Trisha Paytasenjoys binge eating and crying on youtube.

Discussion in 'Beauty Parlour' started by entropyseekswork, Dec 31, 2016.

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  1. "Perfect little meal"
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  2. lol holy shit, so I finally jumped into the playlist @glutenfreebooty posted of someone doing a reading of one of Trasha's books to fall asleep to and it's read in such a way that's an audio of our commentary. Despite picking a random chapter and fast forwarding randomly, a couple mins in says 10/10 worth the listen:

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    entropyseekswork Vigilante based in America.
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  3. I honestly don't think I could tolerate her book without Gines's witty commentary. The book is clearly horrendous though. It's a 94 page testament to her incredibly unhealthy mental state. It romanticizes rape and stalkers because Trisha wouldn't know a healthy relationship if it bit her in the face.
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    formerfatcow Current Skinny Bitch
  4. Someone raping you and then later forcing entry to your room to sexually assault you some more and coerce you into saying your rape wasn't rape and then striking you in the face after you agree followed by more sexual assault sounds... Pretty rapey.
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    entropyseekswork Vigilante based in America.
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  5. Hey, come on now. That could still be truthful. Planet Fitness has tootsie rolls and pizza nights. She could've gone to the gym to scarf down more food.
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    Darwin Watterson

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  6. Do you hate your miserable life? Don't want to go to work tomorrow? Is the only solution to die of cancer so you are no longer responsible for any commitments? Please, watch five seconds of this video (should start at 6:39):

    "I almost feel like I am in Asia, like, 'Hello, welcome to Asia.'" Sweet "Asian" accent. Please pay for my chemo.
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  7. TW: Violently autotuned breakup ballad.
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    glutenfreebooty Little Hoe Peep

    lol god she's so fat.
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  9. Ugh, she's so flat. There's no emotion behind the song. And, wow, those jeans make her look super dumpy.
    In the negligee/ nightwear vid, I'm pretty sure I spy some kind of scar on the side of her boob in the thumbnail. It's really kind of long. If that's from her augmentation, I'd be pissed at the surgeon.
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    A Potato Named Vodka

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  10. Why in the name of god did she think this was a good angle?
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    Catetive i put parts together at fatory
  11. She looks like a chimp
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    xenomorph Headshrinker.
  12. When you post videos of yourself ugly-crying on your kitchen floor at 3AM you don't really have any angles left to hide. We've seen them all, might as well embrace it?
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  13. It's probably worse than her sexting, tbh.
    That silhouette in that video is hilarious, it's like a fat girl and drama camp reenacting something off Broadway.
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    Mariposa Electrique

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  14. I got 22 seconds in. Her singing voice is just as terrible as everything else about her.
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    Broken Pussy

    Broken Pussy Maybe it's dry as hell. Maybe it really smells.
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  15. A
    Are people troling in the comments section? How in the hell do these people like t his music? Are they just sucking up to Trish thinking she gives one damn?
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    #95 xenomorph, Jan 17, 2017
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  16. She's having a break down again.
    Key points; Everything is an illusion. She's been in contact with a guy who says he's from the future. She's wearing sunglasses because she doesn't want anyone to see her eyes because they 'get dilated when it's bright', changes into more and more revealing outfits as the videos go on until shes in a swimsuit?? covered by a robe.
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  17. Im waiting for her to go full Howard Hughes
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    xenomorph Headshrinker.
  18. Including the pissing in mi1k bottles?
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  19. I desperately want to hear the raw vocal tracks from that song, and to see the face of the poor engineer when he realised he would probably have to spunk more hours into autotuning alone than anything else.
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    r00 Goin' Grink
  20. Shes melting...

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    smallmilk Lol Lol Mılk
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