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What if Tommy went to Hell?

Well it would be lunch time and tommy would hit the floor and shart all over the place. Right there in front of the devil who would get sick and lose his lunch. Then he would get upset take tommy back up and throw him on the cloud and say too God

God damn it! Every time i go to eat lunch you do that. God you are a prick doing that to me. ( god over then snickering ) Here i am eating and this shit box hit the floor and shoots runny shit everywhere. I lost my groceries on the spot. God you are a pompous asshole.

God would laugh and say well i thought you would get the joke but.
What if Tommy wasnt old and was in his 20s or 30s? Would his internet behavior and antics be worse or would he take a different route altogether?
If Tom hasn't learned by now, it's unlikely he'd be any better as a younger version of himself. He would most likely still be displaying exceptional behavior, albeit more closer to a rat king rather than a horrorcow, assuming he has better hygiene without dementia.


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What if Tommy realized that the reason he hates @jenffer a jay so much is because he’s jealous of her? I mean, she’s everything he tries but fails to be: pleasant and likable and creates things that other people genuinely enjoy?
(Not that Tom ever tries to be pleasant. He just goes on and on about how many people like and look up to him and we know that’s bullshit.)

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What if Tooter got the runs on livestream and your computer had smellovision installed.

What if Based James gave Tom a MAGA hat for his birfday?
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What if Tom started making "instruments" out of trash he finds dumpster diving?
Helping Josh learn to love UK I'm sure.

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