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So, is it safe to assume this game is you fighting a bunch of lolis with even smaller lolis?
Completely unfair. Some of them are hags.
A Touhou/Pokemon crossover? I know nothing about Touhou, other than the fact perverts tend to like it. But I'll read because the Kiwi Farms Let's Sperg Pokemon Fangame Screenshot Let's Play Extended Universe needs their version of Moviebob.
MC-kun started out a more generic neckbeard than simply Bob, but between the basement apartment, yellow fever and desire to exterminate youkai for a superior future, the glove definitely fits.

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Man out of all the Pokemon clone games, Puppet Performance really is top tier. Based Touhoufags at it again.
Also you got so much farther than me when I played. idk Why but it always feels like these kind of games are comfier on a handheld so I never bothered past the tutorial Sadly you can't emulate .exes on a Switch or whatever.

Penne Dreadful

Unnaturally Pulpy
Starting his way down route 3, MC-kun finds a necklace lying around in a pot near some crops. He deserves it more than those farmers.
He also has a chat with someone who turns out not to be a trainer.
And donates at the road shrine for luck. Not because he believes in primitive superstitions, of course.
Turns out that the farmer isn't even human. MC-kun prepares for some extermination.
It proves no match for Baka.
Turns out that she was only blocking the path to an item.
It's our first usable held item, and with it I learn that I had misunderstood how the system works: it can't be equipped alongside a passive item. So as not to strip Baka of her cheat item, we instead give it to Keine.
In the grass, we encounter our first PC-98 character. She's from Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream, though, and thus not technically a midboss, for which we're on the lookout. Still, it means that we're on our way to getting that requested member of our party.
She still bullies Chen to death when I try to spread out the XP a bit more.
Baka gets the option to learn Endure out of the deal, but she's the strongest, so MC-kun sees no reason to teach it to her.
Mamizou told us to head to the mausoleum behind the Temple and to avoid the Temple itself. MC-kun isn't about to pay too much attention.
Instead, he steals some food from beside a shrine. He's getting peckish.
There is no room in MC-kun's life for people who don't have their Puppets fight. They're obsolete.
To wash down the food, MC-kun pinches some sacramental sake. He then heads into the house and encounters a travelling merchant. There's nothing interesting on sale.
While selling the assorted bric-a-brac he's collected in battles (against his every hoarding instinct), he once again takes a long, hard look at his console. He briefly considers selling it; the merchant offers a high price, but he can't bear the thought of doing so. He loves it more than his family, after all.
Setting out again, he is challenged by a pervert.
MC-kun has little room to be judgemental, but that's never stopped him before. He chides the furry for her disgusting fetishes.
Especially when her first Puppet's tails are less impressive than hers. Chen proves no match for Keine.
Her other Puppet turns the match into a duel of werewolves, where one has five levels and a massive type advantage over the other.
Kagerou is bullied almost as hard as the time when Elon Musk called her a catgirl.
And the furry attempts to spread her degeneracy. MC-kun considers taking the opportunity to have someone else fill a plate for him at the buffet, but Baka glares daggers at him and he declines.
Turns out that the warnings about Puppets in barrels had something to them. MC-kun is briefly startled as he's jumped by a Wriggle.
She doesn't put up much of a fight. He seals her regardless, because she's a member of the same terrorist group as Cirno.
Turns out that there's nothing more to be done down that path.
Another obsolete gives him advice without fighting.
MC-kun does not like these statues. They mock him.
These two are not a double battle opportunity. They're just shills, there to promote the local Buddhist magician. MC-kun hears them out; they're not Christian, after all.
MC-kun soon stumbles across a Puppet riding a UFO. He knows that he has to catch it; it's his fastest route to the moon and its wheat.

