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May 1, 2018

Our Gorl points out her cat scratch to make super sure we know it isn't beetus.
Hambeast is upset that she has nothing to wear. "Bish I'm magic!" No Hambert, you're fat.
Bloop! Junk jewelry earring number one. Bloop! Junk jewelry earring number two.
No choker that day, she's just sticking with the earrings.
She's takin' Necky's sister out to eat to her favorite restaurant.

Necky shows off her outfit of the day - a Nirvana Shirt, Naruto hat, basket ball shorts and shoes. Hambert thinks Necky is super cyuuuute! Further proving Hambeast is attracted to dykes who dress like 16 year old boys.

They see some cows along the road. Necky attempts to tell the cow to get back in the fence. Hambert tells Necky that she doesn't think the cows can understand her. - Of course they can't, you're land-whales...not cows. Amber doesn't think those cows belong there. Silly fat Lezbereals.

Beanbaggerlynn tries out different angles to vlog. Sadly, she's still fat in all of them.

The gift card give away years ago wasn't enough to show she's a super kind benevolent philanthropist land whale. So, this year, Hambert is going to buy some lucky people back to school items! Supplies, Clothes, whatever - Ambert has some lucky people covered! I sure hope they don't hold their breath getting the stuff.

We finally hit August 1st in this video, y'oll! Only 7 days behind now!
Amber tries on more clothes that don't fit that she ordered from Torrid.
Therapists are freakin expensive y'oll! But, she's goin in a positive direction!
She's hoping that everything she's doing will mold her into a bigger person - errr better person.

More dancing beanbag footage before she does the dishes.
Twinkie growls with all her heart at Hamber telling her she loves her. Most likely Twinkie believes the time has come for her and Amber is gonna eat her.
Necky tells a fart story, confirming that she is a exceptional as she looks.
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Captain Ahab
May 12, 2018


Nov 7, 2017
So, cat scratch, day 2. Can't find anything to wear (no shit, Hambert). Oooooh, actual editing. Excessive use of the word "bish". Oh, surprise, surprise, they're eating out again. Becky's sister's birthday is the excuse du jour. So much for eating out once a week. Sperging over cows. Something white is on her mouth throughout this next part and it's gross. She gives herself asspats for doing something charitable. That's not how charity works, Hambert. Ordered ugly shit from Torrid and it's official, she's sizing out of Torrid. She tries on a Size 6 shirt. It's hella tight although she insists it's totes loose and she could have gotten away with a 5. She says she doesn't like shirts that cover her lard shelf ass because they look "frumpy":story: Apparently she did go to a therapist and he's a gay man. Why that's relevant I couldn't say. She washes dishes and all I have to say is, "hi, Hambert"! It's always good to know you read here on the daily. Twinkie has the thousand yard stare of a solider with shell shock. Horrific zoom in tongue action. :cryblood::cryblood::cryblood:. More annoying and manic Becky "banter".

AJ 447

Why is she talking about how expensive a therapist is right after describing how she's buying school supplies for anyone who messages her (which btw, I want the receipts bitch). Shit like this is why I don't think she really believes her life is on the line. Worry about your image and being charitable after you've sorted yourself out, gorl.

Jun 20, 2018
AL back with her charity! She's buying Beck's nephew new back to school shoes completely out of the goodness of her heart b/c she is a good person. I'm sure Beck's fam really appreciated the whole internet being told they were too poor to afford back to school shoes for their children. Remember y'all, Beck's family is poor and AL is not.

It's Aug 1 so she's starting fresh! She can't say "mauve". Torrid haul! Starts with a 6XL t-shirt. It's clearly not loose at all and actually fits her p well but she rambles how loose it is and how she totally could have gotten a 5XL. AL we have eyes we can still see your rolls in that shirt. She bought a tank top that said "Barbie" please get a Tweety Bird tattoo too and we can reach peak white trashness. She prefers tight shirts apparently; is that a new thing? I always thought she was insecure about her body since she always covered up her arms/legs in public. Also she's really into shirts with elaborate necklines. Considering she only looks at herself from shoulder up and ignores the rest of her body it makes sense.

She has a whiteboard full of Aug goals. She's not going to meet any of them but nice to know AL.

AL people aren't judging you b/c you're a lesbian. We judge you b/c you are a terrible and abusive addict with a complete garbage personality.

More "dancing" more gifs?


A housewife!
Mar 14, 2018
I love how she had to make sure to mantion that she's helping out Becky's sister's disadvantaged child by buying him a new pair of shoes. I'm sure she appreciated that.
But what good is doing something nice if you can't crow about it to the haydurs?
I'm going to need receipts for that shit or else it's the Chantel thing all over again, if you're gonna get famous for being a fat laahh maybe keep your acts of charity to yourself or be prepared to back them up.