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Tower Unite is a Recent Indie Game made by Pixeltail Games that came out in early access this year on April. It's in early access so it doesn't have much stuff,


Updates are very slow but show very promising content. The makers, including their head MacDGuy, always listens to their fans for any problems with the game.

For those of you unaware, tower unite started in December 2008 as a mod in garry's mod called GMod Tower.


it became one of the most popular mods on garry's mod, up there with prop hunt. They had great gamemodes that you and your friends could play. Like minigolf, ballrace, virus, zombie massacre, ultimate chimera hunt, and more. You get coins to buy furniture for your condo, hats, player skins, etc. They also had A casino with slots, a theatre that can play YouTube videos, and a nightclub that can play music from SoundCloud.

After a few years and in 2015, Pixeltail was getting fed up with the server costs. Because of the large amount of content, they had to pay valve hundreds of dollars a month. They made a donation thing to help out, but they decide to move to bigger things. They decided to make Their mod into an actual game by building it from the ground up with unreal engine. They putted tower unite on kickstarter but the funding failed because kickstarter lacked PayPal support, so they moved to Indiegogo and the game got successfully funded. Gmod tower got discontinued on the release day and tower unite became available on steam. So far, its doing good, but they had to not bring over all of their stuff from gmod tower because 70% of the content were from other franchises and companies and there was no legal way of making it happen.

So far, the game is really making good progress. They always listen to their fans for any qusstions and concerns with bugs and glitches.

Here's the steam store page:

Pixeltail's Forums:

And the trello page to see their progress on future updates for the game:

And the early access trailer from their YouTube:

This is a video of mr. Sark ( a popular YouTube gamer) and wildcat (another popular YouTube gamer) playing Gmod tower in lobby 1 when it was still around:
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Thr first gamemode is called, ballrace. It's played alot like super monkey ball (another game sega made) you collect bananas and try to make it to the goal.

Here's a video of captainsparklez playing ballrace with eatmydiction1, Markiplier, and therpgminx:

In tower unite, they had to rep!ace the bananas with watermelons.


I'll shit on you
I want to get this, but a streamer I watch plays this a lot and in the end its just them playing the gambling machines. Fun to watch, I guess.

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Hey, wanted to get this thread up again for the heck of it.

Anyways, little crusaders was released.


It's a game mode where a bunch of knights controlled by players try to poke button on the dragons back. While the dragon that a player controls try to eat all the knights

Heres the trailer

In gmod tower, it was called Ultilmate Chimaera Hunt. Where players play as pig masks and one player plays as the Ultilmate Chimaera from mother 3

Here's a video of Captainsparklez, TheRPGMinx, Markiplier, and EatmyDiction1 play UCH when it was around
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gonna bump this thread, guys. a new gamemode from gmod tower is gonna get added soon. it's Zombie massacre

you can a bunch of other players must survive waves of zombies with numerous weapons.

hers a video of eatmydiction1, seananners, captainsparklez, markiplier, therpgminx, and mr sark playing it




Zombie Massacre is now playable in beta in the game.

its an arcade shooter survival game. you survive with other players for 6 days killing zombies and monsters and fighting the boss at the end.


New update has been released today.

the game now uses steam workshop for custom playermodels, textures, etc.

global chat

emote system

and more

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the game was updated.

lobby 3 was added.

milestones and achievements were added along with rewards. they even give the "SUNSHINE DAY!!!" sound effect too.

RC cars, boats, and copters were added as well.

very exciting.
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Goddamn Sexual Tyrannosaurus
What was the "SUNSHINE DAY!!!" thing from? I always wanted to know since I first played



fishing is getting good progress.

more upgrades. like the fire and ice dragon for little crusaders.

new ballrace map. Woodlands, a re-creation of grass world from GMod Tower

new zombie massacre map. Village

vehicle base was finished, meaning that accelerate is gonna go into development soon.

and more improvements and new minigames.

i also heard from mac that there are gonna be two dragons now for little crusaders in the future.

good vlog. when i saw the fire and ice dragon skins, i was immediately reminded of chilli Billi and Chilly Willy from Banjo-tooie
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