True & Honest Supernatural Thread - It's Halloween so lets spread some ghost stories n shit

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Jan 1, 2015
So like, has anyone had an honest supernatural incounter of any type? I'm not a believer in the supernatural but my father is crazy about ghosts and has a theory that there is a dimension at a different resonance that explains ghosts, he got me interested in some theories.

There's something called the Spiricom and the Frank's Box that is said to speak with ghosts, including audio files as proof.
I personally think this is a complete hoax but its a nice story.

A few nights ago someone asked me if I believed in ESP (extrasensory) and mind control, basically streaming a voice to another. I said that whatever ESP we have it isn't well defined or even traceable, but I can understand gut feelings could be extrasensory. Another thing I discussed is how it would be very obvious to a human being if their thoughts weren't theirs cause we all know our "internal narrator" (The voice in your head) and an intrusive one wouldn't be able to speak witg the same style or tone.

So what do you think is interesting and possible regarding the supernatural?


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Nov 30, 2014
The previous owners wife died in the house I grew up in. She had cancer and the guy turned what was to be my sisters room into a hospice. For the first couple of years the hall light near her room would turn on and we would sometimes see a shadow peeking around a corner in that part of the house.

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Apr 25, 2015
I don't believe in spirits, ghosts, spookies, gods, dieties, karma, any of that shit. And yet...

About two years ago I was leaving my father's house at about 3 in the morning. It was pitch black except for the moon. I went to my car, which was parked at the top of the slope, half on the road and half in the grass that bordered with my house's yard. As I grab the door handle, I start hearing this sound to my left, and it's kind of a running sound. Not like a pitter-patter kind of deal of a squirrel or a fox or something, but definitely the sound of a human running. I also hear some breathing, so I kind of freak out, thinking I'm about to get mugged (Even though this is in the safest suburbs on the planet.) Anyways, I look to my left and I see a vaguely human shape running at me, but it's's hard to explain, imagine a bunch of horizontal lines drawn with a pencil in the shape of a human. That's what was running at me, but it was kind of phasing in and out of itself. It comes right up next to me and kind of brushes against me and then keeps running past, so I look to my right and I see it kind of running off into the distance. I could see it running for a long time, it wasn't like it just brushed against me and vanished, I saw it running almost as long as I could see a person running away, but this was just like...horizontal lines. It was weird.

Anyways, the next day I return to my father's house during the day and I go to park in the same spot. I get out of the car and I look down, and right on the spot where the thing brushed against me, a circle of pink flowers is growing, which is particularly odd because I'm certain it wasn't there the previous day and where it happened was sort of half-grass and half-road and it appeared that the flowers were somehow growing through the pavement.

Soo...who knows.


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Jan 1, 2015
Oh, I should tell you my story. My room when I was a teenager was the respite for my dying Grandfather in the late 90s and the house I lived in had my great blind grandfather die in the living room. Nothing sinister for a while and we all lived in quietness.

Around 17 my grandmother was in a nursing home, my sister fucked off to live by herself and my dad let me stay in the house by myself for 4 days of the week; I loved it at the start -- then I heard a woman weeping outside of my bedroom. Usually, I always had my blinds closed so I couldn't see what was happening, but had the window opened to let the cat come into my room during the night, so once in a while I'd just see glimpses of the darkness outside and close my eyes as my cat slunk into my room to cuddle with me. I didn't want to see what was outside.

For out the the four 'visitations' I hid back into my bed and waited it to stop until one night while I was on the computer I heard the sound again. I was getting really ballsy at that time, still aware and having the lights on, when the whimpering returned and I just finally snapped, asked it to stop and I admitted I couldn't help. I never heard it again. I told my dad about it and he wasn't sure who it could be because no women ever died in our house.

ES 148

Personally I'm 100% sure there's an explanation for it because it's basically just a glorified set of coincidences, but whenever I need something I've lost it's almost always in my favourite jacket, which belonged to my dead grandfather (although I've worn it so much now that it's getting worn out). Which would be the obvious place to look, except I once found two pots of Citadel paint in it and I can't for the life of me think why I'd put those in my pocket.

Apr 8, 2017
My childhood home was actually an old church, 140 odd years old. It was the absolutely creepiest place. This will be long sorry fellas.

