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After thinking it over I feel this is the best way to approach the happenings.

I've created this board as a way to talk about neo-Jace, Jan's continued application of self, and any fallout of the Jace Connors show.

Deagle Nation is now archived as a subforum. No new posts can be created. If you want to look back on the original ruse, that's where you can do it.

I'll be observing this board. People seemed genuinely amused by Tyce and Jace this afternoon even without the illusion of authenticity. I imagine at some point, if left alone, this board will completely run out of steam. However, considering the creative successes of Jan and his genuine interest in and affection of this website, I think there will be something worth talking about in the coming months.

That being said, I haven't talked this over at all with him and I may be jumping the gun. If this is a bad idea or if it flops completely I'll merge the threads back in and archive the whole shebang, but I have a sneaking suspicion that won't happen.

Semper fi.

Da Big Staw
I also think that this will likely run out of steam without the illusion of authenticity. I will be watching however, yet it seems odd to have this in the lolcow area, Maybe put it n OT area? This is a lolcow forum. Not a comedians fan club imo.

I really loved Jan on that stream however. He came off as an amazingly ground, smart, and most of all funny guy. Easily the least autistic, and most normal autist I have ever seen. To the point I have to wonder if he got misdiagnosed.


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There was something about last night's in-character livestream that made it pretty boring (to me anyway), I think it was because we had #DEAGLEGATE only a few hours before. If it manages to stay interesting then by all means I think the board should stay, but I think they'll really have to step-up their game to keep it interesting enough.
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I like it, though I concur with @Da Big Staw that it should probably be an Off-Topic subforum. Comedians and lolcows are different things.

what if jace/jan embraces the character and does more videos purely for entertainment. i mean we all can agree we were entertained. what if moving the forum in some capacity to multimedia or even just making a sub section of the farms for nonlolcow entertainers?


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two questions:

1) Do you have a set time limit for this trial, or are you just going to play it by ear and see?

2) With the Semper Fi rating gone (now irrelevant), can we get a new rating to replace it? Something like "#Trolled", or "#Rused" maybe?

Kaiser Carranza
I like to think that the proto-Jace was his audition for a reality show. I'm not sure about the subforum. Is a lolcow still a lolcow if it's intentional?


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Maybe keep it as-is for now and see where things go.

If it's mostly "The Tactical Misadventures of ParkourDude91" then over to multimedia, if it's more of the very real and true narrative of "Jan, Very Real GamerGate Assault Victim Of The Internet Does Very Real Interviews" maybe he should remain in lolcows, since that's where online cyberbullies should keep their online cybervictims.

Then when tranny hookers drive to Jan's house and roll him up in a carpet it moves to real-world events/news whatever.


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Keep it around a while. Jace is no longer a lolcow, but I'm hopeful that Brianna Wu & friends will become the subforum lolcows in his stead.
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Could the Semper Fi rating just be added to this forum rather than replaced with something else? It's only really been around for 2-3 months, and having it disappear this quickly would kinda suck. I don't think that the entire saga of Jace is gonna just fade into complete irrelevance so long as Jan is involved, plus it seems like new jace content is still coming based on yesterday's livestream.