World Trump threatens to release illegal immigrants detainees exclusivily on sanctuary cities -

Alec Benson Leary

Creator of Asperchu
Christorical Figure
This is exactly what I would do.

You named them sanctuary cities. You coined sanctuary city to describe yourself. You boldly stated with the very name that illegal immigrants are not only safer with you than they are in non-sanctuary cities but that they are definitely more welcome.

Now Trump invites you to do just that - welcome them - and you immediately reveal that you think of illegals as a violent weapon. As radioactive poison. Just like we knew you did.

You NIMBY-addled toddlerminds wanted illegals to be shipped in everywhere but your own neighborhood because it was your providence to reap the rewards of looking like heroes while the poor countryside and red states had to do the work. You wanted to stand on the deplorables' shoulders and call yourself tall, and Trump said no, let the immigrants stand on your shoulders instead like you constantly make empty offers of on twitter.

I propose we name this event/phenomenon the "Tijuana Tantrum", after the wonderful inclusive citizens of Tijuana who wanted nothing more than to help the poor central american caravan of immigrants up until the moment Trump shut them out and forced them to use their own money to cash the checks they wrote instead of pilfering it from the US.
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Chin of Campbell

Hail to the Chin
Mr. President should screencap a bunch of these "KEEP THOSE FILTHY BROWNS AWAY FROM MY LIBERAL UTOPIA (read: shithole) YOU MONSTER REEEEEEEEE" and just start showing them at rallies and the like.

"Look at the hypocrisy here! Sad, just sad! They act like they want to help these poor folks, 'Let them in! Let them in!' But the second you say you'll do exactly that and tell them they're headed to their neighborhoods, they call me a monster!"

Dumbfuck MSM will inevitably fact check it or whatever gay shit they do every time Trump farts and signal boost it even further, to the point you literally have their own news stations advertising their hypocrisy. I guess ultimately it doesn't matter. The left will just keep being the left until they collapse like a rotten pumpkin.

I wonder how ResetEra is taking this.

School of Fish
I say that Donald Trump should do it and bonus points if he puts said illegal immigrants on the streets and sidewalks in front the private properties of the Democrats that want those illegal immigrants to enter the country without going through the legal process.

If the Democrats want these people into our country so badly (I live in the United States) then they'll probably get it and they have no right to complain of the consequences that will happen after the fact if said illegal immigrants start to spread diseases, rob people at knife or gun point, harass women and children, and even trash the cities where these Democrats live at in the process because after all this is what the Democrats originally have wanted.

You know virtue signaling is all fun and games until you realize that reality doesn't correspond with your bullshit political ideology and it comes to bite you in the ass in the end. The Democrats will reap what they sow and they will learn the really powerful lesson of 'be careful what you wish for because you might just get it' if and when Donald Trump does decides to go through with this.
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