True & Authentic life advice for Kat

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Jul 13, 2017
There are a significant number of posts in the DSP megathread about "life advice" for Kat, so I've created this thread is in the same vein as the DSP "real criticism" thread

This means that only serious posts/suggestions for Kat should be posted here. As its largely unknown what Kat is like (good/bad) this is not really the place for insults etc.

What should be posted:

  • You should/shouldn't stop working and stream
  • You should/shouldn't say that going to college is dumb like Leanna did
  • You should/shouldn't become a Scientologist
  • You should/shouldn't (something about clothes/style/fashion/make up)
What shouldn't be posted:
  • slapfighting
  • infighting
  • outfighting
  • shit posts/reaction images/single images/single videos unless they're extremely pertinent
(note: for the time being there will not be a dedicated thread for Kat as a Lolcow as she hasn't done anything exceptional enough besides being DSP's new thot. That may change.)
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Aug 17, 2017
"Run bitch, run!". That's the only advice I have for her. For realz, dawg. I fear Phil will crush her in bed under the weight of his enormous breasts.


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Jan 2, 2018
Are you sure this is the man you want to spend your valuable time with?

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Jul 3, 2017
Leave Phil immediately. There is nothing to gain from this relationship. Phil Burnell only cares for Phil Burnell and the only thing closest to him as a friend is money, and lots of it. And even that money he loves to waste. He has treated Leanna like trash, there have been no emotions between them and he did not care for her health and well-being. At best you are a trophy for Phil to show around, because without a girl-friend even he realizes what a pathetic creature he has become. Having a girlfriend puts him above his exceptional fanbase of weebs, troons, redneck racists and mentally challenged Norwegians, that's why he keeps you around to show off.
This man is not meant to procreate, so don't be the one who helps him making that mistake.

neger psykolog

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Jul 13, 2017
I would heavily suggest to make sure you keep your job and keep working no matter what excuses come up and no matter how difficult it apparently is to get a drivers license.
Staying at home all day long and becoming a streamer is a sure fire way for things to go poorly.


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Jan 14, 2018
He's using you. He may be doting on you and showering you with affection right now but you'll soon come to realize how hollow his "love" really is. He is incapable of really feeling empathy, of really feeling love or anything for anyone but himself. He doesn't allow anything or anyone into his life unless it is useful to him in some way. There is always an ulterior motive with him and relationships are no exception.

The butterflies will soon fade and your relationship will become one-sided, assuming that you do love him. To him, you will simply just become the roommate that he only actively tries to spend time with when it involves getting something from you. When it involves what you can do for him. This is just who he is and I think you will slowly come to realize this over time--whether he is conditioning you to believe him over everyone else or not.

My advice would just be to take care of yourself. Put your own wants/needs over his. Don't feel like you have to give in to any unreasonable demands he might make of you. Don't let yourself just become a maid. Getting a job outside of the house would probably be a great idea, whether he wants you to do it or not. Soon you will realize how dire your situation is. And I would suggest finding a way out however you can.

Oct 4, 2017
Honestly? I genuinely hope she is playing Phil. The alternative is that she's gonna be another victim of his toxic personality. There's a reason why his two former best friends felt the need to make a video telling of their experiences with him. There's a reason why his own parents have little to do with him anymore. There's a reason why his former fiancé ran for the hills after several mental episodes which was likely exacerbated by Phil. There's a reason why he has zero friends at all in real life anymore - it's because Phil is who he is.

Get what you want, and get out.

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Dec 30, 2017
My initial advice for Kat is of financial concern.

Do not agree to open a joint checking/savings account with Phil. If he presses the issue, you should go to a different bank in the next town over and make an account there. Set up a P.O. Box so that Phil doesn't see any mailings from this bank. Be aware of your balance and don't let him discover your new account's routing numbers.

Always cash your paychecks, and don't let Phil see how much you're earning. Never let him know how much cash is in your wallet, or leave your purse where he can get to your cash. Know how much cash you're carrying in the event that it goes missing.