When I was younger I was playing video games in my room, it was late at night but now that I was old enough to have my own room and not share I could be up as long as I wanted. When I paused the game to pick up my cat I heard pacing outside my door. It didn't stop and it would continue through the night. I opened my door and nothing was there, I went back to sharing a room cause fuuuuck that!

Another time is when the dog woke me up one morning, he was going apehit and I could hear the stairs creaking like someone walking up. I walk out of my room to see a bigger red haired man walking up the stairs, I didn't have my glasses on so I assumed it was my dad. I walk to go meet him and he is nearing the top of the stairs where the decorative upper fringe thing begins. The banister was chest height for like a 10 year old and the upper fringe was higher up and this big man was so tall? Or hovering that his face was blocked by the fringe.

When I am midway he finally starts reaching for my sister's bedroom door and I gasp, I don't know why maybe I realize he wasn't my dad. But when I gasped he heard me and turned towards me and had no facial features. Like someone had draped a thin layer of skin over his face. I ran and hid until my sister woke up.

I have more but I think these are the crazies personal experiences if mine.

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Jun 18, 2015
I'm not into spooky ghost and spirit stuff at all, but my mom was. She got into any occult religion that tickled her fancy and around the time I was born, she was obsessed with Ouija boards. My grandmother was into it too and they would spend hours locked in a room with one, according to tales from my family.

Most of this story comes from my family members telling me details independently over the years, coupled with the very few first memories of life that I have.

We moved into a new house just when I was about 2 and apparently everything was fine for the first couple of years. Then, my mom and grandma started in with their edgy Ouija shit and something happened. My mom, who's no longer living, would never tell me exactly what happened.

The first thing that happened was the faces that appeared in the cheap, fake wood panel walls. New faux knot holes and grain patterns allegedly appeared that weren't there before and they resembled faces. I remember a sudden explosion of Jesus pictures being everywhere, I had to have been 4 or so and this is where my memories begin. Every wall in the house had various sizes of Jesus pictures hanging in odd, low and high places, off centered on walls and stuff. Apparently this was to cover up the faces that had appeared.

We all (my sister and brother, mom and dad) began to have vivid and horrifying nightmares. I clearly remember thinking I was awake and laying in my bed and some sort of yellow monster slid out from between the shelves in my room and began to pummel me in my bed.

About the same time that the nightmares started, the spiders came.

Yeah, fucking spiders.

And big fuckers too. Wolf Spiders the size of half dollars were common occurrences everywhere in our house suddenly. In beds, shoes, randomly charging you on the floor, the walls. And they got bigger and more common as time went on. They would crawl on my pillows at night as I tried to sleep, often times getting on my face before I felt them or knew they were there.

My sister and brother had it worse though. Their rooms were in the basement. I don't need to explain why it was worse. You can imagine.

Another one of my very first vivid memories is of me walking on an early Saturday morning through the kitchen to wake up my mom. Don't know why, I was a kid... kids do annoying shit like that. As I made my way through the kitchen, I passed by a counter top extension that had an under brace to support it. It was a 6 inch strip of wood at a 45 deg angle nailed to the underside of the extension.

There was a spider on that piece of wood so big, it's legs wrapped over the edges of both sides.

I screamed and woke up the whole house. My older brother trapped it in an empty trash can and unloaded a whole can of RAID on the fucker. It swam in the stuff like it was taking a bath and wouldn't die. Only after he took it outside and gave it the Hairspray+lighter treatment did it finally give up.

We asked our neighbors if they had problems with spiders, they didn't. One every once in a while... but not 3 or 4 a day.

We called an exterminator, finally tired of the sudden, constant presence of spiders in everything and everywhere. The exterminator told my family that he's never seen anything like it. It was if every wolf spider in the state had decided to make a home in our house. Even he was too squicked out to go in the crawlspace and just chucked a bunch of bug bombs under there.

The spiders subsided for a bit, but then came back. As big and frequent as ever.

The next bit is probably an exaggeration, as my mom, brother and sister are/were prone to histrionics. But my father wasn't. He was a hard edge, cynical alcoholic who didn't believe in anything he couldn't touch, see or feel. But he verified that at least part of this did happen.

