TORRID TRYON HAUL!!!!! (03/29/21) - A boring, brief Torrid Haul. No legs or anything like that.

shameful existence

regular sleep schedule is a moral matter
I think her eye make-up and hair look nice.
The bleached dots on the dress go nicely with the holes in the leggings.
torrid haul.jpg

The rest is increasingly depressing.

Turd Fergusson
This video was made before the Chick Fil A mukbang, so out of sequence.

The clothes are ghastly. I do not know many thirty-year-old women who would wear "Barbie" branded clothing that expect to be taken seriously. I realize that it is difficult to find nice clothing for her size, but she should stay away from "Barbie", "hearts", and other motives geared for young teenage girls.

Again, she is attempting to make us believe that her life is wonderful by trying to be quirky and so fashionable.

DefCon Dumb

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I find the Barbie labelling ironic considering her build is the antithesis of the classic Barbie build with the massive breasts, tiny waist & smallish hips. Her figure is best described as: "Barbie x 4, turned upside down".

The cardigan - even at size 6X, if she tried to do up the buttons, you'd get gaping because it's too tight.

Not knowing anything about Plus sizes, where does she go when Torrid no longer fits?