TPD Public Information Officer Says No Threats of Violent Demonstrations Apparent Next Week -


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Imagine being a patriotic American and joining the police and then this is your job. I'd just kill myself.

I think he just wanted someone to talk to.

If a gibbering, drooling lunatic like this calls the cops, it should literally be legal for them to drive to his house and beat the fuck out him until he shits and pisses himself.

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I swear, Tom looks like the underweight lovechild of Bruce Valanche and Michael Moore.
Who's going to find Tom's filth amusing? Not even flies. The only neighborhood watch Tom has engaged in is probably watching children and dogs in the neighborhood run through sprinklers. I can't with Tom. He hasn't lived in a real neighborhood since his parents gave him the boot. He acts like he's embarrassed with what people tell him? How? He still winds up on camera looking like a filthy child-molesting hobo.

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On the one hand, Tommy hates us and AMB with a burning passion. On the other hand, we're the closest thing he has to a social life, since Tommy has systemically alienated everyone else close to him- even his own family. It'd be sad until you remember how unrepentant he is for what he's done. Hell really is a prison locked from the inside.

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