My mom found someone to perform an exorcism on the house. Apparently they sent me to my grandma's house for the weekend when this all took place so I never knew about it till later in life. During the...ceremony I guess?... lights flickered, cabinet doors jittered against their stops in the kitchen, and at the end, a small, wooden totem carving appeared on the table.

No one in my family saw where it came from. I remember the table, and it was big enough that you couldn't just slide your arm out to the middle without others noticing. According to everyone, even my dad, it just appeared there.

My mom kept this totem with her, in a tiny eel skin pouch in her purse, for the rest of her life. When she died, she was cremated and the totem was burned with her.

After the exorcism, the pictures of Jesus came down, and there was nothing behind them, the spiders all but vanished and the nightmares stopped. We moved out of the house shortly after. I am still afraid of spiders.


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Mar 29, 2014
I don't think I've ever had any paranormal experiences whatsoever. No ghost sightings, no out of body experiences, no dreams of talking to the deceased, no psychic powers -- nothing.

That could be either good or bad, depending on how you look at it.
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Jun 11, 2015
One night when I was 13, I had the house to myself because my parents were visiting some friends of theirs and my sister was spending the night at a friend's. Around 10pm I was taking a shower when I heard a strange noise. At first I assumed it was just my imagination that had distorted the sound of the water spraying around me, but then I heard it again. I turned off the water and waited, and again I heard it : it sounded like someone was sneezing loudly somewhere in the house. Needless to say, I was spooked.

So I got out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel, and searched the entire house, shaking like a little bitch and turning on every light whose switch I could get my hands on. I knew it was impossible that someone had gotten inside, I had locked all the doors and closed all the blinds the instant night fell. I found no one and heard nothing, and so assumed that I had imagined it. Just as I was climbing the stairs to get back to the bathroom I heard the noise again. I darted to my room, locked the door and hid under my bed sheets.

And while I was waiting for sleep to take me I could've sworn I heard the wooden planks in the corridor outside my room creaking, like someone was walking on them. I fell asleep, and woke up to the sound of my parents having breakfast. I told them what had happened and my father toured the house, but there was no evidence of a forced entry and nothing was missing nor had been moved.

I don't know what the fuck it was but I've been sleeping with my door locked ever since, even when at a friend's place.


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Dec 13, 2016
So like, has anyone had an honest supernatural incounter of any type? I'm not a believer in the supernatural but my father is crazy about ghosts and has a theory that there is a dimension at a different resonance that explains ghosts, he got me interested in some theories.

There's something called the Spiricom and the Frank's Box that is said to speak with ghosts, including audio files as proof.
I personally think this is a complete hoax but its a nice story.

A few nights ago someone asked me if I believed in ESP (extrasensory) and mind control, basically streaming a voice to another. I said that whatever ESP we have it isn't well defined or even traceable, but I can understand gut feelings could be extrasensory. Another thing I discussed is how it would be very obvious to a human being if their thoughts weren't theirs cause we all know our "internal narrator" (The voice in your head) and an intrusive one wouldn't be able to speak witg the same style or tone.

So what do you think is interesting and possible regarding the supernatural?
I grew up in a haunted house, knew the ghost when they were alive. No biggie.


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Oct 17, 2015
I saw one or two of these in my house once:


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May 22, 2017
I grew up in a religious family, but I spent most of my teens with a serious crisis of faith. I had been contemplating the occult for quite some time, and I was desperate for some answers from God, if he or a similar power existed. So, one night at 3am, I performed an occult act. A ritual intended to force an audience with God and obtain a sign. The nature of the ritual was of sex magic and threats of disloyalty to the divine. I believe that it worked. There were no voices, no manifestations, no visions, but the results were astounding. I went to bed after engaging in this activity for a half hour. When I woke up, I learned that my cousin had died that night around the time of the ritual when she took her own life by poisoning herself with sleeping pills. I later learned that her roommate was supposed to be in her apartment that night but they unexpectedly spent the night elsewhere. I've never told my family about this, but that was the only time I'd ever attempted a ritual and will likely be the only time I ever perform one. After that night, my life began to change for the better. My own mental problems began to clear up and things began to come easily to me without struggling. I have no idea what I came into contact with, but it surely wasn't some benevolent God like that seen in the New Testament.

