TORRID TRYON HAUL!!!!! (03/29/21) - A boring, brief Torrid Haul. No legs or anything like that.


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I find the Barbie labelling ironic considering her build is the antithesis of the classic Barbie build with the massive breasts, tiny waist & smallish hips. Her figure is best described as: "Barbie x 4, turned upside down".

The cardigan - even at size 6X, if she tried to do up the buttons, you'd get gaping because it's too tight.

Not knowing anything about Plus sizes, where does she go when Torrid no longer fits?
I mean she's kind of like Barbie if you put her into the Super Mario 64 starting screen and pull her proportions in all different directions like Mario's face

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No one give that meat mountain any more money.
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I am not recapping this one, sorry gorls. But I will comment on one of the highlights of this video. LogicLynn strikes again!

Recall March 25th's "vulnerability" video wherein WriterVictimCuntyLynn laments over MUH REAKSHTUN CHENNILS using images of her grotesque and inhuman figure in their videos. Direct quote: "There are videos made by people showing nothing but body shots of me."
Timestamped for your pleasure:
In today's snoozefest, Hamboat states that she is indifferent to the idea of others gazing upon her otherworldly deformities caused by sheer gluttony.
Direct quote: "You guys have always known that I don't really care if you guys see my body."
Also timestamped for your pleasure:

I know pointing out the logical inconsistencies of a morbidly obese meth baby is low hanging fruit, but it sure is fucking fun!