Inactive Travis 2016 - Pedophile author that Marc Brown would cringe reading

The Big Vivs

just a simple maize farmer
Feb 28, 2017
Hello everyone,
I'm sue you've noticed that Travis has changed his name and attempted to clean himself up a bit. Well, I got curious one day and decided to message Travis on FanFiction. He was quick to attempt to befriend me. Eventually he even gave me his church name:
View attachment 1710390
and thanks to this thread I found out his location. So I did what any civil person would do and did this:View attachment 1710394

I didn't hear back from the church for a few days, or anything from Travis that mentioned him getting in trouble. Then I get this email back from who I believe is the priest or whoever runs the church idek:
View attachment 1710395
I asked Travis how he was doing and he responds with
View attachment 1710399
Little did he know that I was the one who targeted him and made a bad stage in his life of jerking off to 8 year old furries.

So there, that's what happened if anyone was wondering/even cares.
What the fuck is your problem? Don't poke the cows, faggot-boy.

May 1, 2021
When I shared his "Arthur and Them go to Japan" in Fanfiction Horrors, I thought he was some troll. This guy is serious.

This guy has a fetish for castration. This scares me. Bad Fanfiction Theatre should cover these works of literature.

I see he faved an author known as MaryAnnefan4life/Elizabeth8289. Someone else who is infamous for writing bad Arthur and Baby Sitter's Club fanfics that involve someone getting sick.
I get what you’re saying, but he just didn’t have an understanding of human reproduction. He was actually a tender soul who never hurt anyone. He wrote some fucked up shit, but he never acted like that or even spoke like that.

Bubble Ba'ath
Aug 16, 2020
What the fuck is your problem? Don't poke the cows, faggot-boy.
For real, this interaction comes across like when wokecels try to get people they dont know fired.

Which didnt stop me from laughing at the screencaps though, I admit.

Well, RIP for this exceptionally retarded weirdo I guess. I can't help but wonder with that many premature cancer deaths in the immediate family if they lived near a toxic waste dump or asbestos filled home or something.

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