Don't ask me for a how to guide to perform the ritual, I'm not convinced it won't work.
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Nov 6, 2014
I sometimes have a few vivid nightmares about something pressing down to my body, though I think it mostly must be sleep paralysis.

It is either a smaller thing, the size of a rat crawling across my body or head*, or a larger rounder thing like a huge man's fist or a hoof, pressing down onto my chest. Oddly enough, I can sometimes move during this, and even flail in my sleep, my limbs jerking and trying to "brush off" the creature.

Now my first thought, being a rational person, was that a mouse, a rat, a weasel or my dog has gotten onto the bed. The bed had no dirt on it, so it was not very likely, but still.

I went in and sealed even the most miniscule gaps in the wall with duct tape, though I have found no hole that anything larger than a bug could have traversed. I also did not vacuum the room for a while, but no footprints of any creature could be found near my bed. Now I know rats or mice can't fly nor phase through walls.

My dog is too big for the first type of encounter, and too small for the other. Plus he has the habit of getting under the bedsheets to pester people for "getting up and giving him food" and he always makes a lot of (adorable) noises to announce his moods.
Plus he sleeps in another room and dislikes to sleep in my room, and he has trouble getting onto the bed by himself and very much barks until he is put on the bed, couch, or armchair of his choice. His feet also make loud clicking noises on the ground, while these encounters are silent.

I put up a cross near the bed and such occurances became less often, though this may as well be placebo effect.

Now awake, I'm very sure it is sleep paralysis or another scientifically explaininable thing. Still I thought it would be an odd curio to share here.

* I sleep with my head covered by a pillow, because even the smallest amount of light makes me unable to sleep.

Second story is when the dog fell off the stairs. There was nothing to catch his fall, and the fall was around 15 feet or at least 5 meters long. He is a small dog, the size of Chris's dogs.
The animal suffered no harm. There were no bushes to have slowed his descent. There should have been, by all laws of physics, a broken leg or ribs at least. But nothing.

I do not know how he survived the fall. By all common sense and circumstance, he shouldn't have, at least not without major injury. For a long time agnostic, I started doing a short daily prayer since that event. Maybe it helps, who knows. At best I let Sempai Jesus know I'm grateful, at worst I'm wasting 2 minutes instead of posting here!

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Nov 22, 2017
So what do you think is interesting and possible regarding the supernatural?

What do you want to know about? I've seen a lot of it firsthand in the experiments Wily forced me to do. The Hermetic belief is that vibration is what separates dimension, and a certain feeder cult that tinfoilers obsess over has a strong affinity to this belief system.


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Mar 11, 2017
I lived in a house where two teenagers committed suicide. They were a couple and it was a suicide pact. They overdosed on pills because their parents were trying to get them to break up. We needed to move because the landlord of our then current house had taken all of the owner's money, never paid taxes and skipped out to Florida. He bilked the guy who owned the properties for a huge amount of money because he had access to a bunch of accounts or something like that. So every property he owned was up for sale and it's not like we could buy it.

So we saw that the house across the street was available. I was 11 at the time and knew nothing about the suicides. We needed to move so we took it. I remember finding a bunch of makeup. There was lipstick and nail polish. I knew not to play with other people's lipstick. But I used the nail polish in the bathroom. And the girl next door who is older than me looks out of the window and asked what I'm doing. I tell her I found this nail polish. And she says I shouldn't use it because it belongs to the dead girl and I'll be cursed.

Well I wasn't cursed by dead girl nail polish. But the girl next door loved teasing me and my younger siblings about how kids died in the house. It didn't bother me much because I was into horror movies. But my brother and sister were afraid.

The dogs would not go into the cellar. They were absolutely terrified. You couldn't force them down there if a workman came over. And these were three huge dogs. A german shepherd, a rottweiler and a german shepherd/rottweiler mix (no relation). They'd screech in terror if you tried to get them to go down there. Although I heard that the teens took the pills on the third floor. Then again the dogs never went up there either. But the cats went freely to both the cellar and the third floor. We even had a stray that wintered in the cellar. But cats are different.