He doesn't waste a moment.
A shame about the IVs, but I'm really not good enough at Pokémon to care.
Disgusted by the trans-erasure of this obsolescent, MC-kun prepares to battle.
MC-kun doesn't actually have a good counter against Sound-types like Benben; his new Nue would do it, but he'd have to fetch her.
Even after landing a crit, however, she's no match for Baka.
She's followed by her sister Yatsuhashi. Widely known as "Not-Benben" and almost entirely irrelevant, there's a good argument that she's the most obscure Windows-era 2hu.
She falls to a single crit from Baka.
Last up is the final member of the Touhou 14 musician trio. Her fight goes much like the first, and so the tomboy falls.
mc-kun_lookright.pngYou could never hope to have a bond with a Puppet like that between me and Baka, friendo.
The path ends abruptly. There's no bridge here to cross.
The main road takes MC-kun straight to the Buddhist temple. It's perfectly maintained and almost devoid of hostile trainers. No wonder this place is in good condition and no-one donates at the Hakurei Shrine.
Ghouls. Wasteland ghouls, outside the safety of the Human Village. Nonetheless, MC-kun presses on, finding some people wandering in the temple grounds.
Not only is this an obsolete youkai talking, MC-kun could not disagree more strongly with the statement. He knows that there are people out there who would rob him of the future that he deserves.
A fair warning. MC-kun knows not to trust youkai and now hears that even the noble eastern monk has been deceived.
"Who could have written a sign like this?" MC-kun wonders.
Past the sign there is a storeroom. Within the storeroom there is a charm. MC-kun pockets it.
The Myouren Temple looks fairly impressive. MC-kun was warned to stick away, but he knows what's best for him. Panting from climbing the stairs that led up to it, he heads inside.
Inside the Temple there is an Akyuu Puppet. Out with the old and in with the new; MC-kun replaces Daiyousei and Nazrin with Nue and Wriggle.
For all of the praise people have been lathering on the mysterious monk, she's not around. MC-kun takes the opportunity to catch his breath, lounging about the Temple.
MC-kun starts exploring the temple's surrounds. Someone just left a cuppa lying about. He takes it, to douse a Puppet at a later date.
For you.
mc-kun_lookright.pngThe only sutra I know is the kama sutra. Wanna join me?
mc-kun_lookright.pngLife without drinking isn't worth living.
mc-kun_lookright.pngIt's obvious. I'm a human, so humans are good and youkai are evil.
MC-kun runs into a dog cleaning some tall grass further up the steps towards the cemetery. It attacks. He does too.
He sends in Nue, but she gets hit hard enough simply switching in that it's right back out for her.
With that, the time has come to stop procrastinating.
Despite his recent rest, MC-kun is winded once again by the time he reaches the cemetery.
He feels something strange come over him as he wanders between the gravestones.
He then sees a hint of movement and chases afterwards, thinking it is a dog. Barely perceiving what's happening, he ends up in a fight with a ghost.
It deploys a half-ghostly Puppet.
Keine deploys her laser and annihilates Youmu in a single shot.
This gets Keine a new skill. She's been so consistently useful that it's tempting to bring her to the front of the party, but MC-kun will not tolerate the thought of anyone but Baka following him in the overworld.
He's barely named any of his other catches, even.
We also note here that you can relearn forgotten skills for which you qualified through levelling.
We encounter a zombie in the wild. It's not the sort of thing we want to catch; MC-kun doesn't want any wasteland undead.
Thinking that he's in Dark Souls, MC-kun draws the bucket from a well.
Turns out there's a youkai inside. She gets promptly sealed, but only after showing off a nasty trick.
She can apply burn and can't be one-hit. Most status effects can be stuck twice, so with some speed, she's a vicious debuffer. We might as well bring her along, with a farewell to Chen.
Also within the graveyard, we're attacked by an umbrella.
She opens with a dog. It quickly falls.
She then switches into herself, debuffing Baka on entry.
Nue switches in to a crit because I forgot that her electric-type move was a meme.
Thunderclap has the equivalent, in Pokémon terms, of no damage, 1 PP and a 100% flinch chance.
As such, it's off with the UFO once again.
Baka returns to some ineffectual flailing and makes short work of Kogasa.
Rather than eating people directly, Kogasa feeds on their surprise. MC-kun feels none, however; his superiority was thoroughly predictable.
We steal a hairpin that boosts skills in a type of which we currently have no representation.
We also pick up a few new skills after defeating Kogasa.
It's dark time, with Kisume getting a much better deal than Wriggle. There might be a future for our bucket-dweller.
Surrounded by graves and excited by his theft, MC-kun realises what's been bugging him ever since he entered the graveyard.
His mind drifts back to the death of his grandmother, years before. The funeral had been held in a cemetery not altogether different to this one.
He'd hidden in his car throughout the service, taking comfort in the presence of his handheld console.
He remembers reading the plot of an old early 21st-century anime on Wikipaedo: Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni.
In Another World with My Smartphone.
I'm an isekai protagonist myself. Why should I be any lesser? Let me cheat!
I deserve this, gaphag!​
With that, he looks into his pack, examining the console he never sold. He cracks it open and, driven by his burning social media withdrawal, it flickers to life.
Fortunately, exactly the cartridge he needs is loaded.
He hurries to the socials, Snaps a selfie. Almost reverentially applies a piss filter to his avatar in Mario Paint.
His excited reverie lasts for almost five seconds before he gets into an argument about Gamergate with a trainer from the Reborn Region.
Hours of argument later, MC-kun puts away his console, fuming, and returns to his task at hand.
Stealing from the graveyard, that is to say.
He also heads towards the mausoleum proper, confronting the zombie that blocks his way.
Unusually, she leads with herself.
Baka barely defeats her after eating a super-effective attack that I stupidly was not expecting, only for Yoshika to send out a second copy of herself.
That's when I remember that, just like in regular Pokémon, Steel is immune to Poison and, once again, Keine the monotyped Steel Puppet is here to carry us.
Only to be faced by a third Yoshika.
One crit is almost, but not quite enough, but the follow-up finally cleans up the zombie horde.
mc-kun_lookright.pngThat's right, friendo. Don't you know who I am?
This gets Nue an actual electric attack, so I won't have to make the same mistake as before again.
Akyuu also picks up a priority move. She's still probably going to be the next Puppet we replace.
Continuing to loot the graveyard, MC-kun finds his first upgrade to a Sealing Thread.
Descending a fairly sheer mountainside, MC-kun marvels at the fact that, for once, he's not having to climb up stairs.
It's a new zone, as MC-kun heads into the cave and the Subterranean Animism music starts to play.
Turns out that it works exactly as you'd expect from a cave in a game like this, and MC-kun quickly stumbles onto the other half of the duo in the song here.
MC-kun, however, still has no time for zombies and necrophiles.
Kisume makes her debut on the team and, unlike others, doesn't actually fumble it, even if it's just a wild battle.
Seems Contract Threads are just lying about the place here. Maybe I've unknowingly fallen behind the curve by just following the story.
Not long afterwards, MC-kun comes across a large doorway set into the cave. He fearlessly passes through.
Fence aside, the Great Mausoleum doesn't initially look all that different.
But dirt soon gives way to cobblestone, then water.
MC-kun stops briefly to admire his own reflection before wading further through the shallows and up to the Mausoleum itself.
He's swiftly interrupted.
mc-kun_lookright.pngNone of you obsolescents can stop me.
I am Seiga.seiga_neutral.png
Even if I have nothing against you, I'll attack you anyway.​
mc-kun_lookright.pngYou'd better believe I have something against you. :tomgirl:
Seiga opens with Yoshika. At this point, MC-kun knows what to do.
About as you'd expect, really.
The fight remains one-sided, even if Yoshika does know non-useless moves.
Next up is Seiga herself. She's one of the first Puppets in a long while to pose an actual threat after Keine's first laser misses.
The second attempt is more successful, but Seiga is faster and so for once MC-kun is forced to resort to a healing item.
That swiftly deals with Seiga.
All that remains is another Yoshika, and the result of the matchup when it comes to werewolf versus zombie is already well-established.
seiga_neutral.pngAre you the new disciple?
If so, it was meaningless to stop you.​
I'm no disciple of yours.mc-kun_lookleft.png
MC-kun reflects at this point on just how well the whole harem business is going.
Seiga just steps aside, however.
mc-kun_lookright.pngIf that's what you want to call it.
MC-kun steps through the now-unguarded doorway into somewhere completely different.
It has tall grass and a new environment background.
After the fighting, there are some new skills to purchase too.
Baka grabs something interesting, if not necessarily all that useful in the long run.
Kisume, meanwhile, just picks up a damaging fire attack.
MC-kun follows the grandiose path.
Outside yet another fancy doorway, he encounters a simp. He's not entirely sure what to make of this apprentice, especially when he's mostly here for a book.
With some trepidation, he passes into the palace. There are many people milling about the courtyard. He approaches the first.
At this, his view of the situation shatters. A woman.
A true and honest woman.
Who is also a Crown Prince.
What a catch for his harem!
MC-kun knows now what he must do.

