IP2 Tricia Rita Evans / Tricialicious / Beverly Hilton - Playboy model escort now reckless streamer ,abusive, neglectful, mother that is despised by Reddit.


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Tricialicious / Tricia Evans
Infamous Playboy Model / Carterverse Kingpin / MYLF
Tricia Is a deadbeat mother [41] originally adopted from Spokane, WA , [currently residing in Los Angeles, CA] to a sweet little girl that suffers abuse and neglect at the hands of our subject here, whether it be making her cry or smoking weed & drinking beer while ignoring her daughter's pleas for water, I'd like to showcase her degeneracy .

Also drinking and smoking weed in front of little daughter.
drinking and dragging her kid around in morning.angry at chat.

Raging at chat

She explains why she hasn't given her thirsty child a drink, while she has beer.

In the pursuit of clout. Tricia has had an interesting journey through life from humble beginnings modeling/posing then escorting to finally attention seeking streamer looking to be idolized for her assets.

Tricia first started her career as a softcore model for playboy.com-like site where just about anyone can upload with little oversight .

seen here with Hugh Heffner [founder of playboy]

From here she transitioned into escorting, picking up her johns from the sites she used for modeling.

Tricia also has a criminal background [she likes to shoplift]
a petition was even started by a concerned citizen to get her to leave Spokane, WA eventually she moved to Las Vegas, NV but the petition had no part in it.
Tricia has displayed violent tendencies before towards her daughter , her audience, or anyone around her honestly . The daughter was taken away from her by the Las Vegas Child Protection Services [CPS] and had been residing with her parents for a while, she only regained custody around April during the second week of her fling with Captain.
ezgif.com-gif-maker (1).gifbeatdown.gif
[seen here in a recent clip assaulting her simp Nishan]
Tricia likes to get into internet slap fights or more specifically speak her mind on topics no one asked her for.. [link]
Its part of the reason her account on twitter is suspended...

She even got a few articles out of it from her little feud with Deadmau5
It was around this time she became involved in the "Carterverse" as an orbiter of the collective that was forming named after Aaron carter who at the time was a popular streamer in the region [burned out no longer relevant]
She had a brief relationship with the streamer "Captain Content" Max Monsein [self described as soft rapist] an affiliate of IP2 ,a loose network of streamers that are incentivized by donations or "donos" they receive by acting outrageous or committing heinous acts
IP2 OP | streamer list 1 | 2
[from when she was still listed]

The begining of the Tricia x Captain saga , it was mostly him bumming around in her Vegas house for a month playing the final fantasy 7 remake while he let his chat torture Tricia with donations.


While she lived in Las Vegas, NV is where she caught the attention of her new audience [IP2] and for awhile she could no wrong at the network, but after some time the viewers and the forum noticed her reckless attitude/behavior towards her daughter and dropper her from the network listings but by that point it was too late , she is now still mentioned periodically with no actual affiliation. No longer associating with the streamer captain content [they broke up] or IP2, she had no remorse towards being let go from the network , and just appreciated that she has a bigger audience now. she actually fit in there, but even the network founded on debauchery have morals.

ripping her bong late night instead of taking care of her daughter
[child abuse]

So we're pretty much caught up with Tricia and her story, just having recently moved to Los Angeles and growing her subscription base to almost 4K . From Carterverse groupie to neglectful mother that has child protection services called on her consistently with her own legion of simps trying to claw her way back into the network that shunned her. Tricia surely has come a long way from the girl modeling for playboy.com
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Say What Now?

It's 11pm, do you know where your clitoris is?
not for the light of heart [child abuse]
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The idiot who doesn't know even the chorus of Paradise City would be primo if not overlaid with the audio of spanks and the kid screaming. Fuck this woman.

Edit: I knew "Paradice" didn't look right
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puppeting your frustrations with the blinded flag
I'll be updating this post as things upload on my end, but here's a few samplings from this shitshow.
@Empresa let me know if I can add anything or feel free to use anything.

Her archived YouTube page is here:
Screenshot 2021-07-01 140647.jpg

I stumbled upon a youtuber,Gia Lovely Gossip & Tea Channel, that has quite the experience with Trashalicious.
I'm currently uploading archives of the videos that were commented on, but here's some info during your wait:
Sorry for the wonky image sizing, but I'm editing the post to address it.
Screenshot 2021-07-01 121009.jpg
Someone by the name of Siwa Moon (if you just wondered who that is, I have no fucking idea either) has apparently been under attack as well:
Screenshot 2021-07-01 121039.jpg

She a lah...make sure your RV is locked-up before you go to sleep though, Cap:Screenshot 2021-07-01 121109.jpgScreenshot 2021-07-01 121133.jpgScreenshot 2021-07-01 121200.jpgScreenshot 2021-07-01 121412.jpg

Threats (lol no one's scared of you, Simpshan) towards Captain Content:Screenshot 2021-07-01 121526.jpg

She has slapped Simpshan several times (not a shocker) before the infamous beating video:Screenshot 2021-07-01 121929.jpg

The double-standard is real:
Screenshot 2021-07-01 122157.jpg

Seems as if Simpshan didn't press charges:
Screenshot 2021-07-01 122308.jpgScreenshot 2021-07-01 122338.jpgScreenshot 2021-07-01 122440.jpg

Baby Daddy is Nathaniel Holmes and apparently has a Facebook (if anyone finds it, please let me know so the OP can be updated):
Screenshot 2021-07-01 121821.jpg
Screenshot 2021-07-01 122534.jpg

Does Trasha's parents not care, ded, or what? 🤨
Screenshot 2021-07-01 122559.jpg

The things that occur off-camera are probably even more intense...Screenshot 2021-07-01 124018.jpgScreenshot 2021-07-01 124332.jpg

Jdori enters the chat: another YouTuber with archives of Trashalicious here.
Archives are being uploaded.
Screenshot 2021-07-01 124355.jpgScreenshot 2021-07-01 124443.jpg

Apparently Gia used to be friends with Trashalicious:Screenshot 2021-07-01 124529.jpgScreenshot 2021-07-01 124616.jpg

Tricia + Negz (if you're a Shanny follower, this name is probably familiar):Screenshot 2021-07-01 124702.jpg

Speedy, oddly enough, makes an appearance with his two cents:
Screenshot 2021-07-01 125001.jpg

Jill Scott (used to be a PlayBoy Bunny apparently)enters the chat:
Screenshot 2021-07-01 125922.jpg
Screenshot 2021-07-01 125423.jpgScreenshot 2021-07-01 125447.jpg
Mommy Dearest, indeed...
Screenshot 2021-07-01 125347.jpg


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ya'll often get the deets wrong
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Terrible mother and horrible cunt flaps

her nudes:
This private information is unavailable to guests due to policies enforced by third-parties.

Moose Knuckle (sometimes you can see it flap in the wind
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Congrats for making this thread on this woman, OP.
Tbh, i have a feeling that she has chances to become a member of IP 2/Ice Poseidon 2 community.
I would love to see her on IP2. I want to see them livestream the moment CPS takes her daughter away.

Edit: I can already tell she's going to be one of those cows where you can't tell where the outrage ends and the A-Logging begins.


les mauvais choix font les bonnes histoires
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I have a feeling that she has chances to become a member of IP 2/Ice Poseidon 2 community.​
would love to see her on IP2.​

Unfortunately, she was already on the network,
they loved to meme her..

her abusive nature turned the community against her.

now most of the post in IP2 regarding Tricia, are about the safety of her child





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