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Yes I did. I don’t anymore. But I really believed in his mission to house people in the underground dome apartments where people coexisted equally regardless of socioeconomic status. It was my hope for the future for our kids and it would be helpful for global warming and turbulent weather and it was so perfect in my eyes. My kid says I’m like having a Kanye west in the house cause we think the same way lmao. But he was with Elon musk who does the boring tunnels in La and I thought God would fix the problems with both Trump and Biden with a new revolution. I’m sorry. :( but I see now from how it is going that it is hopeless. I was trying to get through to him on Twitter and sending him messages to keep up the good fight and guide him and build him up and teach him how to say things better so people understand without getting offended and j was hoping God might make Kanye and I meet and I could become his secretary of education and change the world for the kids in the inner cities because there is a book called the deliberate dumbing down of America written by a whistle blower from Reagan’s department of education about how they are deliberately messing with teachers so they can’t teach correctly and the kids aren’t learning, and they are using social control on the masses, and Kanye would know that because he is so high up on society as a billionaire and he cares about the children in Chicago and his children and loves Jesus. And I guess I think like a 12 year old still.
bruh you really thought you were guiding kanye

Amber’s period hole

Point blank period hole.
Well, if this hippo managed to become Netherland’s Health Minister, you actually have a chance of becoming Secretary of Education. And Kanye of becoming President.

And how do you hope to inspire young women to not wear makeup? Your face is enough to make me want to go to Sephora and shove beauty blenders down my throat to suffocate myself. If anything, you’re living proof that we should make facial reconstruction surgery more easily available.
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Oh dear. Someone's having a psychotic break.
As I've always said--Ambabies are the worst.
I know I'm late, but just had to share my thoughts. That wasn't a psychotic break. That was a very desperate attempt at attention whoring.

I felt sorry for her on the first post "admitting" to what she'd done, but then she turned the manic pixie writing style to 11 and the message became clear - this is a person who is butt hurt because she didn't get the attention she (thinks she) deserves.


why is it that it’s always the fatasses that feel the need to try to convince everyone they Never eat/eat healthy/etc.

Even if you’re not ordering take out every day you’re still a fucking whale there Kim but okay I guess. Maybe it’s not the takeout that makes you feel run down, but the 200+ extra pounds you’re carrying around.

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I would look better with it but I’m proud of not wearing it. I want to influence other woman not to waste their time, money, and energy on it. Also I can’t apply it right cause I have fine motor skills problems from various shit so I just said f it I’ll be me and like It
Wow, you’re proud of a choice you made. The bar is low with you. And don’t say a fucking thing to other women, if they want to wear makeup, they’ll wear it. Stupid bitch.
Why would ANYBODY feel the desire to tell everyone their fucking bra measurements?? Flexing about your torrid size, ok, you're an idiot, but the bra measurements screams "exhibitionist alert" to me.