Penne Dreadful

Unnaturally Pulpy
I accidentally pressed post, so the ending to this one is a bit abrupt.
His course set, MC-kun chats with the others about the courtyard.
Some girl tells him to rest. He finds himself powerless to resist, not just because he's already heavily winded.
He also runs into an old man. Another supplicant, it seems.
All that leaves is a ghost blocking the door.
mc-kun_lookright.pngYou'd better let me in, friendo.
As is the way of things, it all comes down to a battle. It's a bad matchup for Baka, so Akyuu is given a chance to prove herself.
Just switching her in causes problems. Turns out that relying on a human puppet might not be the best idea.
Akyuu makes an attempt and holds on against all odds, but MC-kun swiftly sacrifices her to throw out another priority attack and not eat a switch-in.
We need a spread attacker and so Kisume is up next.
She performs admirably against Tojiko's second copy of herself. So much so that MC-kun is overcome with a fit of sentimentality and switches her out to let Nue finish the fight.
mc-kun_lookright.pngI'll go exactly where I want. You can't stop me.
He does still check if she has anything more to say.
mc-kun_lookright.pngAm I supposed to know what a Futo is?
Through the gates, someone explains to MC-kun how the whole area can fit within a tower in a cave.
Realising that he's now gone to another new world, he briefly wonders whether he's due any new powers.
An obsolete farmer tries to speak to him. Almost as soon as the man opens his mouth, MC-kun starts digging through his bag for his console.
A brief Twitter break of several hours later, it's time to proceed.
Another door, another guard.
mc-kun_lookright.pngEven your words are obsolete.
mc-kun_lookright.pngI've never even met your Crown Prince, regrettably. I intend to change that.
mc-kun_lookright.png :tomgirl:
Another fight. A bit more variety this time, though.
Futo opens with Seiga. We know what to do at this point and deploy Kisume.
The AI is getting more intelligent, though. Rather than just letting Seiga eat a Bloody Storm, Futo switches into herself, a shrewd move that reverses the type advantage.
MC-kun responds in turn, throwing Nue at the problem.
Given how understated a lot of attacks have been, I was not expecting Lightning Strike's energy as I used it for the first time. It knocks out Futo immediately.
That just leaves Seiga; Wriggle tries to clean up the battle.
But I'm taken off-guard by Seiga's options and she eats a super-effective hit on switch-in.
She's sacrificed to give Kisume a free switch back into the fight. The mysterious bucket-dweller once again proves herself superior to the firefly.
mc-kun_lookright.pngThe ghost was right. You don't shut up, do you?
mc-kun_lookright.pngI'm no charlatan. I'm the real deal, friendo.
The battle was profitable, however; three new skills are available as a result.
Nue replaces her starting Thunderclap. In the process, I also see that its nature continues to its cost to relearn. I also notice for the first time that Thunderclap is Priority 3. Most moves are 0; our one priority attack has 1.
Wriggle picks up the same attack that annihilated her in the last battle.
Kisume, meanwhile, trades out her 100-accuracy burn for an 85-accuracy burn and blind. Blind is a new status effect that greatly reduces FoAtk. Since burn doesn't do that in this game, instead being purely a stackable DoT, this nicely replicates actual Pokémon's Will-o'-Wisp.
After boasting about his Puppeteering skills for a while on social media, MC-kun heads into the palace. It's as ostentatious on the inside as it appears on the exterior.
MC-kun doffs his cap.
mc-kun_lookright.pngThat's not greed, m'lady. :tomgirl:
MC-kun's interest in this TRUE & HONEST Crown Prince is quickly fading in the face of this smug furry. He tunes out, booting up his handheld to go and rant about the superiority of western comics to manga despite having read almost none of either.
MC-kun entirely misses any insinuations that he might have been set up to this.
That catches his attention. He's always happy to send Baka into action.
Baka is still overlevelled, but the levels of enemy Puppets are finally increasing.
Despite a type disadvantage, Baka still decides to try out a new skill.
Here, Miko perhaps miscalls my actions and switches out into Futo.
Baka shows that laser is not difficult.
It's also not particularly effective, especially since Futo hobbles Baka's offence on switch-in.
As I bring in Nue in response, Futo sets up the first terrain effect I've seen this game.
It's nowhere near as in-depth as the Pokemon Essentials terrains we've seen elsewhere in the Kiwi Farms Let's Sperg Pokemon Fangames Extended Universe, but there are a number of skills that set up field effects. In this case, we have Seiryu, the Azure Dragon and thus fully appropriate for a Taoist to be throwing around.
I grabbed the description from the wiki.
When Seiryu is in effect, the elemental affinity between Skills and Puppets becomes neutralized. This means that every skill that could previously damage a puppet will hit for neutral damage, as opposed to being super-effective or not very effective. Skills that had no compatibility to begin with will have no changes.
  • Immunities, even those provided by abilities like Dark Clothing, will still apply during Seiryu.
  • Additionally, in the case of the ability Frail Health, Dream type moves are unaffected by Seiryu and will still ignore the ability.
The terrain neuters super-effective attacks, which definitely affects my strategy. Nonetheless, Nue throws out a lightning bolt.
Only for Tojiko to appear and take it instead.
We let Nue stick around for now and try to handle things without the type crutch that usually lets non-Baka Puppets shine.
The switching continues, finally giving us a glimpse of Miko's ace, Miko.
One attack does this to Nue, while Miko's ability raises her speed. We're going to need our big guns.
Switches on both sides later and it's Baka vs Futo.
Futo continues to tank through Baka's damage output easily, redeploying the terrain the instant it falls, then landing a vicious crit.
We hurriedly spam switches and I realise that I might be in trouble as Keine bounces off Miko's high FoDef. I realise here the problem with my two best Puppets being all-in on FoAtk.
Thinking that I've outwit the AI, I take a gamble and have Keine take another shot.
It turns out that I was wrong and Miko takes a retaliatory swing after she survives.
Keine lives the one-HP dream, however. I'm left with trying to call whether or not she still outspeeds Miko between paralysis and two ability-granted speed ups.
She does. MC-kun breathes a sigh of relief.
To keep Keine alive, Akyuu is sent forward. She's one of our few SpAtk Puppets.
She's still not particularly effectual against Tojiko. I consider sacrificing her to heal up Nue or Keine for later use when I come to a realisation.
MC-kun, in his gluttony, ate all his healing items. I didn't restock on them, so I'm left with just a Revive and a Full Heal, neither of which is presently useful.
I take a gamble on a priority move. Futo switches in and, between high FoDef, a debuff on switch-in and it not being very effective, it barely tickles. Akyuu attempts a regular attack, but Futo is done setting up terrain.
Kisume takes her place in the line of battle. Not a great idea when types aren't nullified; she narrowly hangs on through a super-effective hit before finishing off Futo. I switch to Wriggle to try and get the broadest possible XP split.
It's not looking great for her as she loses a substantial amount of life from what is essentially Tackle. I'm willing to sacrifice her if it gets Nue a clean switch-in, though.
A foolish move, as it turns out. Tojiko outspeeds Nue and takes her down before she can strike the killing blow.
At this point, things aren't looking great for MC-kun. Baka is at a type disadvantage and a FoAtk sweeper against a FoDef tank, but she'll give it all she's got. She's the strongest, after all. Will the power of an unbreakable bond prevail?
It does. Baka is faster and strikes the winning blow.
With all that said, I wasn't expecting the difficulty spike Miko brought. I still made it through in one attempt, but it could easily have gone the other way. It's not the nonsense difficulty of some of the other fangames played here, but after Rumia was a pushover I'd somewhat assumed that the game's inspiration from Gen. 6 meant that it'd be somewhat braindead. Hopefully those times are over.
MC-kun tries his best to keep his composure after the close battle.
MC-kun is torn between his sense of superiority and his Sinophilia. The former wins out, however.
mc-kun_lookright.pngYou should have expected it. I'm the best. I can bench 300lbs.
mc-kun_lookright.pngI'm a human of superior intellect.
With that, MC-kun is done with the Taoists. As he turns to leave, however, he notices an open door in the palace that was previously shut.
He steals some food and pauses briefly to admire himself in the mirror before leaving.
It's a long walk back towards the Temple.
Eventually, he leaves the caves, only to see someone strangely familiar.
mc-kun_lookright.pngDo I know you?
Oh my, seems this is your first time seeing me in this form.mamizou_smug.png
The human that gave you some guidance some time ago... was this here youkai, Mamizou.​
mc-kun_lookright.pngTwitter will love my takes on the duplicity of obsolete youkai.
MC-kun digs out his console. He's informed that he's been reported and will have to delete a few Tweets to get access to his account. He almost throws the Nintendo at Mamizou before collecting himself and doing so. Nothing is more important to him than Twitter, except Baka.
This is who I really am. My bad for tricking you.mamizou_smug.png
Now then. You gotta look for these youma books on your own after this. I have no idea where any more could be either.
I guess that's the end of that.
Seems like that Hieda has got somethin' to say to you when you get back to the village.
If we run into each other again, maybe we'll have a battle.​
With that, the tanuki departs, leaving MC-kun to his own devices, where he continues to engage in flame wars for a good while.
MC-kun is utterly exhausted by the time he arrives back at the Human Village and takes a rest before going to talk to anyone there.
He heads to Suzunaan to get his book translated. Akyuu can wait; he comes first.
kosuzu_cheerful.pngLet's translate it now!
Is what I would say, but right now, I have lots of arrangements to make.​
It'll take me a little while to prepare, so please visit Akyuu while I do so.​
I think once you finish your business there, we can take some time to read the book.​

