Truly exceptional Haydurs of Facebook & Reddit - Flexing on Amberlynn like woah


~* I don't actually like pizza *~
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if the jaw is a poppin', don't come a knockin'
You know you're pathetic and insecure when you feel the need to flex on a 600+ pound woman who relies on her thumbslave to complete basic hygiene tasks, cannot stand for longer than a minute or two, and has the intelligence and social skills of a developmentally disabled sixth grader. Congrats, gorls! You have really outdone yourselves!
They are almost as big of lolcows as our gorl herself.

gay cowboy

y'all dun stirred the pot.
Fat girls bragging about the fact that they're a bit less fat than a nearly immobile woman who weighs as much as five average sized adults put together is my favorite example of cognitive dissonance.

Avrielle could use the same advice people give Amber: move more, eat less.

edit: i used the wrong word :(

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