Disaster Truck ploughs into crowds at Berlin Christmas market - *SUSPECT DEAD*

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What's the nature of the attack?

  • Accident

    Votes: 2 1.1%
  • Islamic terrorism

    Votes: 133 75.1%
  • Vordrak

    Votes: 42 23.7%

  • Total voters

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How is Germany the economic Powerhouse of Europe with this level of exceptionalism?

This is really the only thing that stands between Germany and most other socialist countries, they actually produce stuff that people want and have a huge GDP.
They can sort of afford the whole ridiculous stuff like paying random bums that show up, even though that is certainly not sustainable.
The last 50 years or so the German government has always used money to make inconvenient things go away.
From Greece to those eastern-bloc gispsies to whiny Googles who demand reparations for something that basically every civilised nation did 100 years ago.
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In case you have missed it, the German government is offeting "start bonuses" to people who leave the country on their own, even if they are already in the process of being deported.
55k mostly eastern European vagrant showed up a few months ago claiming to be refugees, were sheltered and fed for a few months and received free health care and after being denied refugee status (because they were basically just gipsies looking for a handout) they were offered a free ride home and a cash payment of 3,000 euros.
Not that this would be some sort of incentive for more "fake refugees" to just show up in Germay and wait for their handout.
For most people from Africa and Arabia, it's "only" 300-500 Euros and it's a lot cheaper to give those asshats a little wad of cash and have them leave than to feed them and their offspring for decades.

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