Annoying, certainly. MC-kun tries again.
It's not going to work. He takes his leave.
Cirno is gone. The rest of the PLF are too, but MC-kun doesn't care about them.
For all that she invited MC-kun to her house, Akyuu doesn't seem particularly pleased to see him.
akyuu_neutral.pngHow was it? What did you hear from Kosuzu?
She just had some weird book.mc-kun_lookleft.png
akyuu_neutral.pngHuh, so the Puppets are affected by youma books?
It isn't just coming from this village either.​
I see. Well, this might just be the right time.​
This is only a suggestion, but how about going on an investigation?​
With my genius-level intellect, I'll get to the bottom of this in no time, all while building a harem.mc-kun_lookleft.png
akyuu_neutral.pngInvestigation in the Human Village is limited, and searching outside will get you information quicker, I believe.
The danger outside of the village is unavoidable, but with your Puppets, you should be safe.​
How about it? Will you go?​
Of course. No youkai can threaten me; I'm far more dangerous than any of them.mc-kun_lookleft.png
akyuu_neutral.pngThat's good!
Even with me searching, it will still take some time.​
...On that note, please have this.​
akyuu_neutral.pngThat's the Puppet Book.
It excels in recording Puppets you meet using a mysterious power.​
Puppets will automatically be recorded once captured.​
I believe you'll be able to make great use of it.​
I recommend you go to Kourindou next to start your journey.​
If you ask, he'll prepare some tools which may somehow be useful to you on your journey.​
When you head west from the Human Village, eventually you'll come upon the Forest of Magic.​
In front of that, is Kourindou.​
Please be careful on your travels.​
What were you saying? I was boasting on Twitter about my new Pokédex. mc-kun_lookleft.png
True enough, we're two bosses in and have finally acquired a Pokédex. It's looking pretty empty, but I'm not too concerned about catching everything. There may only be 126 2hu Puppets out there, but that still seems like a lot of work.
A brief aside on cost: it's basically power level. It ranges from 80 to 120, with higher-cost Puppets being better, awarding more XP upon defeat and requiring more XP for levels and the like.
Still, we have another task, though: we're off to look for Kourindou, to meet one of the rejected options for our starter.
But first, some admin.
I realise that we're holding onto a very good usable item. It regenerates, so I might as well give it to someone. I also note at this point that I was very stupid to give Keine the other charm, since her ability prevents the use of items in the Hold1 slot for both Puppets.
Looking at my team, there's no other perfect candidates to hold the charms other than Baka, who needs to keep her OP cheat item, so we move on for the meanwhile.
MC-kun also stocks up, buying a fairly small amount of food for an average-sized person.
Keine's been useful enough to earn an item, though. Hairpins serve the same purpose as Plates: a 20% boost to the damage of moves of one type. We might come across something better later, but for now Keine will be even better at hitting things with Steel-type moves.
Kosuzu still isn't done, so it's back on the road once again after that.
Sure enough, the cart that was blocking the way earlier is gone and we can leave the village to the west.
New route, new opportunities.​
MC-kun doesn't get far before someone stops him, though.
It's Reimu. @A Welsh Cake would probably comment on her lascivious armpits. I won't.
You're going outside the village. Didn't Sanae tell you that the outside is dangerous?​
Can't stop, won't stop.mc-kun_lookleft.png

