Trainwreck Trisha Paytas - enjoys binge eating and crying on youtube.

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Can you clarify what kind of drama? Either here or in the ASMR thread? Was it Tony Bomboni - i know he's gotten in trouble/drama before and he seems faggy enough for Trasha to glom onto.
Yeah, it was the whole stupid Nikocado Avocado thing - funny enough, another predatory gay man. She seems to really love predatory men in general but a predatory gay man is like her kryptonite.

I don't know enough about the mukbanger or ASMR community to have an opinion on anyone involved except to say that Nikocado Avocado is fucking gross, man, so no surprise she felt the need to defend him. And this even though apparently they had their own drama while back that they patched over. Nik seems to be a clout chaser extraordinaire so that makes sense.

EDIT: I'd try to summarize or link to a summary of the drama but it's not even m.ilkworthy. If you are interested you can look up Stephanie Soo and Nikocado Avocado on Instagram but be forewarned that it's some pretty stupid drama and the villain of the situation is pretty obvious from the first second.


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It's being discussed in the Nikocado Avocado thread. To get the whole story you'd have to watch like 3 hours worth of video, it's not worth it imo. The short version is that he's a shady faggot who tried to "expose" Stephanie the same way he did Trisha, but Stephanie had plenty of receipts proving the Nick in fact is the bigger piece of shit. Before Stephanie had released all her receipts Trisha had defended Nick.

I don't know if Trisha is still defending him now after Stephanie's second round of releasing receipts against Nick that made him look like an even bigger piece of shit than previously believed but again, it's really not worth following along unless you're already interested in Nick as a cow and/or you care about mukbang drama and if that were the case you'd already know about this.

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She has one of the worst implant jobs I’ve ever seen. Those vertical scars that run from the nipples all the way down the length of them are low key horrifying. Willing to bet that she’s got some necrotic flesh somewhere on her body.


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She did a followup to her multiple personality video. She's buttmad that another youtuber doubted Trisha's self-dx

Also thought I'd add this, Dr. Grande weighed in on Trisha's video. To my knowledge it's the first time he has talked about a lolcow

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DID is very under-researched and difficult to understand and diagnose. It can't be boiled down to having multiple personalities; multiple distinguishable states of being and behavior can be one facet of DID but they're not really "personalities" per se. They're more like wild and erratic mood swings that have an acute effect on behavior and emotions. This analogy is definitely an oversimplification, but unmedicated DID is kind of like if two bipolar people were sharing the same body and cycling through their manic and depressive stages 20 times every week. Some people do personify these states of being by making up names and histories for them, but DID is really a way to construct an alter ego into which somebody can escape from severe trauma and PTSD. In other words, Trisha doesn't have it.

Trisha is garbage. I hope people stop watching her. People who have DID don't know they have it until diagnosed because they have no knowledge of their 'switching'. I do believe she's mentally ill but certainly not with DID.