Plagued Trump Derangement Syndrome - Read the OP! (ᴛʜɪs ᴛʜʀᴇᴀᴅ ɪs ʟɪᴋᴇ ᴋɪᴡɪ ғᴀʀᴍs ʀᴇᴠɪᴇᴡs ɴᴏᴡ)

Randall Fragg

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The Trump thread has been in serious need of a makeover. The primary problem is its existence seems to make posters think they shouldn't make new threads for new Trump-related events, instead just lumping them all here. That hasn't been working out so well, and it's been getting rather stale and cliquey. So whereas this was once considered a 'Megathread' this is now exhibiting what's been dubbed as 'Trump Derangement Syndrome'. Internet nobodies screaming at the void.

Make yourself familiar with the SALT MINE ESSENTIALS and be sure to read up on creating a proper salt thread so whenever a Trump-related event occurs that warrants its own thread, you can be the OP! You're encouraged to link the thread here, too!
And finally, keep this thread-specific rule in mind:

THE MOVIEDOB RULE: Dobson/MovieBob has been oversaturating the thread, but I understand a lot of people like their sodium. The compromise? Whenever you post content from them, you have to pair it up with an equal amount from people who aren't them.

So, it looks like Donald Trump is going to be president.
You know what that means people.

Salt list categorizing some notable people here (thanks to @OwO What's This? )
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Judge Holden

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Have any of you ever heard the sound of a billion beating wings, looked up at the sky, and seen LITERALLY BILLIONS OF CHICKENS COME HOME TO ROOST?!

Because thats what is happening now. Every act of SJW idiocy, every BLM rally, every safe space, every mobbing, every narcissistic tantrum......these things made people stop caring about the left.

The SJW cliques are the architects of Trump's victory, and watching them shriek in terror and rage is better than sex

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