reimu_eosd.png...Seriously? You are going to take on the Puppet Incident?
To be clear, you are a hindrance to me. Solving incidents isn't an amateur job.​
Don't get in my way.​
Y-you too.mc-kun_lookleft.png
Reimu speaks with the calm menace of a seasoned exterminator.
Straight into battle. Reimu doesn't mess around. She opens with Aya, Nue is her only counter, that we have, but I don't want to eat the damage on a switch, so Baka attempts to handle the situation.
An opening crit makes a strong first impression.
Aya crits on what was probably a priority move since Baka outsped her before, then falls.
Next up, Reimu sends out herself. Probably her ace. We don't have any perfect counters at all, so Baka's still first in line to handle things.
Frost Edge, Baka's workhorse attack, lands its 10% chance to Stop. Stopped as a status means 2-4 turns of doing absolutely nothing.
It's not all that much damage, but it's bought Baka some time.
I waste it trying an ineffectual move and Reimu thaws almost immediately, however.
Baka heals, then returns to the tried-and-true Frost Edge.
That brings us to Reimu's final Puppet. Now Baka has a type advantage and she wastes no opportunity pushing it.
Suika's retaliation does more damage than expected and knocks out Baka, but her efforts have already decided the battle at this stage.
Keine easily finishes the job and picks up a new skill out of it.
MC-kun doesn't intend to die any time soon.
Reimu departs, leaving MC-kun to check on Keine's new skill.
It's not much damage, but it's priority 3 and Keine will always have the opportunity to use it given that we're not going to stop leading with Baka for so long as the game remains easy enough for me to do so.
Further down Route 5, some old guy lectures MC-kun on bringing confectioneries when travelling. He needn't; MC-kun wouldn't go anywhere without food, although saving some for his Puppets is another matter.
MC-kun was told to go to the Forest of Magic, so it's off to the Misty Lake, Cirno's natural habitat.
There are plenty of farmers outside the village. MC-kun pines for a superior future where that isn't the case.
He's right. I was not expecting how much things seem to have opened up at this point. There are all manner of branching paths around here and it does seem easy to get lost.
MC-kun tries looking for GPS directions, but it seems that his console is only good for Twitter. He rants there for a while to console himself.
Annoyed and out of breath, he loots a farm.
And then picks a fight with the farmer.
The farmer only has a Minoriko, still sticking to the harvest theme. MC-kun lets Kisume deal with her, switching in to a rather pathetic attack.
The only problem is that Minoriko is faster. Perhaps I will decide on likely builds for Puppets that will be sticking around in the longer term and allocate EVs at some point.
Turns out that Puppets don't exactly hold the power of the originals. Who would have thought?
Straying further from where he should be, MC-kun is challenged by a maid.
She unleashes Ruukoto. A PC-98hu, we're dealing with a nuclear-powered robot maid. ZUN doesn't make them like this in the Windows era.
Bucket beats rocket.
Not realising that we are the great Puppeteer MC-kun, she gives us some useless advice. He continues to follow the road, expecting a rest stop as promised.
Turns out that it just goes on, however. MC-kun stops once he reaches a bridge to chat with some bystanders.
mc-kun_lookright.pngWe'd all be flying by now if it wasn't for the wasteland ghouls. Where is my hoverboard? Where is my flying car?
mc-kun_lookright.pngI've fought Daiyousei puppets that posed more of a threat than Daiyousei herself, certainly.
Beyond the bridge is not a rest stop, but a youkai Puppeteer. She seems very determine to keep her neck covered.
Battle with Banki commences.
She opens with Kogasa and we switch to Nue to deal with her.
It only takes a single hit, at which point Sekibanki sends herself out to battle.
We send out Keine, who makes trivial work of her.
Turns out that she got ahead of herself. Should have quit while she was ahead.
A dangerous place for a novice. MC-kun will teach him the dangers of lonely paths.
He opens with Nazrin. We don't think much of Nazrin.
Baka immediately eliminates her, leaving us with prey for Keine.
mc-kun_lookright.pngAre you questioning my intelligence?
I am not pleased to read this sign, but hopefully it won't cause too much trouble for me.
Not everyone has adapted to the Puppet-battling ways of the world, but this old man is somehow still wandering about without getting eaten.
I still have no idea if this does anything, but I keep doing it.
At last, a boundary to our exploration here.
That and a handful of other dead ends show that, despite our newfound freedom, we're still bound to the main path. At least it's not the voices in our head doing it any more.
MC-kun heads south towards the first turn after leaving the village.
This girl turns out to be an incompetent who will probably be eaten before the day is up, not a Puppeteer.
It's another example of a dead end, although it's less obvious why MC-kun can't fight his way through.
MC-kun isn't sure he'd trust food from a youkai, but the price is one he's happy to pay.
This is the fight. She throws two copies of Sekibanki at us, which Baka effortlessly dispatches.
MC-kun doesn't even get any mochi for his efforts. He's annoyed. He's hungry, after all.
He knows he's on the right track for now, at least, so he takes a sharp turn south.
For once, the old man is actually a trainer.
All he has is a Shinmyoumaru. She has a type disadvantage to Baka.
He warns us of loss. MC-kun, however, is undefeated and will brook not even the slightest thought that he isn't the strongest Puppeteer in Gensokyo.
Southward turns out to be a large ring of a detour back to an earlier point on the route, but MC-kun still explores for anything he can find.
There are plenty of other clueless humans wandering outside the Village to be eaten. MC-kun won't be one of them.
Here we come across a frustrated collector. Who doesn't know the pain of the one you want never appearing?
Fortunately, MC-kun never had to hunt for Cirno at all. Baka came right to him.
All she has is a Kogasa.
Nue deals with her.
With that battle out of the way, we have a number of skills to consider.
Baka picks up her first spread attack. Given that her SpAtk and FoAtk skills are equal for now and her nature boosts up her SpAtk, we pounce on the opportunity.
Kisune picks up a debuff. Fear halves the SpAtk stat.
Akyuu gets the chance to learn this. It seems interesting, but I don't care enough about Akyuu any more to bother.
With that, the detour is over and it's back on the road to Kourindou.
Until MC-kun encounters a kindred spirit. He'd never thought himself a Karen, but if the glove fits...
All she has is two copies of Rumia. The fight goes very smoothly.
MC-kun keenly feels her pain, as the two of them pig out together and we conclude this update.


