Torrid Try on Haul | 560 ellbees - 08/15/19

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If anybody needs me, I'll be in the Angry Dome.
Deathfatties (both on Youtube and TV) like Amber, Chantal, Jen, etc have warped the words "fat" and "obese" so badly that we are seriously out here calling 600 pound human landslides "fat" and I It's like whenever Hamber calls herself 'a bigger girl' hahaha no. No, no, no, no. No bitch. A girl or woman who is like, 20 or 25 pounds overweight or chubby. I'd call that a bigger girl. I'd call those low end of the Torrid sizes 'fat'

The out of control 500, 600, 700+ pound abominations are in a whole other mega obesity class of their own and my lord it is so normalized now people have become desensitized to fatness and stuff as a whole. Being fat shouldn't be as normal and regular and everyday as it is and wow these Youtube Butterbitches ought to be ashamed of themselves for contibuting so heavily (heh heh) to the problem.

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Their size 00 and 0 correspond to 10 and 12, and yeah, women of those sizes might be just overweight. But the large(r) end of size 3 is for women with waists up to 4 feet around, and they have 3 more sizes past that point. This stuff is absolutely for fats.
Damn. I stand corrected.
Yall are right. It really doesn't help that in Delusionlynn's mind, she probably thinks if there is a clothing store out there in existence that sells in her size ("size" being whatever doesn't rip apart when she tries to squeeze into it), she's not fat. Even if that size is 5XL, if they sell it, that must mean it's super common and ergo she's still perfectly in the green zone with maybe a few extra pounds.


I can see Russia from my backyard
Becky can't wait to rip the clothes off of her
Did you hear that bitchy ass tone Necky had when the electricity flickered? lol
Of course Amber was such a scared, dainty princess. :story:

Hammy - “What was that?!!”
Neckster - “Electricity.”

This just, wow - the outlined part is still a fat fucking arm, too.
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raspberry peach
This bitch is 600 elbees if she's one ounce. I don't know what delusion juice she's drinking, but we've all got fucking eyes. I can't even understand why she'd lie about something so obvious except that it's her default position. She can't move well at all. We are officially housebound and nearly immobile. Grim, but regardless of whatever dreck she wants to flood her channel with nothing changes that basic fact.
The mere audacity that she's trying to convince everyone she only fluctuates within around ten lbs or so is insulting. You basically never stop eating, and you consume enough calories within a day for a family of seven, but YEAH, you're maintaining, or only gaining/losing a few elbees. Fuck off, fatty.

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Damn, if this anit feeder niche porn.
A 560 pound girl shifting through clothes in a whiny voice saying "pwese fit me, oh god i'm so big, pwese fit my large, obese body...."
*twirls around in clothing that is ill fitted and barely fits*
*constantly picking the clothing out of her folds*
Non-stop referencing of her clothing size
that showing off her clevage shit
and ending the video with "oh... I'm so exhausted trying all on those clothes uwu"