Get a fireproof lock box and tell Phil it's where you keep precious family photos and other mementos. Keep some cash, a prepaid credit card for emergencies, your banking info, your pay stubs, your birth certificate, and your social security card in this box.

It's especially important to protect your social security number, because Phil could try to open credit cards in your name. Don't co-sign on any loans. Phil's credit is terrible. IIRC, he needed Leanna to co-sign on the BMW.

Don't let him leave you holding the bag when it comes to your money. It takes a long time to recover from debt and poor credit.


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Sep 8, 2017
Don't let this man walk all over you. If he hasn't already, he will psychologically manipulate you, guilt you and gaslight you to get things that he wants. I'd say he's too much of a coward to ever raise a hand to you, so don't ever fall for threats like that either. None of us autists/weirdos know you, and you probably won't even read this - but don't ever put this man's well-being ahead of your own, because you probably don't even make the top 5 in the list of his priorities.

And if you're the one doing the con.. well we can just chalk that one up to Karma.


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Feb 19, 2018
Dear Kat,

To Phil, you are a symbolic object of his success as a man. Consider then your value as a function of his success. Your job is to shine at him, approve of him, support him, fuck him and keep quiet. By the time you realize you have been utterly used he will have established certain facts that dissuade you from leaving. He will establish that women who are divorced are lesser and failures, so you won't want to be like them. He will lovebomb you and convince you it's the two of you against the world. He will use microaggressions to make you doubt your looks, abilities and potential. And he will do everything to keep you away from outside influences. He will gaslight the living fuck out of you.

He will never make you come in bed, no matter how loud you yell when you fake it.

He is using your past as a way of demonstrating his value in comparison. He is not an improvement on previous abuse, he is just new abuse.

You will not believe me. You will absolutely not, at this stage, admit any doubts, because your previous abuse has left you with a pure black and white mentality. He is perfect. They were evil. THIS IS PERFECT.

You are a beautiful, capable young woman. Do not waste these beautiful years serving this man. Do not listen to the wankstains on here judging your appearance. You are not a 4.5 or a 10, you are a full human soul who deserves love, safety and development. Phil is a safe stepping stone, I suppose, but you will be no more a real person to him than to your previous abusers. Look at how you are perceived here (by some little twats who have never known the touch of a goddamned living woman.) I assure you Phil thinks even less of you.

You are about to waste your years as a vivacious, free, young woman. You will look up at 40, no friends, if you have children, Phil will make them hate you, and you will have no career and independence.

You will have to start again on your own. I suspect you have done this before.

Do not stick with a mistake because you wasted so much time on it. Sunk cost fallacy.

You will never read this and I full well know I am writing a goddamned letter to myself.


Jan 16, 2018
In the US it's still common for a woman to win custody and alimony from the man, no matter what the circumstances.

Get married, get pregnant, get out. Lift checks from the goutlord the rest of your life.

"Please donate so I can pay off my ex-wife *snort* this month, okay?"


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Feb 13, 2018
Make new friend offline with no idea who or what DSP is. You just moved across the country. You need a safety net.

Jun 2, 2016
In the US it's still common for a woman to win custody and alimony from the man, no matter what the circumstances.

Get married, get pregnant, get out. Lift checks from the goutlord the rest of your life.

"Please donate so I can pay off my ex-wife *snort* this month, okay?"
No, The goutlord is going to be working at McDonald's in five years. No one will want to support a 40-year-0ld gamer. Do you want to rely on minimum wage alimony for the rest of your life?

Please don't get pregnant Kat. Don't even sleep in the same room as Phil, just to be safe. Or in the same house. Or town.

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Dec 25, 2017
Phil is probably telling Kat that she doesn't need to work or go out because he'll pay for/provide everything. This is nothing more than an attempt to make her dependent on him so she has no way to leave when Phil inevitably turns into the deadbeat, demanding, piece of shit manbaby he was with Leanna.
My advice: Get a job so you're not financially dependent on Phil. Who knows, you may even make some friends along the way and realize Phil isn't all he's cracked up to be. But for fuck's sake, don't let this toxic relationship drag on any longer than it needs to. You can do a lot better.