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Penne Dreadful

Unnaturally Pulpy
With the last chapter ended before its time, let's dive straight back into another. This one is a bit longer.
Heading down the fork path past the hungry, hungry youkai, MC-kun finds himself taking another detour.
It's short, however, and only concludes with a Rare Candy.
Heading back onto the beaten path, he finds someone staring towards a dead end. It turns out to be a bird youkai looking for books and battle.
She leads with Mystia. Keine switches in for the OHKO.
She then sends out herself and doesn't do any better, chipping off 5hp with a priority attack before falling.
mc-kun_lookright.pngI'm the only one who can find books around here, friendo. Even if I can't read them.
Turns out that there was an invisible item around where she was searching, however, after I search the whole place, remembering the sign.
mc-kun_lookright.pngI bet he doesn't know anywhere near as much about comics or the evils of Gamergate as me.
Not a promising sign.
This youkai is okay in MC-kun's books. She actually gives him a small amount of sweets for a regular person, fully healing his team.
The path, meanwhile, has been blocked once again by the same father-son combo.
There's a hairpin lying around outside Kourindou. MC-kun stashes it away.
The shop is well-apportioned and has an Akyuu doll. It's almost as thick with the scent of books as Suzunaan, a fact which MC-kun doesn't appreciate in the least. He does spot some vintage geek memorabilia, however, and gazes lovingly at a still-sealed Funko Pop for a few minutes before heading over to the proprietor.
mc-kun_lookright.pngWho are you calling a child, pal? I'm in my forties. I'll take some HMs, though.
mc-kun_lookright.pngThat's not an HM.
mc-kun_lookright.pngYou've got that right, friendo.
mc-kun_lookright.pngNothing's ever free, but that's probably still less than you'd make me pay for it.
mc-kun_lookright.pngHead into the forest and track down this "Alice". Got it.
mc-kun_lookright.pngThey're not dolls, pal. They're serious geek merch for grown adults.
With that, MC-kun is about ready to depart, assuming the cart isn't still stuck. He still checks whether Rinnosuke has more to say; this half-youkai man could have been our starter, after all.
This lets us go shopping.
He's got a number of interesting items, many of which seem detrimental. He's also happy to buy our vendor trash.
With that, it's back on the path to the forest, now unblocked.
The forest is darker and the OST is much less cheerful than the path outside.
Just after arriving, some youkai tries to catch MC-kun. It doesn't work. He pauses to complain about the audacity of youkai on Twitter.
It's a new zone with a new background, but we're still finding fairies.
Sometimes the fairies even attack. MC-kun is overcome with a crippling flashback to the Console Wars, leaving his Puppets to handle themselves.
Fortunately, they're very good at dealing with fairies at this point.
The situation gets worse for MC-kun as he sees his Puppets take down a Cirno.
mc-kun_lookright.pngY-yeah, that's right. I'm bullying you, friendo.
Recovery takes a while, aided by commiserating with Twitter followers about the evils of Nintendo-haters.
Having been sent to track down Alice, MC-kun first stumbles onto a Puppet of her. With a similar strong defensive typing to Keine and the stats to handle spread attack, she'll be our first catch in a while.
Along the way, she demonstrates some ineffectual lasers on Baka.
I don't normally bother with names, but this one writes itself.
Her IVs are pretty good and I'll echo the others in this thread who say that it's very nice that you can see them. I also include skills here, because we're finally starting to catch Puppets who have meaningful starting skills.
Another fairy challenges MC-kun. This one only has a single Puppet.
Nue deals with her, leaving us with some new skills.
MC-kun isn't weak. Not in any world.
Wriggle gets the chance to learn to blind. I don't bother.
Nue, meanwhile, gets this weird option. I'm sure there's plenty you can do with it in competitive, but I don't need it.
This mud patch feels like the site for an ambush. It isn't, however.
MC-kun soon encounters a fairy after his own heart.
It's a familiar situation.
Keine does her thing against two copies of Luna Child.
mc-kun_lookright.pngCareful who you call an idiot.
That said, MC-kun takes a brief rest to eat.
As he leaves the beaten path, something tells MC-kun that he's getting closer to Alice.
Turns out, though, that there are plenty of directions to take in the forest.
Directly ahead is a dead clearing.
To the north, meanwhile, is another trainer fairy.
She leads with Star Sapphire, the third of the fairy trio alongside Sunny Milk and Luna Child.
Sure enough, she has the whole trio, and Nue walks over all of them. I apparently didn't screencap Star's demise.
MC-kun doesn't feel the need to deign the fairy with a response and only looks momentarily towards Baka.
Past that fairy is some loot, as well as a loop back to the main path.
Crossing a stream on the main road, MC-kun finds another fairy willing to give him some directions.
The forest is large and I start wandering.
The battle is nothing new, although I do send Nue out against one of the few fairies she doesn't counter. There, due to her ability, I see confusion work for the first time. There's no self-harm, just inaction.
mc-kun_lookright.pngIt was never going to be anything important.
Back across the river, MC-kun, now thoroughly disoriented, finds another hairpin.
Neither party seems much more intelligent than the other, here.
An interesting name, but her fight is more standard.
Nue quickly cleans up some fairies.
The only technique I saw the fairies in that battle use was Yang Energy, the spread Tackle equivalent. Maybe she was too stupid to remember her Puppets' moves.
She's also just blocking off access to a dead end. The log doesn't have any interaction text, so it probably isn't a future shortcut.
MC-kun stumbles across a lake, connected to the stream he's crossed a few times now. It's a shame he can't swim.
It apparently doesn't smell very good in the area.
What is a Puppeteer with one Puppet but a wild battle from which you can't flee?
What did she mean by this?
It only gets more puzzling the more she says.
Perhaps she was referring to the dead end beyond her.
MC-kun finally gets his bearings and returns to the fourth branch of the crossroads from earlier. It leads to a new zone, where he immediately finds a fork in the path and takes one branch to a dead end.
The other branch has a fairy that asks after Cirno. He mentions, as casually as he can, that he's seen her in the Human Village.
The grass here is blue, but has the same Puppets as the more northern part of the forest.
The trainer is another PLF member.
MC-kun doesn't intend to lose his Puppets and lets Baka deal with her clone.
Twelve levels and a super-effective move do not make for a slow battle. It's amusing how cavalier the PLF fairy is about it, though.
