Truly exceptional Haydurs of Facebook & Reddit - Flexing on Amberlynn like woah


Jello Pudding and Rape
Why in the name of Chris-chan Sonichu would someone think this was a good thing to post
What she's looking for is confirmation that she is not fat and so beautiful. Notice the bunching of her skirt so everyone can see her legs are not the size of 4 legs put together, like Al's legs.

She looks to be a human weight, if she needs this confirmation she must just be a desperate attention whore or crazy. The Torrid size 4s need affirmation that they are not as fat as Amber.

Also..this whole time I have yet to see any mention of an ACTUAL (pro)ana cow orbiter. I know youre out there. I want to know the sick things YOU say about our gorl.
Most people with EDs I’ve noticed only make mention of it in reaction channel live chats in order to bond/garner asspats.

ED Tumblr community is 80% dead/100% self-focused so no mention of our gorl among the butterflies. Meanspo is aimed at the self.

There are a couple of threads about her on MPA but none are as cruel as you’d think. They have a newish rule against posting reverse thinspo/insulting people based on their weight. She makes most people sad, bulimics watch while binging.

Relevant content for you:

Tl;dr: anorexics on the Internet aren’t as mean as they used to be during the LiveJournal era


It's Algonquin for bloodsport.

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