trouble with walking..., grocery shopping, taste test - 8/24/2019 - (Day 67 of this 100-Day Nightmare)

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Will add recap shortly. Edit: RECAP!

trouble with walking..., grocery shopping, taste test - 8/24/2019 (Day 67 of this 100-Day Nightmare)
Because I hate myself and my blood pressure enough to watch these "inscrutiateen" videos so YOU DON'T HAVE TO:

- She's "getting ready" - assumedly for going out since she's already put on her makeup (and not yet posted the "doing makeup" video yet?)

- Marco Polo app plug ("Video Chat for Busy People" - really, Hamber? You qualify as a "busy person"?)

- She going walkeen! But she SWOLLEN. Because yesterday she was a "DOING" Gorl! Her breetheen is bad too!

- Walkeen update! She's up to 3:20 of walkeen! A few seconds of improvement from... THE FUCKING HOTEL SAGA.

- Shitty camera angle starting from odd blobbiness with DAT LEYYYG.

- UNEDITED WALKING SEGMENT. Much outside noise, occasionally drowned out by the sheer volume of her huffing and puffing. 2:20 of walkeen. NOT GOOD, Hamber!

- "Dishearteneen" (More like heart-attackeneen.)

- 4:13 - another shot of the deteriorating fingernail polish. She puts all that lipstick on her piggy face, but always neglects her hooves! (She and Twinkie Storr BOLTH need to get their nails done!)

- Yes, please DM the Hamber on Instagram (even though she A MONTH LATER has stated she will NOT be responding to DMs because of all the HAYDURS) if you prefer her walking faster or slower.

- Hamber is actually INSIDE a Kroger (guess they have scooters) and the cart is SO FULL (and soon SHE will be too) because she needs to "cook at home" more. SO much fast food, which obviously is obtained through EnablerNecky.

- Hamber: "I want to incorporate better foods in my life."
- Hamber 1 second later: "Not everything I got is healthy."

- The cart basket is "fool" because the scooter's basket is smaller than a normal one! Thanks for showing us the scooter, Hamber!

- It's stormeen again, and "we're" going to have to drive in that. (*sigh*)

- Complaint because anything filmed NOT using her phone takes HOUURRS to get off the camera. If there's one thing our gorl is known for, it's TIMELY AND FAST CONTENT. Can't have that be slow!


Kroger-Brand Crispy Coconut Rolls with Sesame
- smells like coconut
- (7:49 for the image of 15% of fingernail coated by polish left)
- "not bad"
- loves the texture
- claims there's low sugar because it's "not American"

Klik-Brand Kariot Pillows (milk-chocolate-coated cereal crunches filled with nougat)
- bigger than expected (JUST LIKE HER - HAR DE HAR HAR!)
- "not sure about these" lack of eye-popping response
- "nope" (LIP SMACKEEN to annoy the haydurs)

- Trying to show that both of them "fit" on the bed as Necky gives Hamber a BACK MASSAGE (not shown)!

- Necky is playing The Sims, and made a Hamber character. (That's as far as the fatness slider goes, sorry it can't be anywhere near to scale, don't blame Necky!) Complete with poop-bun and lattice-type chest dress design that barely makes it partway down her thigh. Not bad, Necky!

- Necky's character is "SO SKINNY HHAHAHAHAHA" (Hamber laughing at the thought of Necky making it to a healthy weight? Laughing at her girlfriend's idea of her "dream self"? FUCK YOU, HAMBER. #FreeNecky)

- Hamber is watching Idiot Test on Netflix and has only got one question wrong playing along! (MensaLynn FLEX!)

TL;DR: 2 minutes of WaddleLynn, ScooterLynn appearance, Mini Mookbong of snack foods, and #BadRelationshipGoals.
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People often say Amber has a moon face because of how round it is, but she also has the craters as well. Wash your face, boo boo.


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Fuck me. The Hills Have Eyes and the Pilsbury Doughtard have had a baby.

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