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This is similar to the Side-Ops board we had for Jace.

Anything meta to ADF, his friends, or creations belongs here.
Status updates belong in the main CIS board.

No tranny shit.
Keep embarrassing autism to a minimum.
Have fun.

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Call me pessimistic but I don't really see this ending well. Mostly just because most of ADF's enablers and fellow vagrants aren't really noteworthy outside of their interactions with Phil, and whatever other interesting stuff people do spot is usually only enough to sustain maybe a post or two in a general thread of some type. Unless people try really hard, I can't imagine there being too many decent threads outside of the usual suspects who already earned one in the main ADF board.

Hope I'm wrong though, lord knows I don't want to see another Entersphere.
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If I see threads in the main ADF board that I think still need to be transferred over to here, should I report it or PM someone specific?
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