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Since this site's been following Ghost pretty closely lately, I've decided that I'll be starting pages on both Ghost and True Capitalist Radio. Does anyone have any additional related subject matter they think should have a page?
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There'd be a lot of work in that because we'd be adopting content from old Ghost too. I wouldn't even know where to begin because there's so much.


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Hi, admin of the True Capitalist Wiki here.

Over half of the current articles we have (about 425/701) are single episode pages, usually orphaned. The remainder are mostly poor-quality pages or stubs about subject matters and long-forgotten trolls.

That being said, a couple of pages on Ghost on the Lolcow wiki should be enough. One on the man, one on his shows, and links to the TCRWiki where more detail is wanted.

And as for the 65% comment, it makes me wonder just how close that really is. There's some stuff we're never going to know about Ghost which makes up a lot of the other 35%, I'm sure. And it's possible we've got some stuff right he'd rather not confirm.


Later today I'm going to setup a page for organizing LCW efforts. I'm busy writing code at the moment to help facilitate this.
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