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Law Transgender woman says she was asked for ID to use restroom, then kicked out of D.C. restaurant

Discussion in 'Articles & Happenings' started by Bitch Pudding, Jun 24, 2018.

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  1. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news...out-of-d-c-restaurant/?utm_term=.b3ae62302271

    A "woman" named Charlotte was about to go to the women's washroom in a DC but was stopped and was told to have to show ID and prove she was a female. Charlotte knew that was a lie so the he/she still went in anyways and was kicked out after refusing to show ID. There is no law, I beleive other articles might mention that some women were uncomfortable with his presence but I couldn't find it after re-looking.

    She called the police citing discrimination and the law was on her side and she had this to say:
    Nevertheless, Clymer said she is aware that the same encounter could have ended very differently for those who are not “white, aware of the law and connected to people who can help.” Because only white people can call the police.

    EDIT: I think Charlotte was asked for ID proof in case "Charlotte" was actually a "Charles" who wanted to spy on women.

    "Her" full name is Charlotte Clymer:
    She has been compared to a modern Rosa Parks:
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    #1 Bitch Pudding, Jun 24, 2018
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  2. hmmm

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    Chaos Theorist

    Chaos Theorist It would be spiteful To put jellyfish in a trifle

  3. No-effort trannies have no ground to stand on. If they were doing it right, no one would even be skeptical enough to ask for ID proof.
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    millais The Yellow Rose of Victoria, Texas

  4. I dunno, he definitely looks like a butch lesbian.
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    Your Sexy Futa Sister

    Your Sexy Futa Sister Bai bai! Maybe I'll try again some day!

  5. "You are like a modern day Rosa Parks" is a stronger phrase than most people would use if they were trying to get laid, let alone compliment a stranger on the internet. Pretty autistic either way.
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  6. The bathroom ID police are a real thing? I thought that was a troon urban legend.
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    Ruin Mercenary Slut
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  7. It always amuses me that feminists who normally decry "traditional female beauty standards" will applaud troons who live up to that exact image. Doesn't exactly seem like a very consistent standard IMO, almost as if they're admitting troons aren't real women.
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    Flying_with_the_Penguins I can put whatever I want in your mouth

  8. My bet is because that troon looked like a man, some people were just saying that in case "Charlotte" was actually a "Charles" who wanted to spy on women.
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  9. I'm pretty sure we all went to school with a dude who looked exactly like this. Try a little harder than just putting a bow in your hair if you want to sit on that feminine shitter in the Ladies' Room.
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    Dick Pooman

    Dick Pooman Muchacho Sauce
    True & Honest Fan

  10. “Charlotte” comes off as a pushy asshole and very shrill.

    Man, this situations gotten really bad, hasn’t it? Trannies being loud and obnoxious and raising a ruckus just for the sake of raising a ruckus, and for an utterly empty cause. Why can’t they do something useful with themselves, is it that hard?
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  11. Charlotte is famous male feminist Charles who was an all round creeper. Not happy with telling women how to feminist he is now being a better woman than they ever could be. All it took was a hat and some lipstick. He only trooned out in January or so this year.
    Old thread with his social media etc
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    Mumbles Lady Brit bong

  12. It's an existing cow? Nice catch.
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    Ruin Mercenary Slut
    True & Honest Fan

  13. I've seen that fag on Twitter before. He's a gay twink who liked to call himself nonbinary all the time.
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    m0rnutz Not a furry

  14. I wonder why the name Charlotte Clymer is familiar....
    charles clymer.jpg
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    CIA Nigger

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  15. I remember when Clymer was bitching about being an incel before trooning out, this is no surprise at all.
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  16. Tardrage in Twitter thread.
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    m0rnutz Not a furry

  17. For some reason when a dude walks into the women's bathroom, sees a bunch of women and girls, and whips it out and starts jacking it, people question his sincerity.
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    AnOminous sittin in the fabled catbird seat
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  18. Thank you, I was thinking the same thing. He trooned out specifically because he resented the way feminists valued female opinions more than his. He creepily raged at individual women about it and was shocked when that made the feminists like him even less. Instead of concluding that he had a problem with feminism he trooned out. It's worked pretty well so far TBH, non terf feminists are dumb af. I would not be surprised if he manufactured this situation for sympathy.
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    sperginity croissant fresh
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  19. Why is the thread locked? He sounds like a total cow. Apparently he's a male feminist who virtue-signalled for years until he was called out by the community for being a creepy douche and decided to troon out in order to deflect criticism.

    "You can't call me an oppressive white male if I'm actually a translesbian soul!"

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    The Jumping Dwarf

    The Jumping Dwarf I'm offendered if misgendered

  20. Getting denied access to a restroom is basically winning the troon lottery. It means you get be the Queen Of the Troon Prom (i.e, social media) for at least a couple of days. Congrats, Charlesotte!
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    Yellow Yam Scam

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