Plagued Trump Enslavement Syndrome - Orange man good. /r/The_Donald and any public demonstration of rabid pro-Trump enthusiasm in spite of all reason.

Does /r/The_Donald deserve it?

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This is late, but it's a perfect example of Trump cultism in action.

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I have no idea how people like @Catgirl IRL can be so brainwashed by a 74 year old conman. Hes even so assmad that he stalks this thread. It's incredible
Lol if you go to A&N (or anywhere else on this site for that matter) for any reason other than to laugh at people on the internet

I'm personally looking forward to a possible Biden victory in November if for no other reason than to be entertained by the REEEEing by all the cultists in A&N. It'd be something to behold.

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Here's a nice one from our local paper:

Was it divine providence that brought together, at the same place, at the same time in history, the Founding Fathers who gave us our great nation? I think so. Was it divine providence that gave us President Lincoln, the one who saved the nation when civil war threatened to tear it apart? I think so. More recently, five days before his election, Barack Obama proclaimed, “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming America.” What did he mean?

Many knowledgeable intellectuals believe the Obama administration to be the most corrupt administration in the history of our country. I believe the evidence confirming this suspicion looms larger and larger every day and the full impact will be revealed in the very near future — the upper echelons of the FBI, Justice Department and intelligence community under Obama have been severely corrupted. If you get your news from Fox, Rush Limbaugh and others of their ilk, you are aware of this. However, if you get your information from the fake news outlets, maybe you are a low-information talking head who believes and regurgitates what they want you to know, leaving you clueless.

The odds were a gazillion to one against Donald Trump being president. However, he beat all odds. Was it divine providence? I think so. Had he not been elected, we would never have realized the depth of the corruption that infiltrated our government. He is draining the swamp. God has truly blessed America.

WTF kind of drugs are these people on?


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I'm personally looking forward to a possible Biden victory in November if for no other reason than to be entertained by the REEEEing by all the cultists in A&N. It'd be something to behold.
I mean, people are already Doomer posting about Trump being the last hope of the red party and the only thing stopping an SJW Commie takeover of America* nevermind the fact that the openly commie Bernie got thoroughly assraped by Blue voters months ago in favor of centrist Uncle Joe and how even blue states are getting fed up with these larping punks shitting up their cities too *.
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What swamp has Trump drained, not including firing swampdwellers who he originally hired who hurt his feefees? Genuine question, somebody please explain to me how the swamp is draining.

Also, yeah, Obama the war criminal was corrupt, but I doubt he has shit on Harding in that department.
Off the top of my head, he fired Comey, Strozk, Page, and the Vidman brothers. Revoked the security clearance of Brennan and I believe a few others.

It’s not that easy to drain the swamp when an ass-kiss makes you turn a blind eye.

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This dude needs a proofreader.

I guess "monitoring the situation" tires somebody out.
It’s a picture of a Trump walking, not the crossing of the Delaware.

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The guy puts SCOTCH TAPE on the back of his ties, for crissakes.

(What do you want to bet this was one of the same people who bitched when Obama was shown putting his feet up on the desk?)

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