truth about the weight loss doctor 7/20/19 -


To live a lie, or die in a dream?
I'm going to be disappointed by the nothingburger aren't I
singing doctor just wasn't right for her boo boo, so she logged the food she was eating, and it was only 720 calories a day (gasp), and her muh binge monster kicked into overgear at the thought of not being able to stuff her face.
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Ssssshhhhh I said ssssshhhhhhh. Tee Hee!
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He suggested I eat broccoli but I dont like this broccoli situation so this doctor sucks.

Also she is concerned about the lack of fruit and veggies on a very low carb diet. Lez be real sis, you dont eat fruit normally and the only veggies you eat are atop your burger or out of a can.

This bitch and her excuses. SHE DOESN'T WANT TO LOSE THE WEIGHT and this proves it yet again.


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Excuses incoming: "The newness has worn off"

New Amberism: "I didn't write any notes for this video i'm just gonna go off the lam for you guys"

"My fear for change was gone and I was gonna do whatever this doctor told me to do"

She "slept on it" after the first day and realized the doctor's plan isn't for her.

Says THIS weight loss doctor isn't for her. Because:

a) He didn't think weight loss surgery is right for her.

b) Then there's the "broccoli situation" ... the doctor didn't mention fruits and vegetables. Blah blah blah (he was basically telling her to eat low-carb)

c) Upset that he didn't tell her to count calories. She went on MFP to log calories anyway.

d) MFP told her that her sodium was like 4,500mg. Suddenly our gorl is horrified by eating high sodium even though if she stuck to his plan it would be WAY LESS sodium than she normally eats

e) She realized her plan was only 720 calories. Amberlynn panics

f) I thoroughly believe you should follow your gunt gut...

"I'm not going to follow his plan and don't know if I'm even going to see him again."


Wants credit for "not giving up" no matter how many times she fails

She has made every single one of these excuses numerous times. Yawn. Grounhog Day.
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To live a lie, or die in a dream?
This one is actually worth watching, for those who usually skip out. She runs around in circles (metaphorically, never physically, that would be too tiring) trying to justify not eating a low calorie diet.
She quit the doctor, btw, he just wasn't for her. She wants to lose weight without having to eat less.
Bitches I watched it and it's just like any other video when she quits, not enough calories, too much sodium, nO vEgGiEs Or FrUiT. It's just the same old song. I ain't surprised. Bitch gonna be bedbound in few months.
Waddling to a tree once & giving a half-hearted tour of a single room doesn’t mean the bedbound saga hasn’t begun. It’s why she’s so fucking boring. Disabled people who are house-bound are more active than her.

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"I fail each new 'new diet' change, but I never ever stop and truly just give up. That is something I will never do "
** Amber goes on to compare her weight loss and dieting to riding a bike, both skills she has obviously mastered. :story:
Remember: Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.
But it's okay because our gorl is staying :optimistic: