truth about the weight loss doctor 7/20/19 -

Godless Goddess
I recall in the video where she saw a female doctor around the new year for her leg pain.. she talked about how she was wishing the doctor would come in and whisk her away for weight loss surgery.. just like that. She truly thinks doctors can work magic and it's up to other people to fix this. I hope she got a nice taste of reality when the WL doctor told her she doesn't qualify for surgery at this point.

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I wonder if she realizes that she will never find a doctor that will tell her it’s ok to eat subway and Cheetos everyday.
Pretty sure she stopped following some other person's advice because they did allow her to eat junk like that (or maybe burger King specifically).

Anything for an excuse to quit.

Tastes Like Power

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and this is the clinic where Hamber attends and the doctor who sees her... is so sad that a stupid cunt like she wants to ruin the career of someone that only wants to help her... oh wait that's is her hobby.... shame people online giving so many hints that is so easy to discover and that if anyone realize to make it looks like wasn't her...

i really hope the doctor see her videos and realize what manipulative cunt she is...
Yep. The shitty part is, there's nothing the doctor can do to protect his reputation due to HIPAA laws. His only saving grace is that AL is a compulsive liar and has zero credibility.

Pog Mathoin
You know the more i think about it, the more I suspect that there was a 'personality clash' between Amber and the WL doctor. By that I mean that Amber realized she wasn't going to be able to manipulate and lie to the doctor and that he was going to hold her accountable for her choices and actions. Amber would have freaked when she realized this as she is so used to getting her own way. She just seems so mad at him in her video and is throwing all kinds of shade. I'm guessing the doctor wasn't as entranced by such a dainty dainty princess and her story of courage and bravery as she would have liked.

Godless Goddess
When she first talked about him..she repeated a couple times that he was very "honest". I suspect he told her like it is..she does not qualify for weight loss surgery..and wouldn't for a few hundred pounds and she needs to lose weight on a diet before she is eligible. she probably realized she doesn't need to pay a doctor for a diet plan when she knows all about nutrition. she only wanted the easy fix

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