Plagued Trump Enslavement Syndrome - Orange man good. /r/The_Donald and any public demonstration of rabid pro-Trump enthusiasm in spite of all reason.

Does /r/The_Donald deserve it?

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Mr Zero
Where to begin?

/r/TheDonald is the unofficial subbreddit for U.S Presidential Candidate Donald Trump

It's famous for being the largest Pro-Trump community on Reddit even having an AMA with Trump himself and other Trump supporters such as Alex Jones.

Ontop of that it is by far one of the most cringeworthy and salt filled communities on the internet.


Probably /r/The_Donalds most famous mod was ciswhitemaelstrom.

Ciswhitemaelstrom claimed to be a Law Student at an Ivy League University. Though audio of him on a podcast and a YouTube video he made showed he is at the most 14 years old. Ontop of that the only reason he became a mod was by paying the creator of the subreddit into making him one.

This is Ciswhitemaelstrom pulling a Brianna Wu and pretending to be a liberal in order to threaten himself so he can claim persecution.

Below are some things Ciswhitemaelstrom has written on reddit.


Other notable moderators include viking83 (Who isn't even an American) who is a former moderator of the pedophile subreddit /r/jailbait. But justifies it claiming that he is gay so it means it's okay that he moderatored a subreddit that's sole purpose was posting nude pictures of underage girls.


More quotes from The_Donald Mods:


Mod from the_Donald trying to Dox a Veteran by reading through their reddit comments in retaliation for the Veteran not being a Donald Trump supporter...

CuckSanders is also famous for his PM titled: "I'm literally at the club right now"
Where he bragged about how cool he was. Which he often seems to do.


Ontop of this, the mod team has turned on each other several times and due to this infighting you will often see rants from former mods who were recently banned talking about how bad other mods are. Only for those mods replacements to take control and ban the mods that banned the other person just to repeat the cycle with those mods angry about being kicked out.


The_Donald prides itself on being the "Last Bastion of Free Speech" and they constantly talk about how bad censorship is.




The_Donald regurally Photoshops attractive women or pornstars wearing Trump hats so they can circle jerk over the lie they created that "hot girls are voting for Trump to"

This is how they respond when someone points out the picture they posted is photoshopped.

The most recent thing the mods have done is attempt to scam their userbase with the help of known lolcow Milo Yiannopoulos.

Even the DailyStormer called them out on it:


Reddit user tcw1 has been doing a series of posts titled The_Donald is a hate group: Day X

As of right now he is on day 113. The posts in this series are screenshots from the_donald which include racism, sexism ect... Things like saying they hope Hillary gets gang raped by Muslims or straight up calling for genocide.

I think the fact that this guy is able to find enough content to post a horrible thing they have said every day for the past 113 days shows you what kind of subreddit they are. But even more common then the vile Turner Diaries Esq calls for violence are the straight up cringe they produce on a daily basis.



Average exerts from the_donald discord server.

These are the quality of memes they are unironically posting

I am not even going to get into how delusional they are. Whether it be conspiracies that Hillary is murdering Trump supporters or that Trump is going to win by a landslide citing polls from websites called: all while vote briganding actual polls that they still lose.


Basically in June The_Donald in an attempt to justify their Islamaphobia decided to go /r/sweden and ask them about how taking in refugees was going for their country thinking the Swedes would tell them how horrible a mistake it was since the refugees turned their country into a third world hell hole and how evil Muslims are, confirming their confirmation bias.

What happened was the people of /r/Sweden explained how even with the refugees their country has a crime rate 8 times lower then the United States and how it's still ranked the best nation in the world in terms of quality of living.


The_Donald responded by organizing a raid of /r/Sweden brigading them with downvotes, harassment and racist memes. In fact Ciswhitemaelstrom even removed The_Donalds no racism rule due to this event.

Tldr version for how it turned out for them:

This is really just the tip of the iceburg and this post would be pages long if I covered over how cringeworthy these people are.

Here are a few articles talking about the_donald one written by a Washington Post Reporter they sent death threats to and tried to dox the other just some more general ones:

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José Mourinho

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The_Donald responded by organizing a raid of /r/Sweden brigading them with downvotes, harassment and racist memes. In fact Ciswhitemaelstrom even removed The_Donalds no racism rule due to this event.
As much as this is fucking hilarious, to be fair even half of the r/the_donald members are massively against this idea despite the upvotes it gets, mainly due to the brigading rule.

This is a terrible idea.

Edit: Just so I don't get banned like those before me, I want to clarify. I don't think it's possible to be racist against an ideology, so this wording is awful. You're giving ammo to the liberals, not taking it away.

This is cringe worthy. You sound like a 13 year old edgelord getting upset over a little Swedish memeing and now, by proxy, so do the rest of us.