All that's beyond her is a grassy clearing with another hairpin. That's all we'll be able to explore of the southern forest without learning to swim.
Looking around, I find a western zone to the forest, bringing us to at least three in total. This is all I can explore of it for now, though.
To my own surprise, I eventually stumble upon Alice's house. It was directly north of the person who told us that it was "over there" a while back. Had I taken a few more steps, all this wandering would have been unnecessary.
Nonetheless, MC-kun left the experience a bit richer.
He continues in that path by stealing a doll from some mushrooms behind her house.
Alice notices as he walks through the door and approaches MC-kun, leaving her dishes in the sink.
MC-kun plays his role of delivery driver. He's not missing out on a free bicycle, even if he's worried about whether it'll bear his weight.
If he possessed any empathy, MC-kun would have thought back to the many delayed Amazon deliveries to his basement apartment and commiserated. He cares for no-one but himself, however.
He does ask if this doll obsessive (her many creations stare him down from shelves across the house much like his Funko Pop and action figure collections always did at home) what she knows about the incident..
She isn't particularly helpful.
This might not be a cookout, but MC-kun doesn't have to make his own plate as Alice cuts her way to his heart by feeding him and his Puppets.
She does have some further thoughts, though.
We're on our way to the SDM next. Hopefully it won't be long before we can rename our Puppets.
mc-kun_lookright.pngLady, we're in Gensokyo. Pretty much every youkai here eats humans, not just the vampire.
Before he leaves, MC-kun takes a nap in Alice's bed, the disapproving looks of her doll cabinet blanketing him.
He has another chat with Alice, who has returned to her dishes. One magician sends us chasing after another, with a reiterated warning about vampires.
With that, it's time to leave. MC-kun escapes the forest and returns to Kourindou to report his successful delivery to Rinnosuke.
First, however, he heads over to the box on the counter and trades out Akyuu for Alice.
After giving Alice the light-aligned Opal Hairpin we found earlier, it's time to chat.
Rinnosuke complains that MC-kun was slow. He's right, of course. Alice must have left a three-star review.
Still gives us our payment, however.
Who needs instructions for riding a bike? It's like riding a bike.
He does give us some advice on how to go and bother a vampire, however.
But there's another twist in our path: we need to go and fetch an axe from a bunch of invaders from the moon.
Maybe they've got wheat, too.
I'm sure they'll just hand it over, no questions asked.
We know all about Keine, one of our most valuable Puppets.
With that, he sends MC-kun away.
He's got some new stuff for sale. I don't know what youma scrolls do, but they're likely tied to Kosuzu; she's the one who reads youma books, after all.
With that, it's time for a swift ride back to the Human Village. I like that your Puppet hangs on behind you as you ride - was that a thing in HGSS?
We get back and check on Kosuzu.
She's finally ready to translate the book we got from Miko.
As I left the village, I was told off by the Hakurei Shrine Maiden.
Apparently, when there's an incident, she's kind of a jerk, just like everyone says.
In the forest, I met a Pupp... no, this time, a doll-controlling magician.
I don't really believe what she's telling me, so this is probably a waste.
But thanks to her, I have a new destination: the Scarlet Devil Mansion.
The only problem is this 30-centimetre-tall impassable shrub. I even tried burning it to no avail.
kosuzu_cheerful.pngThe Hakurei Shrine Maiden is Reimu.
Seeing how she warned them, maybe the author was involved in an incident?​
Reimu sure is scary when angry.​
Shorter commentary from Kosuzu this time. It's another note from someone who is at least reasonably annoyed with the shrub. MC-kun wonders why this person seems to be going along the same path as him.
As MC-kun heads out to the school, he takes a quick look around town.
The dreaming girl, Sumireko, is gone.
MC-kun quickly finds her. It turns out that the boutique is now open.
As the weird doll lady, of course Alice is the one who sews clothes for Puppets.
MC-kun despairs alongside Sumireko. He'd started looking for a red shirt and blue overall from the moment he arrived.
For just a good third of his total savings, MC-kun gains the ability to reskin his Puppets. He takes a look at what's on offer.
Baka gets three alternate choices. The others, not being his starter, miss out on their wedding dresses.
Without a moment's hesitation, MC-kun drops three grand on a wedding dress for a Puppet. Anything for Cirno.
At this stage, everyone now has the options for a recolour (shiny?) and alt outfit.
Turns out that Keine isn't in the classroom.
One of the students sets us on the right path, however. An emergency doesn't sound good, though.
MC-kun walks in on a pensive-sounding Keine.
The two swiftly notice, him, however.
akyuu_neutral.pngIt seems you've come back.
That's right! How about relying on MC-kun for this?​
If it's this person, perhaps they'll assist you.​
Oh, you're that Puppeteer.keine_sweethat.png
I've hear rumours of you from around the village.​
mc-kun_lookright.pngDon't you know who I am, friendo? We spoke not long ago.
First thing's first, though. There's something I'd like you to hear.keine_sweethat.png
Right now, something troublesome is happening in Eientei.
I was supposed to be the one to help with the situation, but right now I'm kind of caught up in other matters...
I know that I'm asking a lot from you, but could you please help resolve this in my stead?​
akyuu_neutral.pngHow about it?
I think fixing this little problem will put you one step closer to solving the bigger incident ahead.​
Are you up for it?​
Well, I was on my way to Eientei anyway.mc-kun_lookleft.png
So you'll stand in for me!​
Thanks, I owe you one.​
Just ensure that your Puppet remains useful.mc-kun_lookleft.png
akyuu_neutral.pngHead south of the village until you see a bamboo forest. Eientei is located within there.
I'll tell the southwest gatekeeper to give you permission to go through.​
Good luck.​
Before taking his leave, MC-kun finds out just why Keine isn't dealing with this herself.
With that, it's off to the south-western exist, where the gatekeeper defers to Akyuu's wisdom without even needing Mamizou to imitate her.
And so it's time for another new route. The costume sprite changes in the overworld too.
We also have our first battle of the route, against a cloaked youkai.
She opens with Kurumi. Another PC-98hu we haven't seen before, she's a vampire.
Keine does her thing. It turns out that this is one of many Puppeteers we've encountered with two copies of the same Puppet.
Despite that, both Kurumi Puppets outspeed Keine and get a decent bit of damage done before they inevitably fall.
All she wanted was a battle, and we gave one to her.
This also gets Keine her last skill through levels before level 30, making her our second after Baka to do so. It's plenty of damage and also perfectly accurate, so we toss Raid.
