Dramacow Tony Gagardo / TonyTalk - 57-year-old east Boston stunad with a BTR show and a thin grasp on reality

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All images in this thread are from /r/blogtalkradio (https://archive.md/hSvRR). Much love to @millais for helping write this post.
What do you hear, What do you say? It's me..Tony. Some of you call me Tony..others call me Tony Gaga, But everyone calls me Uncle Tony. After starting this show, I realized that many people that have called in are indecent, rude, filth mouths and stunads. That's no way to get through life. There are so many of these kinds of terrible people in the world. some of them are just naturally terrible..others cannot help it. If there is a glimmer of hope, I.. your friend Tony, can and will help you. As I say, I dont wear a cape, I am no hero, I am just me. Tony. If you need anything please feel free to E-mail me at TonyGagaTalk@yahoo.com. I will address your email on the air and others can learn how to handle your problems through faith and life lessons. Feel free to call in as well at 267-521-0181. Visit www.Blogtalkradio.com/tonytalk1 for schedule shows and information.

Anthony “Tony Gaga" Gagardo is a BlogTalkRadio host with a razor-thin grasp on reality. Tony hosts the BTR show TonyTalk on Monday nights from his hometown of east Boston, Massachusetts. While its earliest episodes were based around wrestling discussion, the show has a general advice-line format: most episodes will either involve Tony taking calls from listeners who need advice, or Tony will read an email asking the same, and have his callers discuss possible solutions.

Much of the attention generated by this show is the past few months has been related to the host himself. Tony is 57 years old and of Italian descent, which is clearly evident through his manner of speech. Tony has a thick, high-pitched Boston accent and frequently utilizes Italian slang, most notably "stunad," which roughly means “moron” or “idiot.” In addition, due to hearing problems, he will occasionally mis-hear simple phrases or words. An infamous case was one of his regular callers referring to a Discord chatroom that he ran, and to this day Tony believes he is on a pornographic website called “TitsCore.”

The show quickly attained a following during the summer of 2018, particularly from individuals who had formerly been listeners of True Capitalist Radio. The increase of Tony Talk's popularity coincided with the discontinuation of the popular Gab Shoutouts/Radio Graffiti features on TCR.

As with the earliest days of TCR, a cadre of regular callers has developed with interesting, and sometimes bizarre, personalities. It should be noted that the vast majority of the following characters are trolls who have assumed these identities.


Jesco White
, who claims to be from east Boston, is generally considered to be Tony's arch-nemesis.

He will often begin his calls by shouting “TONY BABYYYY,” which is invariably followed by Tony sighing as he realizes who he has put on the air. Jesco openly expresses white nationalist views on the air, including speaking to Tony as if they are both in the Ku Klux Klan, and frequently rattles off racist, anti-semitic, and anti-Italian slurs and jokes on the air.

Jesco has claimed responsibility for tormenting Tony in real life, including such antics as defecating in the back seat of--and placing a condom on the windshield wiper of--Tony's Chrysler 300. Much to Tony's chagrin, Jesco refers to this car as a Toyota Avalon. It is hypothesized, however, that Jesco actually lives in Indianapolis; on his former BTR show, the Jesco-Glubney Hour of Power, he mentions how he makes a big event out of going to the Indy 500 every year with his son.

In recent weeks, Tony has allowed Jesco to have a cooking segment on the show, with the questionable name “Jesco White's Vegan Reich.”


Dr. Kenneth Fishman, or “Pastor Ken,” was is a fellow BTR host and owner of Fishers of Men (formerly HGM) Ministries. (edit 12/15/18: he now broadcasts as God's Rainbow Ministries.)

He is a gay pastor based in San Antonio, Texas who has been a regular on TonyTalk since its beginning. When he calls, Tony will often keep him on the line while other individuals call up and ask questions on faith-based manners.

He has a gay lover named Tony Ferrar, or “Tony Frittata” as Tony Gagardo mis-hears his name. Ferrar can often be heard in the background of Ken’s calls butting in over concerns about Ken's blood pressure and COPD.

Ken has become one of Tony's more controversial trolls, and several individuals have attempted to defame him in recent months by revealing unsavory details regarding his personal life. Not only was he the center of the aforementioned “TitsCore” incident, Ken has also been featured on Bloody Bucket$, a Juggalo podcast which Tony misunderstood as a "gigolo show." Other unsavory accusations include faking his death after a romantic encounter with a horse and mailing his then-infant granddaughter a dildo from his sex shop (which was actually a newsstand).


Kent Hopper (in the boxing shorts) is a former ministry partner of Ken and currently runs Abbas House Ministries in Moncton, New Brunswick. While Kent himself no longer calls the show and has been supplanted by another troll claiming to be him, Ken is convinced that he has returned and their rivalry has been rekindled. Fake Kent has been able to stir up a lot of drama based around the premise of Kent Hopper stealing all of Ken Fishman's academic accomplishments, flock and ministry.

