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Law Trump picks Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court

Discussion in 'Articles & Happenings' started by xxXDxx, Jul 9, 2018 at 9:09 PM.

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  1. Well the first only matters as long as you are saying fuck nazis! Could you picture if we had freedom of speech to say minorities commit vastly more crime?

    That's almost as insane and illegal as owning fire arms - the ACLU
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    Bassomatic Scribe of the loveshies
    True & Honest Fan

  2. I hate these "we invented" arguments, Von Braun, Goddard and Korolev were all kinda in a three-way tie as far as rocketry was concerned, and none could get anyone to treat their work as anything other than an odd hobby.

    It wasn't until WW2 when Von Braun was able to get the backing of the Nazis that he got the furthest ahead. When US intelligence came to him after the war to seek his input as the preeminent world rocket expert, he reportedly was confused and asked, essentially "Did Goddard die or something? Why didn't you ask him these questions years ago? We knew this stuff back in the Depression Era...."

    Any "invention" is ultimately credited to who, amongst the pool of people who were all relatively close, gets to the patent office first.

    EDIT : Example, Alexander Bell beat Elisha Gray to the patent for the telephone by only an hour, hence the phone book in my house growing up said "Bell Atlantic" on it instead of "Grey Atlantic".
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    #102 TowinKarz, Jul 11, 2018 at 4:13 PM
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    TowinKarz Lemme be Your Boogieman!

  3. Radio that does anything particularly useful started with Fessenden. Anything that resembles radio now? Edwin Armstrong.

    All those Paperclip scientists? Their work was based on Goddard's.

    There's no good delineation for any of these, really, but Europe taking credit for everything ever trying to claw back some dignity from when they were relevant is silly.

    Edit: beaten like Florida Man's wife.
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    kcbbq Art trappists gory?

  4. From SCOTUS to if Goddard invented air planes with a splattering of abortion rambling and mocking the ACLU.

    I fucking love KF.
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    Bassomatic Scribe of the loveshies
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  5. I know, it's a bit silly to claim any person was responsible for any of those "inventions" as really it's all basically "Standing on the shoulders of giants". I was actually just mad that you posted a big number that I don't understand how to get to.
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  6. to be fair the ACLU does actually defend free speech even for the ebil nazis
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    xxXDxx just magic, ain't gotta explain shit

  7. No, they used to. They recently put out some kind of memo or statement saying they were going to focus on SJW shit.
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  8. They were gonna bitch no matter who he nominated. And honestly, they should consider themselves lucky. This guy is pretty open-minded compared to some other candidates.

    Also, the fact that they're STILL terrified that someone is going to take their baby-murder away from them cracks me up for some reason. No one aside from religious fundies really cares, but they're still paranoid that everyone and their mother-in-law is after Roe v Wade...
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    Echo_Ender Doggo

  9. (Might be late posting here) The DNC just changed the rules so you have to be a member of the DNC to even run with them now. So he would have to run Thirdparty and third party has this small disadvantage called. No infrastructure.
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    GnomeofDoc What? I like weird old guns.

  10. Someone should tell the SJWs that it's CURRENT YEAR and the religious right just isn't that big a deal any more.
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    Your Weird Fetish

    Your Weird Fetish Intersectional fetishist

  11. You'd think, it's almost like they had all these speeches and statement ready to counter the Religious Right wholeheartedly endorsing the Trump pick, and they release them without checking to see if the RR had in fact, said anything....

    The left hasn't yet noticed the the RR is as dead as Fred Phelps.

    The empty SJW platitudes of "This will hurt transwomen minorities" in every press release is as infuriating as the "This will hurt our moral foundation" that every Republican whined nonstop from 1990 to 2004 when it's not actually addressing the opposition, just bleating into the wind....
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    #111 TowinKarz, Jul 11, 2018 at 7:06 PM
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    TowinKarz Lemme be Your Boogieman!

  12. I really want someone to just one day hold a poll asking whether people are plain tired of all the protests, the crying, the screeching, and the absolutely insanity these days.

    I bet the overwhelming answer to that poll would be FUCK. YES.
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    KiwiLedian Just a bug on'a saw

  13. Many of them are flat out lying for attention and social power. Exaggerating victimhood is the far left's trade now. Like a bratty, whimpering kid or a soccer player feigning a serious injury, it's all about manipulation.

    I really do think a lot of these whiners believe they'll get their way, politically, if they just keep throwing the tantrum long enough. If that's true, it says a lot of unflattering things about their mindset.
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    frozenrunner I could really use the salt

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