Torbjörn Simon Andreas Karlsson / @AndreaRitsu / @AndreaReventon / @FeoUltima / Andrea Ritsu Nicomaki Tensai Reventon / Tobiichi - ugly pedo sexual harasser weeb who feels personally victimized by the word "trap"; Ban Dodging on Twitter.

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Andrea Ritsu, who some may already know due to the drama surrounding Fire Emblem: Fates, is at first glance your typical transwoman SJW gamer”girl”. S/he's whiny, dramatic, loves to play the victim, and is a creepy sexual deviant. One does not have to dig very deep, however, to discover that Andrea often takes these traits to an extreme.

Note: I will be referring to Andrea using "his/her" and "s/he" simply because I personally couldn't figure out which set would make the post easier to read. If it's a genuine problem for everyone I will go back and revise this post to use a single set of pronouns.

S/he loves to argue for women's rights and lesbian rights and often speaks over other women while doing so. S/he insists cis men are disgusting and are threats to all women, but is conveniently unaware of how s/he makes other women uncomfortable.

Woman is uncomfortable with the portrayal of women's breasts in the images Andrea posted. S/he responds by timidly approaching Andrea about the subject in a seemingly non-offensive manner, almost as if she's trying to laugh about it. Andrea immediately gets defensive, tries to defend them by saying they're "not that unrealistic" (likely based off all the JAVs s/he's watched, considering she has no boobs of her own), and when said woman continues to insist that's not how boobs work, Andrea goes full tumblr and accuses her of basically kinkshaming him/her. Weird for someone who allegedly cares about and identifies so much with women to prioritize his/her weird fetish over the comfort of other women.

It may be worth noting that the character with cat ears that Andrea posted in the previous screencap is 15 years old.

On top of that, Andrea is pretty obsessed with her because she allegedly "identifies" with her.

In fact, Andrea commonly "identifies with" underage female characters, such as Kuroko Shirai from To Aru Majutsu no Index, and female characters who are often mistaken for being underage due to their looks, like Nico Yazawa from Love Live! School Idol Festival. This basically means s/he likes to casually "dress up" as these characters using stupid accessories resembling elements of the character's design, and also suddenly start roleplaying these characters on his/her main account out of nowhere, often putting them in suggestive situations.

S/he once received a rather hilarious message on about this, too, and responded with an equally hilarious rant:

Andrea is in his/her mid-twenties, and Nico Yazawa is 17.

In this review for Sakura Trick, posted on his/her old blog, Andrea goes to great lengths to justify his/her firm belief that Sakura Trick didn't absolutely suck ass. For someone who apparently believes cis men are a danger to women, Andrea sure is willing to jump to the defense of a theoretical group of men jacking off to oversexualized lesbians, particularly at the expense of all the bi and lesbian women s/he mentions who s/he admits feel otherwise.

Choice quotes, for those who want the TL;DR:

"Specifically, it’s many bisexual and homosexual women who are having a problem with their representation in the show."
And of course it's you, the transgender lesbian who was raised as a man, to tell those women they're wrong.

"Saying that “Lesbian women don’t like boob-jiggle shots in their shows” is basically saying that any lesbian/bisexual woman who would like that is an odd one out and is directly being treated as a lesser important minority in a group of people that’s already being treated awfully in real life because of their minority status."
Saying lesbians don't find anime boob shots appealing is as bad as denying them basic civil rights.

"I’d compare this to someone annoyed with the brony community that would decide not to talk about the bronies, but instead only about the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. [...] Yes, the majority of the viewers are teenagers and adults, but that’s not the “fault” of the show[...]"
It's funny because ever since the brony fandom became "mainstream" MLP:FIM has been throwing in more and more intense adult references in an attempt to keep older fans drawn in. The most recent season premier revolved around the main characters basically overthrowing a communist government that was actually a dictatorship in disguise, and the writers weren't too subtle about it. Bronies ate that shit up, from what I was told.

"And yes, I realize some of you will toss out every single word I wrote here simply because I’m transgender, and you know what? If you’re going to be that simple minded, I don’t want you reading my things anyway."

Presented without comment.

Note: before you ask, yes, Andrea has already taken to glorifying this season's Valkryie Drive anime on Twitter.

The original post, where Andrea "asks for advice" on what to do about a friend cutting off contact:


The ex-friend being referenced discovers this post, and replies:


Despite claiming to identify as a woman, s/he also loves to talk about her dick, post pictures and videos of it, and use it in typical weeaboo sex rp over twitter.

Probably one of Andrea's biggest lolcow traits: S/he loves drama so much s/he frequently even lies about being raped and assaulted. Any time someone questions the authenticity of these claims, s/he begs for asspats and support, sending her creepy followers after people who hurt him/her. Guess s/he didn't think to clear out his/her twitter before deciding s/he wasn't an evil cis man but a woman who deserved attention.

2012: Andrea admits to never having experienced rape.


2013: Suddenly, a year later s/he’s been “accused of rape” in the past. This is never brought up beforehand nor ever again, as far as I have found.


2014: A year after that, we turn to his/her

(all posted May 9th, 2014)

(posted May 18th 2014 / archive:

Since then, Andrea has become a firm “advocate” for rape victims, sperging out whenever someone so much as mentions the word “rape” just to have a reason to mention that s/he’s apparently a victim (while refusing to divulge any details about it – any questioning usually results in more sperging or just a flat out “I don’t want to answer that.”)

Examples of sperging:

Additionally, Andrea also hates the term "trap". S/he reasons that it accuses trans people of being rapists and that it originates from the Vietnam War era despite never giving any sources for this.


If you use this word around her, she will not shut up about it. Go crazy, kiwis.

Andrea and srhbutts also follow each other on Twitter:

And have even conversed with each other, albeit only briefly, in the recent past: (andrea to srhbutts) (srhbutts to andrea)

That's about all the screencaps I have for now, unfortunately. Apologies for any mistakes, as this is obviously my first post on the Farms. I tried to archive everything I felt significant enough. If you would like to dig around yourselves, here are some direct links to social media:

Wordpress (new):
Wordpress (old):

*BONUS* thread about Andrea Ritsu on /cow/:

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foreigner shitlord
Thank you Kiwi Farms for convincing me a little more each day that all trannies are mentally ill.
How to be a tranny without having something unusual going on in your brains anyway?

But I never have understood how these nutcases and tumblrites manage to create such bloody fucking arguments over who is identifying as which fictional character and who is shitkin/chairkin/cancerkin and make it all serious business worth of debating. Just how?


Domo Arigato
Is it possible for pictures to make you physically ill? Like "I wish I were dead" ill?

Because that's more or less my reaction to the creature I see before me.

Don't let her be a paedophile. Please don't let her be a paedophile. I'm honestly not sure I can handle another one.
We all hope, but deep down. We all know one day it will let it slip and all hell will break loose.


Innocent Journalist
True & Honest Fan
I've just noticed something.

@LordCustos3 - remember in the Leighanna thread, you went off on a wonderful rant about the smugness of trans SJWs? I remember it included the memorable line, "I swear to Allah, if I see one more flabby cockspawn staring at me with that "I'm ohhhhh sooooo superior to you CisHet EyeRapists" Imma gonna pull tool on somebody." :lol:

Well, you'd better get your Luger ready...

Christ, I seem to have created some sort of tranny Rogues' Gallery.

I'm sorry everyone - It seems I have a knack for noticing shit like this... :oops:
pedo weeb

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