Humans aren't a common sight right outside the Human Village.
In the grass we encounter a Mamizou, our first catchable 120-cost Puppet. We grab her just for the novelty.
Decently solid EVs all around.
She doesn't add a tremendous amount to our team at the moment, but we replace Wriggle anyway because neither does she.
Whatever the youkai earlier might have thought, there are still humans about. Novice ones, even.
Kisume easily deals with the first Kotohime.
But there's a second that follows and narrowly lives through her first attack.
The second finishes it, however.
Next up on the road is a farmer.
The power level is rising, however. Rather than one of the Aki sisters, he throws Yuuka at us.
Keine still handles her easily enough, though.
Defeated, the farmer falls back asleep to MC-kun's rants about his obsolescence.
We're back to dealing with fairies.
She has two copies of Rumia. We try out Keine's new skill.
mc-kun_lookright.pngDon't you know who I am?
At this point, MC-kun takes a look at a bucket near a lake and is jumped.
We catch Nitori, although she won't be useful to us.
A shame that she's not useful to our composition, because those are some spectacular IVs.
By the lake, there's another hairpin to loot.
As well as a rascal to fight.
Like him, his Puppets are up to no good. He throws out two copies of Seija.
Baka deals with them.
mc-kun_lookright.pngWrong, friendo.
A little further down the path, MC-kun picks up a thread lying on the side of the road.
The path diverges.
MC-kun heads south and is rewarded with an item.
Checking out the northern fork, MC-kun is challenged by a werewolf.
She opens with a fish. Baka quickly turns her to sushi.
Next up is Sekibanki. Keine is brought in to deal with her, as I remember that, unlike Kagerou, Keine is actually a were-hakutaku and not a werewolf.
The dullahan clings to life for a turn, but it doesn't last.
That leaves only Kagerou.
Kagerou's 4x weakness to Steel turns out to be more dire than Keine's 2x weakness to Earth.
At least she doesn't seem to want to eat MC-kun.
The fights keep coming.
Kisume fights her way through two copies of Youmu.
We do indeed have a Puppet on 4hp, so a nearby rest stop might be a blessing. MC-kun wants his food for himself, after all.
Looting and offering come before resting, however.
MC-kun is always down to collect some tat.
The travelling salesman has some TMs. We can't really afford them right now.
There are also plenty of talkative people resting.
MC-kun certainly agrees with eating food meant for Puppets.
Imagine having complaining about having a damaged team inside a Pokémon Centre.
A coward.
A dispenser of sage - but wrong - advice: the path loops back to the start with a one-way cliff down which to jump.
Someone even less wise than MC-kun himself.
And a sentimental. He's right, of course. We will never let go of the Marios of our past.
Heading into the loop, MC-kun sees two youkai having a chat. He interrupts them, only for the battle music to start playing.
Into what sort of deviancy has he wandered?
The sort of deviant who throws around a Mamizou, apparently.
Despite a level advantage, Nue eats a massive attack on switch-in; I forget once again that each is weak to the other.
So Keine takes over. Illusion Bullets did 45 damage to Nue, but only 6 to Keine.
Her retaliation is lethal.
Definitely a freak of some kind, MC-kun reasons. Who would dress up a Puppet?
The other youkai in the conversation is talking down the same lines.
She has a Nue. Our best counter to Nue is Nue, but we're not eating a switch-in attack, so we let Baka deal with it.
The opposing Nue survives through an attack and deals a retaliatory strike that would have been much more impressive if Baka didn't have almost ten levels on her before falling.
Exploring further, MC-kun is attacked by a catgirl (or possibly a cat lady).
She leads with Chen. We send in Keine, who swiftly deals with her.
Then it's Nazrin, so we switch back to Baka.
At this point, I see something new on the level-up screen. Baka has just hit level 30.
Through some bushes are more PLF members.
The first leads with Nazrin. After Baka makes swift work of her, she sends in Kyouko.
We send out Nue. The Energy Bolt crits, but still doesn't accomplish anything.
Nue's lightning is more effective.
Out of love for Baka, we must eliminate the PLF.
Kisume easily handles Luna, then Keine takes you Daiyousei.
mc-kun_lookright.pngNot a chance.
Turns out that they were guarding a dead end containing our first TM.
At this stage, we have a few skills to note.
Kisume picked up her last skill before evolution. I hold off on purchasing it for now.
Mamizou gets an interesting skill that I absolutely lack the game knowledge to use effectively.
Alice picks up the option to grab Thunder Wave. Due to how easy Sealing seems to be in this game, I don't bother.
Lastly, our first TM. It's stronger against stronger targets. It has a base power of 40 against a cost 80 Puppet like Cirno, but we've been seeing a decent number of cost 110 and 120 Puppets lately; it's base power 100 against the former and 120 against the latter. I might teach it to Keine.
Finally, we're left with a choice. Baka has hit level 30, and so she gets to pick a style. Each Puppet gets three options in that regard: two themed and one designed to be completely different to the others.
Here are our options, complete with typing changes (Baka is currently pure Water) and base abilities (which are not final; we can switch to the hidden abilities for a relatively small amount of PP).
Which way, western man?
Power for the strongest?
Assist to make our most over-levelled Puppet a support 'Mon?
Extra to turn into a focus tank?


wanna meet my party bug ?
Never considered in 2hu until this LP came into view.
OP gets my warm thanks.

There's a puppet Rinnosuke among the pots beside Rinnosuke's shop on the right side. As for Baka's specialization, assist ? Kisume has also potential to be a great tank. Not sure about glass cannons, but I read there are others that do better.

Penne Dreadful

Unnaturally Pulpy
Never considered in 2hu until this LP came into view.
OP gets my warm thanks.

There's a puppet Rinnosuke among the pots beside Rinnosuke's shop on the right side. As for Baka's specialization, assist ? Kisume has also potential to be a great tank. Not sure about glass cannons, but I read there are others that do better.
Thanks for the heads up on that. Extra Rinnosuke looks strange and interesting in a way that does make me want to bring him along, especially after he was one of the starter requests.
I'm probably missing a lot of things through my own inattentiveness.

Govt. Shitposting Machine

All posts are fastman™ approved
Power Cirno would be fitting since she is DA STRONGEST after all, but Extra Cirno seems interesting too. Although I don't understand super focused builds like that in a single player RPG, usually you just go with the characters with the highest attack and mash buttons until story happens.
Can you change between different styles later on?