Toronto Star Journalist Evy Kwong gets White lady's business evicted for selling asian food - All because she was bullied in school for having stinky lunches

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Apology from owner:

This is ridiculous, white people can't sell foreign food or they lose the ability to rent places to do business?
And all because you got made fun of in grade school by white kids for having stinky, probably fish filled lunches? So your childhood personal trauma justifies you attempting to light a fire to a popular business because you're jealous whites are doing it better than your own people?

They easily have a court case here, unless equal rights suddenly don't apply to whites and we all need to have food ethnostates.

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I have seen Canadian cases regarding immigrants in Strata housing (condos), that have been attempted to be evicted for frying chilis,garlic&curry for dinner regularly. Cue "those smelly foreigners". As much as I enjoy those fragrant vapours sometimes - it could be hell to live directly above them.


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20 Dong says this little bitch threw her Chinese food out because her mom was too overbearing and acting like a dragon mom when all the non-Asian family parents didn't. She was probably jealous her friends parents didn't act so demanding and wanted to be like them. But now since it's cool to hate whites, she has to play the victim. I'd also take an ethno-state over vibrant diversity food; even though Asians have recently come out as white, this one has to go back.


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pretty crazy how much power made up hurt feelings have over people's livelihoods.
tbh honest I don't even see the link. "I got bullied in school because of my food so let's shut down this white person's business." Okay. I get that she's a screaming, shrieking, drooling, racist, but I can't see how being bullied in school gives her the right to destroy someone else's- and the people they employed- livelihood. I got bullied in school and sure there's a few people I'd like to kick in the balls, but I'm absolutely not going to ruin some random person, who has never done me harm, because of it.


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Okay. I will bite.
Why are you in a white country, speaking a white language and using white inventions?
If it is so bad, you can go home. I mean you should, enjoy your suicide net at the foxxconn factory.

Also this is why people become racist, uppity minorities are elevated to god status, can have their own stuff but the majority has to share everything with foreigners while said foreigners shit over them all the time. (good divide and conquer tactic from the powers that be, considering you will be angry at the "minorities" instead of the people who make the diversity/infighting)

Maybe Asians are right and just be extremely xenophobic and downright bully people who just dare to speak a different dialect of your language.


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Okay. I will bite.
Why are you in a white country, speaking a white language and using white inventions?
You can attribute the use of English as a legacy of colonialism. It was kinda forced on people who lived in the Empire's colonies, and it's continued to be taught in schools and used as an administrative language in the former colonies.

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