Horrorcow Troy Rangi - pisses himself for the world to see also a pedo


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It's a shame that he seemed on the surface to be doing well for himself despite his disability, holding down a job and being in the special Olympics, but here he is harassing young children on the internet to perform acts he likely sees as sexual. He probably has the same mental age as some of these kids, but he's a hulking terror of a man. Here's hoping he's never tried any of this shit in real life and that he just feels a lowered inhibition due to the internet, and him not understanding how it works and how he is basically fucked.
We hope.

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This shit's immensely creepy for an adult to witness, I can't even comprehend how creepy it must be for the kid and their parents to have someone badgering their son to pee their pants obviously for fetish reasons.
I give the kid credit for directly telling Rangi that what he's doing is wrong. People tend to tiptoe around uncomfortable topics, but mentally disabled people generally need to hear direct, simple messages in order to understand something. Hearing from an actual kid that he's being creepy and gross leaves no room for blaming YouTube/mean grownups who don't want us to have fun/whatever.


Troy really needs to have his Internet cut down.
I wouldn't call him a pedophile, he is so shameless that I doubt he even knows what he is asking for is A) illegal B) really wrong C) sexual.

I suppose no one taught this hulk of a sperg what sex is, for fear of him doing/saying inappropriate things, and the plan backfired.


will definitely consider what you have said
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Agreed that he needs his internet cut down.

It's pretty terrifying for a kid to be internet creeped by anyone, let alone a large and clearly very physically strong person with some serious mental disability.

Whoever is his appropriate adult with responsibility for him needs to get him off the internet and start keeping a bloody close watch on him in the community as well.

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If this got out, I wonder if it would make major news...

I don't follow the special olympics, but is he a major name in it? If not in the world, then in NZ?