Treated differently about my weight... - 07/29/19


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Will we get some tea on the sudden vacation or a shitty low-effort Lynn video?

That thumbnail.

So they are in Lexington during this video

Becky is absolutely mental. She is talking about beating up people she doesn't like. Maybe Becky can start the Montecello, KY Antifa chapter.

2:36 - Look at those pearly white teeth situations

3:12 - This face after Amber gets a question she doesn't like:
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Lol, I'm automatically so fucking triggered.

Call me mad at the internet, but my preemptive eye-twitch was more than justified. Highlights of the first two fucking minutes include:

"When I was like 331, I got treated so much better than I get treated now".
"I feel like it's very shallow of people to judge someone based on how they look and, like, treat them a certain way based on how they look."
"I feel like everyone should have an equal opportunity."
"I've lived the life of someone who was just overweight, I've lived the life of someone who is morbidly obese, and I've also lived the life of someone who is super morbidly obese..." Riiight. Honey, you ain't never been "just overweight" and you haven't lived a third of a life, let alone three.

When she identified her favorite "imperfection" as being fat, then trailed off and said, "Wait... this is a hard question. I don't have an answer," I actually snorted coffee through my nose.

Now she's babbling about how technological Japan is and how far ahead of us they are. "And their food is great!"

It's so deliciously awful. Now she's talking about how much they needed a vacation because of their ReSPoNsIbILiTIEs At hOMe.

I need more coffee. Gargoyle out.
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I'm barely a minute in and jesus christ . . .

Yeah that question was totally not planned guise! The jumpcut to Becky reading from the card, then AL interrupting her before she even finishes saying the question, really show how random that question was! Well 15 more minutes of this garbage, here we go.


They'll be going back and forth with those insipid cards again. Not even going to attempt a recap, sorry.

Not worth 16+ minutes listening to these two blather and lie and get "deep" with questions and answers. NOT HIGHLY REQUESTED.

Moving on.

(Good luck to those who DO sit through it and do a recap.)

edit: I actually watched and recapped it.
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THEY WENT TO LEXINGTON AGAIN?! I'll take my Mad on the Internets cause this really pisses me off. You just know she is hitting every restaurant there because there's no place to cook in the motel. And I guarantee she is not ordering off CF's Skinny Menu. She should just pull a Danielle McAllistair (sp?) and admit she's never going to diet and eat until she dies.

hmm... yeah a minute in. she thinks at one point she lived the life of just a little overweight gorl. i think like 600 pounds in pictures is hard to tell how big that truly is 330 pounds is also hard to tell how big she really was back then because she used those catfish angles. Becky is/was 300 pounds and looks big.... you know what, I think she was as delusional back then about guys hitting on her as she was at 500 pounds and a guy flirting with her at the mall.

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"I've lived the life of someone who was just overweight, I've lived the life of someone who is morbidly obese, and I've also lived the life of someone who is super morbidly obese..." Riiight. Honey, you ain't never been "just overweight" and you haven't lived a third of a life, let alone three.
Amber has the life many people outside the US imagine Amerincan people to have: obese, morbidly obese, and super morbidly obese.

Anyway, she probably is a cunt to everybody and simply doesn't think about it because she has the "poor me, look at how I'm mistreated!" mentality. Obesity makes people cranky, apparently.


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Between assorted retàrdery such as asking if "beating people up" is illegal, and not knowing what "dispel" means, Amberlynn is especially stupid in this video. I'm open to discourse on this, but don't think it's a dainty bimbo act.

Whether or not you believe that obesity has an effect on cognitive function, the other side to this coin is that both Amberlynn and Becky are two individuals who have no desire to learn or encounter anything outside of their normal experience. Even this sad vacation is a rehash of what they know. Amberlynn is markedly more retàrded and nonsensical than she was in the Destiny era, when she had a job, and socialized. Sure she was still a fat moron, but less fat, and less of a moron.

I know, this is more words than I normally use to say "dumb fatty lol". But I've watched her for years now, and I just found the amount of cognitive decline on display in this particular video especially noticeable.


I'm dying over here,
she says people don't think they have responsibilities at home...
then proceeds to talk about how stressed taking care of their pets are and to get away from 'people'.

You know children take care of fucking pets and by 'people' they mean Eric because Ricky is out here at his J O B
These fat lazy cunts are on vacation everyday :story:


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Necky the Philosopher said:
everything that's legal should be illegal except for a small few things
Becky talking about beating someone up. So tough, so intimidating. How would someone ever defend themselves against a giant thumb in Nickelodeon merch

Selfawarelynn said:
The biggest like imperfection about me is that I'm fat
yup. that's it. that's the one thing. the only flaw. other than her obesity she is an awesome person for sure. YUP

sis, by "biggest" it meant most impactful, not volume-wise. Like is she really out here thinking she's a decent person? lmao