In addition, a major saga arose in July-August when a Fake Ken arose as well and, for a time, successfully convinced Tony that the real Ken was an impostor. This resulted in the real Ken becoming angry enough with Tony to call him a “dumb fuck” live on the air and shit-talking him on HGM.

Kent has also raised Tony’s ire by claiming to have developed an entire line of bootleg TonyTalk merchandise including T-shirts, dolls, and “masturbation tents.”

The late Joshua Higgins (in the referee outfit) was the featured guest on the aforementioned June 17th broadcast. A self-proclaimed college graduate majoring in “homosexuality and Jewish studies”, Higgins attempted to pervert Ken Fishman's religious beliefs and ministry, and he is a frequent caller on both TonyTalk and Fishers of Men. He professed that he received a religious revelation and was the Messiah (under the name Yeshua) and was in the process of rewriting the Bible. Sadly, the troll who called as Joshua passed away on July 19, 2019.

In late 2018, he announced that he had taken Ken Fishman as his wife, in spite of Ken’s relationship with Tony Ferrar. Prior to that, he would troll by calling into both shows asking for advice for his aggressively homosexual and self-prostituting lifestyle. For a brief period, someone called in with a very funny Bernie Sanders à la Ghost voice pretending to be Moishe Higgins, his Jewish grandfather and collaborator in his efforts to rewrite the Bible.

Bishop Don Cornelius II, whom Tony has christened as “Donny Baby,” “DCII,” and “Donny Sides,” is from Des Moines and claims to be the son of Don Cornelius of Soul Train fame. He often complains about Tony impolitely taking a shit, scratching himself, eating food whenever talking to him. Don has cousins named Clarence and Willy, also from Des Moines.

There has been some debate over whether Don is actually a black man. Ken has claimed in the past that he is a white man named Jay, but on the November 4th show Tony mentioned that they met in person when Don visited Boston, lending credence to the idea that he is a serious caller. The major standing issue with this, however, is that neither of the real Don Cornelius’s sons were named after him. When pressed on this, DCII has claimed that he changed his name in his father’s honor after his suicide.

Jaybo, also known as KalKwen on Discord, is the step-son of Cadillac Joe, one of Tony's friends who passed away several years ago. He is an amateur wrestler and MMA fighter who has openly mocked Tony at his matches to the point that Tony refuses to attend, and has also terrorized Tony with such antics as leaving a diaper full of Nutella and peanut butter on his car and licking it to make him vomit. Tony gave Jaybo a chance to produce his show, since he is good with computers, only to fire him after hosting two episodes of JayboTalk on his account and pretending to not hear him when he called in.

Beanie Loko, until recently, was one of the few callers that had been outright banned from the show. He was a Mexican fail-troll who called in bomb threats and was spiritually rehabilitated by Ken. He is an occasional presence on God's Rainbow Ministries, much to the displeasure of Tony and almost every troll, especially Don. However, in recent months Tony and Beanie have reconciled and he does not aggravate Tony quite as much.

Rico Ramosito Martini has taken over the throne of token Latino troll since late August. Beginning each of his calls with a jarring Cuban guitar riff, Rico has harassed Tony via email in a variety of ways; in late October, he threatened to rape Tony’s ailing mother to death with his guitar. He is essentially on both Tony’s and Ken’s shitlist at this point, but despite this, Tony had featured him prominently on the show in late 2018 in a fruitless attempt to get him to apologize.

The late Benjamin Buford Fontaine began calling in January 2019. He was a troll pretending to be a wealthy gruff-voiced Southerner that sounds like, as Tony says, "evil Colonel Sanders". He attempted to intimidate Tony into selling him the rights to his show and playing songs by his supposed business associate, Rico. He often made personal requests on the air to his man-servant, Nigel Nigglesworth. In August 2019, while eating a dish Nigglesworth prepared for him, he had a fatal heart attack on the air.

Alfonso is a gruff-voiced gay man that calls to talk about his various dates and occasionally hit on Tony. Much to Tony's chagrin, he ends his calls by saying NOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOM, which has become common to spam in the chat.

Calvin was Tony’s producer who was hired to screen Tony’s emails and, along with a group of quasi-mods referred to as Enforcers, monitor his BTR chatroom. It became evident, however, that Calvin was wont to intentionally pull the wool over Tony's eyes in order to let a lot of the troll calls and segments get through. Tony fired Calvin live on the air on November 4th because he believed that Ken was not only directing him to filter out certain emails, but was also trying to steal him as producer (both of which Ken has denied).

Madeleine Mitten is a troll who claims to be a promiscuous alcoholic residing in Toronto. Along with Jesco, she is responsible for much of Tony’s show-related “agida,” or stress. Madeleine became notorious early on for begging Tony to engage in unprintable and grotesque sex acts, most notably the “Alaskan pipeline.”

