Torrid Try on Haul | 560 ellbees - 08/15/19

Pudgy Bear Claws

It's the Porchugeeze
None of that shit fits her. The sleeves are straining and cutting into her fat, you can see the lines of her bra and it looks like she's about to go Hulk and rip through the back and shoulders. She's lost her mind if she thinks anyone believes she'll fit in that underwear. There's not a fabric on earth that'll stretch that much.

Optavia Sales Rep

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What is up with her shelf ass situation?

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Bruh, that slip and dress are barely holding it together.
Why are all her clothes so incredibly wrinkly? They still have the tag on them but it’s like they’ve been heaped into a drawer for weeks.
Others have suspected that she buys torrid en masse and then saves packages to pull out for a haul/try-on video whenever she needs extra feeder bucks. She probably just throws the packages into a heap on the floor instead of setting them flat on a shelf.
Torrid should send a cease and desist, for making their clothes look so bad.
Not as long as dumb reddit hoes keep buying them to flex on Amberlynn.

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