Toronto Star Journalist Evy Kwong gets White lady's business evicted for selling asian food - All because she was bullied in school for having stinky lunches


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You can attribute the use of English as a legacy of colonialism. It was kinda forced on people who lived in the Empire's colonies, and it's continued to be taught in schools and used as an administrative language in the former colonies.
She moved to this particular colony long after the Empire had fallen, and is now taking advantage of its resources while shitting on it for existing.

And what's worse the "accused" even apologizes for her "mistakes" Fuck me never EVER apologize to the mob. Drag them to court and bleed them dry. Make them regret they attack you over "appropriation".
If we go so far then I will drag everyone who drinks beer to court. How dare you appropriate a German cultural legacy into your dirty paws.


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We must return french to its glorious position of a universal language that it enjoyed pre-WWI. If you look through some museums' WWI collections, you can actually find letters between Ottoman troops and Entente troops written in French. It's a bit of interesting insight into the pre-war world.
The past is a foreign country. I look forward to new trade languages made from pidgin chinese, bix nood and bureaucratic jargon.

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I think she's right. To have your culture stolen and bastardized by people who don't understand is truly upsetting.

As an Australian, I am deeply infuriated by the casual cultural appropriation demonstrated by the Outback Steakhouse restaurant chain. It is doubly insulting considering that they don't even have any actual Australian dishes on the menu. I mean, what the fuck is a Bloomin' Onion?!

#mycultureisnotyourrestauranttheme #boycottOutbackSteakhouse

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Evy rather than respond to the hundreds of replies she's gotten, has decided to play the victim
IMG_20201122_104734.jpg ( )

Of course the replies are full if racially ambiguous mid 20s women threatening to call the police and enabling Evy's vast victim complex.
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That's not even 100th of a US penny. Bet moar.
It's been a while (like over a decade) but $50/month got me a full-time live in girlfriend who could cook, clean, sex, and more. This uppity bitch probably couldn't even boil an egg, let alone make a bowl of pho. I bet what she's worth.

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The fact the owner apologized made me a little less MATI. If you just roll over and let predators eat you, and thank them while they're doing it, what can anybody say or do for you?

White wokies are worse for our culture than minority wokies. The latter are just using grievance culture as an excuse to get more power and social currency, which is completely predictable. The former are doing something much more pathetic and against the grain of human nature.
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Toothless owner, and Racist journalist. Imagine choosing to shut down your business because some chink said so. I bet you the white place made better food and had better marketing then the rundown vietnamese pho place.
And the journalist probably can't cook and she eats out every time. Would be funny if she never were served in another reastaurant again. "Sorry maam we don't serve people who are a risk to our business"

if she´s so keen on preserving that batsoup eating "culture", why doesn´t she just fuck off to Chinkistan

not really anybodys fault, that her mom sucked at cooking as well as parenting

the icing on the cake is the cuck restaurant owner, who made the one mistake, never to be made. don´t apologize to these lunatics


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This cultural appropriation bullshit is like the opposite of the "progress" these people claim to fight for.
Most of the ridiculous "woke" neologisms/concepts at least have a tiny, initial grain of truth (on some level) that the pearls of bullshit form around.

For example, "white privilege" is believed in by stupid people because humans have an innate tendency to show in-group bias in a racial level, and the country is a slim majority white, so therefore you get a benefit you didn't earn fairly by being white. (Appalachian coal miners could not be reached for comment.) "The patriarchy" is totes really oppressing womyn in 20XX because it's been the male role throughout human history to protect women from danger, and the flipside of being thoroughly protected is being trapped and controlled, and it happened in Victorian England (as a sign of affluence in the upper classes and those aspiring to the upper class) so it's definitely happening now even if we can't see it, etc. Men are all "potential rapists" because even though most men in existence won't ever rape or attempt to rape a woman, most existing rapists are men, etc.

But "cultural appropriation" is one of their dumbest concepts because it has literally no grain of truth at its core. The closest thing is perhaps the suspicion that sometimes it feels inauthentic for someone to wholesale adopt a different culture, but that's about it. All cultures that exist form by borrowing ideas from other cultures, so the concept of cultural appropriation is total garbage.

Any time someone mentions the idea you should laugh at them and totally shut them down with FACTS and LOGIC.


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I wonder what she has to say about the (Well, pretty much all of them.) Chinese buffet selling food with that miniature corn in it? Because I know where that didn't come from.

Are they committing a horrible crime by claiming credit for turning teosinte into a plant worth eating? That's really an impressive bit of agricultural work. Shouldn't the bunch who did that get some recognition?

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