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Considering the left hates Hitler, they sure love mentioning him and his holocaust regime any chance they get.
The Holocaust is the foundational myth of the modern liberal religion. It's the Global Flood but for liberalism. Without Nazis and the Holocaust to fall back on, especially in places where nationalism was essentially made illegal in the post-war era, there would be countless questions about the validity of liberal ideas and strong attacks against globalism.

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This is such a dumb opinion, Jefferson Lee once complained that Trump was spreading globohomo to other countries. Is this NPC that dumb that she has no ability to think clearly?

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Jefferson Lee? The mustachioed guy who was on Richard Spencer's various streams who mysteriously vanished/pulled a delete everything about a year ago when him and Richard's Youtube producer got doxed/outed as a school teacher?


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I don't know if this was posted earlier, but this guy apparently has the goods on how the Bible prophesied Donald Trump as the antichrist. Of course the big disagreement in the comments is that he's actually the beast.
He might have a point. The Antichrist is supposed to broker peace between Israel and her neighbors. Its been pretty spooky if Trump annouced a 7 year peace deal or something. And then annouced that they're rebuilding Solomon's Temple next to the Dome of the Rock.