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I've noticed that a lot of people (normally not users of this site, thankfully) seem to think "trolling" equals "harassment." A big part of what makes lolcows funny is that they overreact to things that really aren't a big deal (see: SONIC'S ARMS ARE NOT BLUE!!!). A lot of old-school trolling (beautifully embodied in the modern day by Ken M) simply involved saying something inaccurate/stupid/etc and then sitting back and laughing while people overreacted to it.

That kind of trolling still exists, but a lot of other trolling boils down to "verbally harass someone until you get a response." It's not funny, it's not clever, it's just mean-spirited and it's on the level of a playground bully.

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Every time the topic of trolling is brought to me I remember something someone said a long time ago. It was as enlightening as it was obvious:

There's noting you can do to change other's actions, you can only adapt or change yourself to them and make the best out of it. Or leave.

The phrase was said in regards to shitty relationships but it also applies to trolling. If someone trolls you, if someone is acting like a moron, you can do nothing about it. You can ignore them, you can leave their sphere of influence or you can take a good look at the mirror and ask why is this happening to you.

Lurking the farms, before creating a user, I saw a LOT of cows do an incredible amount of stupid shit and then blame others for making fun of them. Chris put his entire life online, ADF made a full time job out of whining about his life, countless trannies shame themselves online daily, perverts go prancing around showing their kinks and sick perversions to the world and twitter addicts making the most stupid statements possible every day. And they expect the world not to laugh.

Well, no. The world will. Because you have flaws. You make them public and expect people to like your broken sorry ass. It's not gonna happen.

Doxing, trolling, laughing at exceptional individuals, it's all fine and dandy. For me, the line gets crossed when you are physically damaging someone. When you go and hurt them for no reason. Also when you are making fun of someone for something they can't change, like Down's Syndrome or missing limbs. Even racism is exceptional in my book because it's stupid. No one can naturally change their skin color or where he/she was born. but you know what you can actually change? Your behavior. Don't be a crybaby. If you are black an someone calls you a nigger, OWN IT. Show you're not some emotionally broken kid who needs constant hugs and laugh at their faces. Behave like an emotionally matured individual and prove them wrong. Or leave. Your choice.

There is a gray area, tho. With Chris, it was the PS3 hijack, the BlueSpike affair (which was more of a dick move than anything), the man in a pickle suit incident. Those are at my personal limit. But I'm just an spectator.

TL;DR: Trolling is fine as long as you're not harming someone physically or making fun of something the cow can't change. Otherwise, it's fine.
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I once read that all the videos he made was because of Troll orchestration and by himself he was almost never funny, of course of the exception of when he gets arrested. Like when he was arrested at the mall for soliciting and then not leaving when asked then freaking out like a insane tard, he did that all on his own.

So maybe chris chan actually needs trolls, just as much as trolls need him.
Actually, if you look at the CWCki, you will find that a lot of the videos have a chat-based build-up, where whoever is talking to Chris (usually the girlfriend) tells him that they need him to do x and y in the video.
I believe you and @Shiversblood are agreeing with each other.
Shit, now I feel like a noob all over again. *sigh* I was somehow under the impression that info was legit and the gal-pals *were* just hired help.

They were. What @The American Hedgehog said.
But what about idea guy? We can't say for sure that he's pretending to be Sonichu, but it really seems that way. It's not much different from someone pretending to be an online sweetheart, except so far all he's managed to achieve is to have chris post some weird nazi references on Facebook that fly over his head, and got him rip up a children's doll.
This is a far cry from getting chris to shove his medallion up his ass and getting a bunch of sex videos from him.
I believe that the Idea guy could easily get Chris to jump off of a ten story building.

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I'm glad Chris is getting some positive notoriety. With all the awful recent trolls, with the exception of Chris actually coming back to post here, it's all just been unfunny garbage. So unfunny that Chris being a retard on his own is funnier. While I am still a fan of the bluespike saga, I (probably) wouldn't be amused by it today. I think I'm just getting old or something.


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We've been getting a whole lot of debate over various ethical issues related to Chris trolling lately, and it has been derailing threads about other things. Also, since it has been happening across several threads, a lot of people keep posting basically the same things that have already been said before in other places.

Originally, the thread where Null revealed the closure of the Private Discussion forum was supposed to be the home for this debate. Eventually it ran out of steam, and there was distraction from the debate when people would ask for details about the private forum. This thread will be for trolling issues only.

Please keep all debate here. If someone who has trolled Chris posts in another thread and you have a moral complaint against it or ethics comment, quote that post and still put the reaction here.

For the immediate future, any comments in other threads about trolling ethics are subject to summary deletion. They might be moved here if a mod feels nice, but don't count on that.

Also, KEEP DEBATE CIVIL. All rules about A-Logging, ratings abuse, and community disruption are still in place here. If issues surrounding Chris trolls leave you so enraged that you can't post calmly and it has an effect on your life outside the internet I would suggest this book for you, as you likely need it:

Let the extremely autistic internet version of the Lincoln-Douglas debates begin.
I miss you Hellblazer!

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So long as you don't cause Chris and or Barb to die, I say troll to your heart's content. If you end up making a fool of yourself and get your very own thread on here, it's good for us as well.


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I'm glad Chris is getting some positive notoriety. With all the awful recent trolls, with the exception of Chris actually coming back to post here, it's all just been unfunny garbage. So unfunny that Chris being an exceptional individual on his own is funnier. While I am still a fan of the bluespike saga, I (probably) wouldn't be amused by it today. I think I'm just getting old or something.

you god damn 40 year old men!

i thought the bluespide saga was funny and if something like that happened again I would think of it as being DOUBLE funny, because it was funny anyway and chris chan falling for it again makes him double fool.


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would it be 4x as funny if a 6 yr old boy did it

No that would be straight up CRIMINAL NO HOW COULD YOU?? No. They should not do that. 13 year old was a brilliant idea tho on so many different levels its hard to explain but it was testing his intelligence levels so extremely and I mean I could hear the difference between the voice so should have chris chan.