The house was huge and over 70-80 years old. It was kind of broken down. And you'd hear a lot of rattling and creaking that didn't help the fact that neighbors thought it was haunted and kept saying it was. That particular area was over an underground stream that caused the cellar floor to crack. I thought spirits couldn't cross running water? Maybe that's a myth. I remember if you put your ear to the floor there you could hear it running. But there were two more weird things about that cellar.

It was divided into two sections and had a coal chamber that was cut off by a door. I never went in there myself. My brother told me there were prison clothes in there. And they looked real. I regret not looking now.

In the back of the cellar there was a wooden board over part of the wall. i was curious about what might be behind it. so I removed it and I found a chair in there. It was a rather large hole. Big enough for the chair and a little more room. And I wondered if kids were forced to sit in there. I hope nothing bad happened and someone just put a chair in there. Maybe like a kid playing around or something.

Opposite to the furnace there was a plow. The kind you hitch an animal to. My grandfather was born in 1921 and grew up on a farm. He said that type of plow was old fashioned when he was a kid. So it was probably from the 19th century.

My sister kept having these dreams though. She would dream that an old farmer would come up out of the cellar and stare at her asking for his plow back. She said he was a skinny man with a beard, overalls and a brimmed hat.

I also had a horrific nightmare that I thought was real when I was about 14. A guy touched my chest then stabbed me in the back. I laid there for a long time feeling like I was dying. I felt the knife go in, felt the blood pour out and then laid there completely numb. No idea how much time passed by. But I assumed I had been murdered and death was like being numb for eternity. Eventually I slowly got up and realised I was alive and nothing had actually happened to me. I told my mom and she said it was just a dream. But it felt so real to me and I still think about it sometimes. Maybe that house really was haunted.

Jan 8, 2019
A couple of years ago I had a string of weird experiences. They happened at my old apartment during the last month or two we were living there, starting just after we had began planning and preparing to move. It all kicked off one night when my husband and I were in bed asleep. I always slept with ear plugs back then because the walls between ours and the neighboring apartment were like cardboard. Despite the ear plugs, something woke me up and I felt my husband stir a bit next to me. I asked him if he'd go out into the living area and check that everything was okay, and he obliged, shutting the bedroom door behind him as we always kept it shut to keep our goofy cats from disturbing our sleep. I laid in bed in the dark waiting for him to come back. I heard him walking back toward the bedroom and I had this intrusive thought,"Oh, wouldn't it be creepy if he tried to open the door and it was locked?"
Imagine my surprise when just a few seconds later that very thing happened. I heard him struggling with the knob and then he asked,"Are you holding the door shut?"
Of course I wasn't, I was still across the room in bed, but that got me up pretty quick to run and turn on the lights. I told him about that weird thought I'd had right before it happened and then we spent about the next 20 minutes trying to figure out if there was some way he could have accidentally turned the lock while turning the knob, and there was just no way. This was the type of knob it was:

We'd never had anything like that happen with that door knob or any others, and we lived there for 4 years. I probably wouldn't have thought much about it if that weird thought hadn't entered my mind literally seconds before the event played out, or if odd things didn't continue to happen after that night.

I was home alone one evening, sitting in the living room, when this weird sound phenomenon happened. It was a popping sound, it sounded pretty similar to when you throw these little popper things on the ground:

It was definitely in the room itself, not something through the walls or ceiling, and it bounced around the room, not coming from just one spot in the room. My cat was sitting right there with me and she was jerking her head in every direction as the sound moved around, so I know it wasn't just me. There was nothing visible that would account for it, either.

There was another night where I was already laying in bed, and my husband had come in to sit and talk to me, just kind of wind down before sleeping. He had shut the bedroom door after entering and I was so sure the lights had been on outside the bedroom when he came in, yet when he went to leave he walked into pitch black dark. I didn't say anything, just figured that I was mistaken, but then when I told him about that popping noise a day or two later, he brought up that he was taken by surprise at all the lights being off that time as well, certain he had left them on, so we had both noticed and just didn't say anything.

There were also weird cold spots that would just be on one side of my body, and the door to the living room closet kept opening and our cats would just stare at it a lot. It was all extra strange because like I said, we lived there for 4 years and never had any weird stuff like that happen until we were getting ready to move out.