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I tried searching for any discussion of this previously but didn’t see anything. Though, I’m functionally re.tarted with web stuff so I may have missed it.

Has there ever been any discussion in translating some of the biggest/most popular/most requested cows to other languages? I’m sure this has been discussed or even done already with Chris, but I guess I’m asking about the most popular cows specifically on kiwifarms. I’m sure it would be a big undertaking but I can imagine the international kiwis would be elated.

Maybe a poll could be used to determine what cow and what languages are the most requested? Obviously the latter would mostly depend on the translators available.

What made me think of this is how much I like Drachenlord’s lore. I don’t speak a lick of German though so I only know what Count Dankula covered when he did a video on him.

Would this even be a possibility, like are there enough NEET bilingual kiwis out there willing to close the 16 incognito tabs of neko shota and spend time translating for the greater good? Either way I just wanted to put the idea out there if it hasn’t been before. Although I’m sure it’s been at least discussed and in that case I’m curious what came of it.


I say ‘International’ in the title to represent any non-English languages. In fact now that I think of it I might know someone to do a little German


None that I know of, almost(?) all our users are English speakers. The IC threads are mostly for lolcows whose culture doesn't translate well outside of their native countries.


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I think it could make some sense if there were some sort of implementation of Wiki articles and fairly exhaustive articles on the cows in question, with regular incorporation of thread material. Barring that, hard to translate post by post new material.

I like to follow the Drachenlord thread too, but he is quite a good example to look at for this. Most of his production of tard cum is audio-visual, and thus the non-German (even the non-German learner of German) misses out on the delicious malapropisms of speech that the German can enjoy, though they do a good job of timestamping videos.

Maybe having a real 'home language' setting against International Clique threads and links to translate them to English through Yandex translate or similar could help increase visibility of these threads, although, one would think it would not necessarily increase site activity as it is still hard to understand and comment on the threads.
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