Torrid Try on Haul | 560 ellbees - 08/15/19


Orange Chicken Bad. Cheeto Amber.
Story time:

As Amber grew fatter and fatter, space was quickly running out in the stomach. Realizing this, the fat began to migrate far and wide to find their own slice of paradise. A lot of the fat gypsys decided to migrate to Amber's forearm and hands but underestimated the journey.

As the first group of fat gypsy's reached the elbow, they tried to make the climb, which had disasterous results. Realizing they were fat cells, they took the lazy route and decided to set up operations in her upper arm, where they lived fatteningly ever after.
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The Cow Dullahan
My theory with this torrid haul:

She has admitted recently that she lets unopened Torrid bags sit around and she eventually opens them up. My thought is that she ordered these before her pig out and she put on even more weight. I believe her hitting 600 ellbees coupled with the diet doctor fail gave her the chance to completely pig out.
This is what I’m thinking as well. She’s admitted to leaving stuff around for months before she does anything with it.

I’m guessing she bought these things whenever she bought her last couple hauls. So months ago. Let them sit around and get gross and wrinkly.

I doubt she would have fit then either tho. But now it’s just too much.

I wish she had some art skills and drew herself, because I'm dying to know just how she sees herself to be eye-fucking herself the way she always is...
atleast she doesn't see herself as the models and knows she still needs to wear pants with the dresses. even though she has said she wears the dresses as dresses...I think they are more like tunics on her. Hopefully those underwear fit since she does go pantless around the house with just a blanket. Even if the guys are gay still should cover that stuff up.

Step right up, step right up! For only the fair fair price of ad revenue shekels you too can behold the wondrous spectacle of the human butter woman, the 600 pound blob! Behold as it stuffs it's blubber into these colorful circus tents for your amusement!... These tent hauls and mukbangs are just a goddamn physical spectacle sideshow attraction, admit it. No one gives a shit about Amber's sense of fashion, they wanna see those sausage links jiggle and feel better about themselves.

But anyway, thought for the evening is this: I always can't help but morbidly laugh when she says something like "oh well, I'll just save this one for when I lose weight!". It's that attitude, that she's doomed to fail until it changes. She just expects that because she said it, it's true, it will happen, it's just a matter of waiting til the magic weight loss happens. In the mean time might as well buy more fashionable bed sheets and stuff the ol face, since it won't matter anyway right? The weight is going to disappear when she wakes up, any day now!

Torrid makes morbidly obese women think they can find "cute", normal clothing at their size. Not healthy. Side note, I'm shocked Amberlynn is about a good 30 lbs more than LifeByJen now.
That ain’t Torrid’s fault though. Morbidly obese women are just experts in delusion, that’s all. As someone mentioned above, it’s not for the obese, it’s for women who are built bigger—and also have godawful taste in clothing.

Super Colon Blow

Does she have big thingies?
First of all the dress that she says looks insane and absolutely disgusting (her words) is the dress she uses for the thumbnail. I don't get it.

There are no clothes that fit that body the way they were made to fit. They are actually too big and too small at the same time. She is so short but wider than she is tall. Those clothes, in that size, were made for someone taller and not as wide. It's a joke the way the sleeves fit all bunched up around her shoulders. How does she get her arms through those tight sleeves? It must be painful!

She has no discernible neck or shoulders or elbows.

She needs to start wearing muumuus. Get rid of those god damn leggings and that bra!!!!!!!
How the fuck do you be so fat and have such small tits? At 600 lb, Amberlynn still does not have big thingies.

Dog Prom 3D

I had to get away from those anuses for a while.
True & Honest Fan
She did it, the absolute madwoman. She bought a sleeveless, chiffon, lattice-neck, waterfall hem summer dress meant for parties with the intention of wearing it over her leggings like a top on those special days Becky hauls her to WalMart. Did she think the long-hem in the back would not seem so long because it would be forced to stretch over her ass? Did she have visions of herself as belle of the ball in her pink gown, sadly telling another fat Kentucky rose that regretfully her dance card was full for the evening but perhaps she would see them at the Lexington Orange Chicken cotillion?

I just... At this point she just needs to show her legs. She only does these spectacles because the sight of her full body shots pays the bills. Save the money on the sad clothes and just get directly to the spectacle. No need to waste money on clothes that make her look even worse. Save the money, show the legs, make even more money, and be done with this sad charade.

That ain’t Torrid’s fault though. Morbidly obese women are just experts in delusion, that’s all. As someone mentioned above, it’s not for the obese, it’s for women who are built bigger—and also have godawful taste in clothing.

Their size 00 and 0 correspond to 10 and 12, and yeah, women of those sizes might be just overweight. But the large(r) end of size 3 is for women with waists up to 4 feet around, and they have 3 more sizes past that point. This stuff is absolutely for fats.

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