IP2 Tricia Rita Evans / Tricialicious / Beverly Hilton - Playboy model escort now reckless streamer ,abusive, neglectful, mother that is despised by Reddit.


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Captian content & Chicken Andys sugar daddy Captian Deplorable was apparently trying to buy Tricias daughters panties.


Probably drunk. Also, Lou is fat.
Terrible mother and horrible cunt flaps

her nudes:
This private information is unavailable to guests due to policies enforced by third-parties.

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This private information is unavailable to guests due to policies enforced by third-parties.

Well, they're at least better than Anisa Jomha's nudes.


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fuck trasha. she wants to blame others like deplorable for trying to see the kids panites? wtaf. we have seen enough from this ho to even bothering entertaining the thought that she may be correct about literally anything. chantal lies less than trasha. also, lmfao- throwing deplorable under the bus when hes been helping and unfding her? what an absolute cunt. deplorable- we know youre here. pull your head from your ass for a second bruv.

ugh. she is the worst, one upped only by sockness. fucking cunt.

only sockness has made so moti. trasha tho? so much worse co that sweet darling. shes so bright. it just isnt fair about the baby. im legit more angry then even amy ramadan makes me. all the hats. every one. i am livid.

also, is there any thread or anywhere i can get caught up on this weird aron carter shit? like. trasha is older than i am and i have no idea about him? except the boxing shit?

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Damn, this is only your 2nd thread and you knocked it out of the park. My only complaint is that since I don't have a clue about the IP2 stuff, idk the significance of the shit with Captain Content and that network. If you could leave a short blurb on that as well as linking back to their main thread for readers who want the more in-depth story, that would be great.

I really feel sorry for this kid. I hope she's removed from Trish's custody permanently - this is fucking sickening.

At any rate, this more than passes my standards for a thread as-is, in spite of my minor gripe. Since it's new though, I wanna give you a week to go over your writing and make sure everything it fleshed out. Sometimes you'll be surprised just how useful it is to re-read your own piece, notice a small detail, go to clarify it, only to find more material to work with.

So yeah. Poke me one week from today if you're ready to move and I gotchyu.

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Based surfer just claimed that Trisha is meeting up with Blade for his return stream on the 4th of July to do fire sales. Seems like Trasha is trying to worm her way back in to IP2. . The way that I see the Trisha/IP2 relationship is, she is like herpes, ip2 can deny her but shes going to pop up every now and then.


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