World Trump threatens to release illegal immigrants detainees exclusivily on sanctuary cities -


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I think/hope he's just saying he might do it to expose hypocrisy. Actually doing it would almost certainly be more trouble than it is worth.
They've got to go somewhere, why not distribute them to the places that they are most wanted, to the places that are most responsible for assisting their entry? This is the only reasonable move. You wanted them? You got them. You wanted to create sanctuaries for criminals? Sanctify!

Shroom King
He doesn't have to relocate them all, just put one family next to Nancy Pelosi.

The rest of the Dems would shut up real fast about DACA, DREAMers and helping refugees, because they will be scared that they will be next.

And as soon as the DNC colludes to fuck over Bernie again nominates their candidate for POTUS, Trump could also deploy another family right next door. OOPS!


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This is just so sick and disgusting.

How are these poor undocumented immigrants supposed to have livable conditions in the hellscape that is San Francisco? Has Trump ever even been there? You can't breathe the air or drink the water!
Particleized fecal matter floating through the air, non-potable water, rampant violence, drug abuse, gang warfare, tribalism drawn on sports-based lines: your average Central American will feel right at home in the favelas of San Fran.

Also, it's obvious (esp. with that tweet from tits Melano or whatever her name is) that what they want are these people released into deep red states to fuck up their demographics and societies.

I'm going to say this 100% unironically: I'm betting on Civil War 2.0 before I'm dead. Fuck the progressive left. Fortunately they've willingly disarmed themselves and hate the military so much that it'll be over pretty quickly.


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The Department of Homeland Security, or as I call it: The Department of Complete Waste of Money and Useless Faggotry, already killed this plan.

But the reaction on social media from the legacy media and typical blue checkmark morons is exactly what Trump wanted.



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The sheer amount of cognitive dissonance is giving me an aneurysm. These fuckers cant even adhere to their own dogma.
"Alright then I'll give you your immigrants"
I think/hope he's just saying he might do it to expose hypocrisy. Actually doing it would almost certainly be more trouble than it is worth.
Yeah, ICE and border patrol have already weighed in, this is silly and will never happen. If the dems had even a lick of sense, they would have just pointed to those already existing reports instead of saying "Ugh no brown people near me plz". But I think we know the answer to the questions of do the dems have any sense.

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I think/hope he's just saying he might do it to expose hypocrisy. Actually doing it would almost certainly be more trouble than it is worth.
The hypocrisy is irrelevant. They’ll all do their usual mental gymnastics and their supporters will buy whatever narrative is spun. Nothing will change if it’s just talk. Which is why he should actually go through with it.

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