Truly exceptional Haydurs of Facebook & Reddit - Flexing on Amberlynn like woah

Bleeding Heart

Pronouns: he/her/he's
How are they surprised she wears too small bras? She wore the same bra at 400lb and nearly 600lbs. She must be in so much pain at all times that a bra digging in her flesh doesn't even register. Her real size would have to be custom ordered. As long as Thumby can get it around her once, she's not going to even take it off for months. It's a one and done type deal.

It really is incredible that ALR is the size of two fat people, at least most of the fatties on the facebook groups are still human shaped. Imagine a 300lb woman already has a band size of 50 inches, ALRs thigh is probably 50 inches. Just the fact that she has to wear dresses meant for fat girls as shirts. Also, how insecure do you have to be if you go on and on about how a woman so big it defies the laws of physics can barely squeeze into your dress? To wear as a shirt, no less? I just got through this entire thread and they just keep bringing it up.

I think that if you messaged a mod or admin privately, and you proved to them that it was false, they would've taken the faildox down (@Twinkie, am I right about that?)
I have no doubt her dox was good, but just generally, proving a faildox involves giving compromising information. Would the mod release this information leading to a corrected dox, or would they just hold onto it and use it to either confirm or disprove future doxes? Though in this case, even giving the “right dox” probably would have been better than to have their “innocent” mother painted as a prostitute, but what do I know?