Her character would later evolve into an outright profligate who regularly became pregnant solely for the purpose of having taxpayer funded abortions.

Sully Sullivan is one of the few callers who seems to be a legitimate Bostonian. He is supposedly a trucker and once had a live segment called "Sully's Trucking Stories" on Tony's show that was finally shut down over his excessive swearing at other drivers. As of recently, he appeared to have stopped calling in though he did call in on the New Year's show.

Barry is the proprietor of Barry’s Flower Shop and Emporium and was a former advertiser on TonyTalk. Barry has lied about being the recipient of much of the merchandise that Kent Hopper has made, and regularly calls to nag Tony into retrieving the unwanted products; he insinuates that Tony is the one who sent it to him. He often remarks that he has family members who perished in the Holocaust.

Thom, spelled "tee aitch oh em" as he emphasizes, is a troll pretending to be a gay man at the Alley Bar, a gay bar in Boston. He calls in with sexual advice for gay men and continually stretches Tony's acceptance of the gays with explicit descriptions of sodomy.

Willy Wong, or “WW2,” is another regular at the Alley Bar. He is mainly notable for posing as an undocumented Chinese immigrant on the run from ICE and for having a brief fling with Madeleine that ended in a miscarriage.

Andy is an troll that spread the dumb, yet effective tactic of loudly passing gas on the air. His calls typically have the format of long-winded anecdotes that involve his best friend, whom he identifies as Anus before farting. Andy’s presence has made Tony anxious about others replicating this tactic; whenever he hears a Discord message sound effect, or someone makes an extemporaneous noise such as a chair squeak, Tony will yell “WAS DAT A FAHT?!”

Juan is a minor character who claims to be a redneck Hispanic from Alabama obsessed with Crimson Tide football and Nick Saban. His catchphrase is the Alabama slogan “Roll Tide!” or, as Tony unnecessarily pluralizes, “Roll Tides!”

Frank Gelesco, or “Frank the Janitor,” was originally a character sympathetic to Tony, but due to some falling out among the Discord trolls, they tricked Tony into believing Frank was a pornographer and he subsequently fell out of favor with Tony and became an antagonistic character.

There are several tactics that regular trolls use to aggravate Tony, aside from the aforementioned farting.

Due to Tony’s hearing problems, one frequent technique trolls use is to call with harsh, high-pitched noises. While this is discouraged due to annoying listeners as well, this rattles Tony to the point where he will have to pause to regain his composure. He often mentions physical discomfort that results from this, such as his eyes throbbing and his head pounding.

At least one caller makes disgusting requests of Tony, usually regarding bodily functions. These include asking Tony to mail him his semen, his vacuum-sealed farts (particularly after he eats garlic), and in one instance that made Tony vomit, to pop his zits into a mayonnaise jar.

One troll that was highly popular in August and September was to call with the song “Gloria” by Laura Brannigan. Gloria is the name of one of Tony’s ex-girlfriend who cucked him with a used-car salesman, and hearing this song tends to kill his mood immediately.

BTR channel: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/tonytalk1
Email Tony at TonyGagaTalk@yahoo.com
YouTube archives: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvV2tHKrMG4CUu4Kkmx1igQ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiOY18DE03npGF4xiMGWCwg
Relay stream: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvRufi_YODfgIsGjtaVH0oA
Archive links, courtesy of the beautiful @millais
Jesco's BTR: http://archive.md/GtFBd
Ken's BTR: http://archive.md/PRCHs
Bloody Buckets BTR: http://archive.md/BHzpJ
Kent's BTR: http://archive.md/UMcGz
Tony's BTR: http://archive.md/vbzkR
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Very sad to hear that Tony's mother is basically going to be in hospice from here on out. Judging by Tony's emotional reaction to this development and the way he responded to Rico's final insult regarding his dying mother, I no longer think there is much of a chance that Tony is a troll-friendly ruse cruise in the vein of Jesus Chatline or Deagle Nation. This was too genuine to be faked. I think some of the trolls overplayed their hands during this broadcast. Already being on Tony's shitlist, Rico should have known better than to push it that far, and Jesco missed an obvious opportunity to gain a lot of goodwill with Tony by feigning some sympathy with his situation.

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also I hope Tony takes some time off if things are really bad for his mother. There's no entertainment that will come out of him exposing himself to mean-spirited dead mother calls, and it might even be enough to drive him off the air for good.


Chances are Clay's crew is gonna call in and give him a hard time if the case of his mother dying/severe condition is real. Theres not much we can do to prevent this unless we can get in contact with these Stunads. I guess all we can do is give him light calls and cheerups. We already killed the Racist Jew Texan Cripple Hambone, we don't need to lose Tony.


Jiggling and Giggling at the state of things
Is this real life or some kind of elaborate pod cast?

Im hoping for the first one.

Edit: dear sweet baby Jesus he talks like he's imitating home star runner.