Truly exceptional Haydurs of Facebook & Reddit - Flexing on Amberlynn like woah

It's the haydurs field day. After long months of training, finally all the condensed meanness can float into one direction. A tsunami of beautiful pics, carefully crafted gifs and horrible accusations, into the loving eyes of Kristine "Methmama" Reid. How long can she withstand the outpouring of anger and crazyness, coinciding with her own urgent need for thoughts and prayers for her deadly sick child? Will she close her account?
Will she humbly carry the burden the lord has given her? We'll see.

Clearly a Cylon

A friendly toaster.
Like others have said, I'm not sure why fatties in the haydur group feel the need to stress they're not AS fat as Amber. Should that be followed up with "why don't I get that much attention" or "give me a gold medal because my binging isn't AS bad as hers"? It's like they're so close to having a point, but looking in the mirror or spending x amount of time staring at their own face while editing videos doesn't phase them.

I have a channel that is picking up steam bc I'm not generally in the haydur community.. But I've analyzed her cancer trolling backward and forward. I'm a spousal caretaker and won't put up with this. I do, as of today, think she has some kind of low grade (they can't stage it without a PET scan, which they couldn't do bc of her weight or a lymph node biopsy), endometrial cancer. But because of her weight her only option is a hysterectomy. I don't think she really ever had the option of Keytruda. I think that was Doc Google talking to her. She gave no f*cking info to her subs/haydurs, which is why people think she's lying AGAIN. I will be on her so hard until I see her go through the surgery. I DON"T CARE HOW MUCH FLACK I GET! Please let me know if I inadvertently break rules. Trust, it was unintentional.
Hello Mellissa Cross-Wade
Did some research, this is the channel:

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Admits to being a caretaker in the video and talks about "Keytruda"

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Youtube Archive:

Twitter: //
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LinkedIn: //
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Looks like you are not a "spousal caretaker" at all and your job comes from your husband's company.

Dox worthy?
Do you care now?

Was it worth it?
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Our spousal-caretaker Queen has posted a new video


TL;DW: she spent the first part talking once again about how much steam her channel as picked up.
Doesn’t talk to the audience, instead is talking TO amber, like she’s ever going to watch.
Complains about having MS.
Complains about her husband having cancer.
complains about. Every. Single. Person. She has ever known to have cancer. And how big Al MUST be lying, cuz you know, everyone has the same exact cancer story.

ends the video by screaming at amber because she doesn’t know real pain & tragedy like this woman does, and Amber needs to have compassion for people LIKE HER.

@qulevergrl not much gets as under my skin as you do. You are absolutely disgusting. You’re a GROWN ASS woman, you really think you’re the only person with problems? You really think you have it worse than anyone else? And even so, even people who don’t “have it as bad” are not allowed to talk about their problems because yours are “worse”?

Grow the fuck up. Get a life. Take care of your fucking husband. If he really has cancer like you say (which I fucking doubt) you should be spending this time making memories with him before he dies instead of bullying some fat girl online, you waste of fucking space.

Situation Type Deal Gorl

Fuck your feelings, nancypants
I do believe someone is 'Mad on the Internet'
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tl: dw:
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I think @C3PBRO doxed you and I had it too but ok.
Nobody owes you anything. That's the thing about life, and especially about life on the internet: you're not special. Doesn't matter what disease you have, how much money you make, or how much you rant at a stranger instead of about one: you're not special. You really should learn this. It will make your stay a lot more pleasant.


destroy them with lazers

@Plantbasedmera might be assmad and wishing amberlynn was dead because her Pops kicked the bucket last year?

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She lives at the Foxcroft Apartments

That’s not very nice why did you have to bring her dead dad into it?