This seems like a bad idea at the same time we're getting extra attention from people reading the msnbc article . . .

Wtf is this shit. Dude take the rape fantasy/ theredpill shit outta here. You alienate woman with that sexist shit. Woman have sympathy for refugees because they've always been more compassionate and inclusive to a fault. You know what its like to be raped? Rape by definition is nonconsensual. Why the fuck would woman allow that shit. Woman and girls have been brutally gangraped by those animals and you minimalize that by saying this is part of woman's goal. Fragile male egos in here.

I really don't like this. Do you honestly think this isn't giving MORE ammo to the leftists? For fucks sake, do you want people to have a real reason to call us racists?


Rip this subreddit. This was such an unbelievably horrible idea. Advocating racism to fight some irrelevant subreddit makes no sense at all when we should be role models in our behavior. You know why there are stereotypes that Trump supporters are racist? Posts like this are the reason why. As nimble navigators, we should avoid behavior like this.

There are more who are against this idea too, but there are also some who support this idea and there are actually some posters who got banned from being against this idea lol.

But if you want a better example of brigading though, check this out:

to tl;dr: One Reddit admin fucked up during the Donald Trump AMA by removing it from the front page, and posters there raid the admin with downvotes and replies.

Alec Benson Leary

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So, the subreddit dedicated to being the "Last Bastion of Free Speech" is a bigger ass-kissing safe space than any subreddit ran by Tumblrfolk.

They always are. Always. Every self- styled redoubt of truth and justice always just wants to impose its rule over everyone else and muzzle anyone who disagrees.

Shroom King
So they kicked out the European redditors to create a "culture they wanted" yet they wanted them back to show those dastardly Swedes how evil Muslims are?:lol:

Any salt that could have been had from the Wednesday night's debate has been lost due to them gloating on how Donald stuck it to the Man at the Al Smith dinner the next day.:heart-empty:

José Mourinho

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So, the subreddit dedicated to being the "Last Bastion of Free Speech" is a bigger ass-kissing safe space than any subreddit ran by Tumblrfolk.


As a rule of thumb, any subreddit that claims to be "uncensored" or "the last bastion of free speech" probably isn't.

The whole "LAST BASTION OF FREE SPEECH" shit is in response to how other news subreddits remove some Islamic shit or something negative about Hillary which is a shitty move to do, but if you're doing it on a subreddit that is a circlejerk of Trump supporters, it might not be a good idea to boast that too.

lol even the top highlighted comment wanted to point this out, but kinda too late though:
Since this is apparently a big deal right now: no, we are not a bastion of free speech. The operators and moderators of this sub have never claimed we aren't biased. This is a page for a political candidate for fucks sake.

Because of this shit along with banning people there, multiple alternate subreddits are made just for neutral shit.


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If Hillary wins, there might be salty potential. (Mind I don't like either candidate)

Listen when The Notorious HRC win the primary, the Sanders salt was GLORIOUS. They deserved it too. They flooded that subreddit and was undermining people who would dare vote for Hillary. They also threatened to vote for Trump instead of voting for their Great Progressive Hope of Socialism.

I hope there is enough salt to make Reddit have diabetes.


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At least /pol/ are usually jokingly 'tistic and actually make decent memes.

See, I read reddit at work, because it's mostly text and loads on my "economic" phone plan*. So I started reading r/the_donald, basically thinking its nature was similar to /pol/. I thought that much like /pol/ it was mostly "ironic" shitposting made to get "normies" upset. But something rapidly changed in that sub, or it felt that way to me. It's now obvious that most of the posters are completely serious. They somehow think he's won every debate (though i'll admit the second one was fun/close).

I think some of what happened is r/the_donald broke a couple news stories, I believe they found the infamous "VERY VIP" reddit post. They started to get an ego, and suddenly everything was serious, and every story would wind up indicting Hillary. /pol/ doesn't quite share the same delusion. There's nothing tongue-in-cheek about it, it's just obnoxious.

*please note I don't like reddit at all

José Mourinho

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At least /pol/ are usually jokingly 'tistic and actually make decent memes.
4/pol/ or 8/pol/? One of them is filled with shitposting and the other is like the Donald subreddit on an imageboard.

Of course, both are leaning more towards Trump with 8/pol/ almost 100% on Trump from what I see.

Bosnian Wizard
At least /pol/ are usually jokingly 'tistic and actually make decent memes.

I think that's what annoys me most about /r/The_Donald. I'm used to general internet bigotry. All calling me a nigger faggot cuck does is show me how cool you are.

But when they unironically say they've got good memes when all they do is post the same shit /pol/ have been posting for years? lol, fuck off.

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