.

Oh wait.

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