Trans cows you think will detransition? -


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I'd say ADF, but he was never trans to begin with and never made any steps to actually transition (at least until he got the crotch wound last year) and I will be honest, he'll probably "detransition" and then commit suicide a little while afterwards, assuming he doesn't die from sepsis or his own stupidity before then
He's too dumb to commit suicide.

Fire. His mom's money won't last forever.
Dickard probably will detroon if it ever stops being something he can use to scam money out of people.

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Raise the stakes by punching a baby.
Inb4 "all of them" but which troons on here could you see with transition regret 2-20 years down the line?

I'd honestly put my money on Blaire White. Her past with sexual assault is a red flag so big that China is jealous.
IIRC White is already de-tranistioning (albeit temporarily) to make a baby. Contra Points may very well, although if they go through with the surgery then they'll just kill themselves. I continually question Jerry/Lily Peet's sincerity with regards to their transgenderism, they might drop the charade sometime too (one former friend said they were against it previously, and the girl Jerry e-dated for a time identified herself as a lesbian, meaning it isn't unreasonable to assume he was trending for her).

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Unironically CWC just because of how weird and unpredictable he is. Maybe during the upcoming "Homeless Saga" once Snorlax joins her beloved husband in the great sawmill in the sky.
You’re right about his unpredictability but on the other hand Chris is full out delusional and also sincerely believes things like he’s a goddess so being a pretty lady might just take a backseat to also being a transformer or whatever the next big entertainment franchise he gets an autistic obsession over.

Natalie "Snip Snoop" Stewart: because she's gone off and on T and wavers between liking boys or not, did the whole thing for youtube attention anyway, and looked somewhat normal as her natal gender. Bonus: studying arabic and will potentially find her way to true womanhood through the word of allah pbuh inshallah👳‍♂️

Laineybot after the underage pussy dries up once greg goes to jail/psych ward. Will switch back to her natal gender and go for a 'poor me i was so brainwashed and totally not also a predator' angle.
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I think there's a chance Chris could, in a couple years, for whatever bizarre reasons Chris does anything. I know he's pretty set on trannydom now, but you what else he was pretty set on before? STAYING STRAIGHT. His mind is an enigma and he's bound to surprise us (like he did when he transitioned).


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Contra Points may very well, although if they go through with the surgery then they'll just kill themselves
Why would he detransition? Pretending to be trans is the blanket excuse he needed all these years for all of his self destructive self sabotaging behaviours, his alcoholism, his drug abuse, his sex addiction, his vanity/narcissism, he can now justify it all saying he's doing it because he's trans. And then there is the financial rewards: he went from being boring rambling male Youtuber with a couple of thousand followers to being a posterboi hailed as the trans version of Stephen Colbert. He said in one of the Livestreams: "I went from being a poor man to being a rich woman.". Why would he give this up? Besides, when Nyk decided to transition he gave himself only 10 more years to live. He's already decided to make his transition into a suicide mission.

I put my money on Laineybot, seems like a safe bet.

If I was more of a gambler I'd bet on Chase Ross and especially Ash Hardell, not because it's likely to happen but because I want to see them being shunned by the very SJW trans cult they've helped create. I want to see them eaten alive by their own creation.

Then there is a whole list of people I would like to see detransition strictly for anthropological reasons just to see how they would handle it, how the trans cult would react and how society at large would react. Caitlyn Jenner, Jennifer Pritzker, Martine Rothblatt deciding to detransition would certainly drop a nuclear bomb in the midst of the SJW trans cult. Jazz Jennings of course. I think also lesser known holy cows and key ideologues of the SJW trans cult - like Buck Angel or Julia Serano or Sandy Stone going senile in their old age and detransitioning - would have the potential to cause a massive dent in the fabric of trans-unreality, or should I say the wool pulled over society's eyes by the SJW trans cult.

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Poor kid never had a chance.
He has so much sadness in his eyes these days. I think even if he privately admitted regret to his family they'd still force him to parade around in front of cameras as a "girl" for the rest of their lives.
Yeah, "for the trans kids everywhere that look up to you (not to mention you're our progressive cred)".
Such bullshit.

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The reason why is because his reasoning behind doing it was really weak. Iirc it had to do with his still persistent desire to have a sweetheart but he thought it would be easier to do it if he was a woman.

I also think psychologically it’s a manifestation of latent homosexuality. But I don’t think he’s honest enough with himself to come to terms with it.
Yeah agreed. CWC mentioned a couple times that "now lesbians AND straight women think I'm attractive" so I think him saying "I am a lesbian transwoman female soul trapped in a male body" is just parroting talking points he's heard before like lines from a TV show. He's referred to himself as a hermaphrodite before so I think his grasp on all this is tenuous at best and he's just struggling with coming out as gay.

That said I don't think Chris will detransition because I'm not sure he knows what that entails. He'd probably just suddenly go back to being "a man" but he might not even stop calling himself Christine.
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I think about half the Rat King troons might detransition (if they don't just kill themselves altogether) once they've lost a lot of the unspoken privileges the trans identity affords them. The ones like Jake Alley or Rhys McKennon who hopped on because being trans allows them to behave like creepy shitheads without any fear of consequences immediately come to mind. But if I were to guess someone who will be detransitioning sooner rather than later, I'd guess Proto. He's already losing most of his trans perks in the speed running community and is now trying out other shit like being a "plural being" to get attention.

About the only troon I really believe is in it for the long haul is Brianna Wu.


I think our lovey Christine will detransistion, because a big reason why he trooned out in the first place was that one of his Heartsweets told him to get in touch with his feminine side. Bob dying was the catalyst.

I can totally see him claiming to be a straight man again, but still wearing women clothes.

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Eh, I think the least likely troon cow to detransition would be Brianna Wu, followed by Chris,

Brianna is too deep in to stop now and Chris is too content with dressing like a five-year old girl and LARP'ing as a CPU goddess to even consider the idea of going back to identifying as a male.

I do agree that Chris would probably step up from troon to full-blown otherkin with the path he's currently on, but the only way he would ever go back to identifying as a guy is if another troll starts majorly fucking with his head again like the Idea Guys did.

Tellingly, a lot of Chris's misandry sort of cooled down after he trooned out and he started talking to fellow males in the LGBT and geek circles he was in.

That makes me think a lot of his hatred of the "male jerks" he expressed back in the "Classic" days was mainly driven by self-hatred and possibly even legit gender dysphoria that has been muddled by his autism and stupidity.

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