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Of course the weight loss doctor doesn't want to recommend surgery for her, she's so incompetent that she can't even follow a half-assed diet that allowed her McDonald's and beef jerky and she's so deluded that she somehow added up her meals to 720 calories (we know damn well that's not the case).

Weight loss surgery on her would be a waste of time and resources. If she can't lose weight under a doctor's supervision, or in general, there's no way she wouldn't fuck herself up after the surgery and make it worthless.

...She wants to eat what she wants when she wants with no questions asked.
It really does all come down to this.

Amber enjoys feeling packed full of greasy, sloppy, fatty, disgusting garbage. Multiple portions, several times a day, every day. And from everything I gather, she's been living this way... basically since she was a small child, because she's been in the morbidly obese range as long as she could pick up a fork.

Just think about that, and how far removed she is from a normal human, especially if you think about it on the wider scale, like comparing to people beyond burgerland. Think about all the things she's never done, couldnt do, and just has no concept of.

Amber has probably never ridden a bike, never run a mile, never gone swimming (REAL swimming). Amber has never been healthy, think about that, not once in her life has she been a healthy weight or physically fit in any way. Fat is literally her identity. So I imagine that must be terrifying to try and think of living life any other way.

I mean what do you do when the only form of entertainment, pleasure, comfort and satisfaction is stuffing your face with garbage? What would replace that? The moment she has more than 5 minutes to just sit and think about something other than food, shit gets dark fast. And when the bad thoughts come, that's when Amber screams for the indentured food servant to fetch more mcdonalds to make the hurty feelings go away.


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Its totally the drs fault she picked food items high in sodium. And it's the drs fault she's too fucking stupid to figure out a low card side to go with her lean meat. Honestly - the dr dodged a bullet with her quiting.

Her dr actually gave her 200 more calories then Dr Now gives his. She should have been grateful.

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I'm laughing at the 'but McDonald's unhealthy, I had to quit my doctor'.
A Big Mac is 563 calories and a small fries is 230 calories = 793 calories
Her basal metabolic rate is 3,253 at least.
She could have a Big Mac and fries for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner (2,379 calories) and she would still lose almost 2 lbs of body fat a week.

I also liked when she was blaming her 'BiPOLaR' for committing to the 'weight-loss' doctor's plan and for being exited about 'changing her life.' She didn't actually want to change her life or lose weight, that was just 'muh mANiC' because 'I'M bIpoLaR'.
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^^Yeah, she's been fat her whole life, but she hasn't been 600lb, practically immobile fat her whole life and that should be uncomfortable, foreign, and disconcerting for her, too.
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Something doesn't add up...

She recently said her doctor suggested losing 8 pounds a month, yet her plan was ~800 calories a day and low carb. From My 600lb Life, I've seen supreme deathfats shed 100+ lbs a month on a 1200 calorie a day diet plus minimal waddling-type exercise (and also gain 150 pounds which is mind boggling). She wouldn't have that loss, but an easy 40-60+ pounds a month would melt off with that diet.

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I just don’t understand what she was wanting from the doctor. She went to the doctor with the assumption she already knew everything he was going to say. She has been so invested in weight loss media and online communities and myfitnesspal reading for ages that she went into the doctors office more or less wanting him to read back to her the diet plans she already thinks she knows. “Count calories, have three meals, 2 snacks and weigh yourself weekly” she was so sure that’s what he was basically going to say because she’s a self proclaimed weight loss specialist. She went to him assuming she already had the answers. So when the doctor tried to tailor a specialized care plan to her didn’t require that standard “rice and chicken” diet you hear about a lot she started thinking she new better. It’s this black and white thinking that fucks them up every time. She wants her life to be this perfect transition of “before” and “after” where she just becomes a different person and it doesn’t work like that. So of course back to the cycle we go. There is no “on Monday I was a wreck but on Tuesday I decided to not be a wreck and my life changed” anyways that rant aside. Amberlynn thinks she knows more than a literal fucking weight loss doctor who has spend god knows how long in medical school and not only that is a successful weight loss story himself. And she couldn’t even give him more than a day of compliance. We really do need to start a death pool at this point. Because whatever hope I had for her (and it wasn’t much) just died after that video, lol.
She's not honest on her myfitnesspal. IIRC her weight was like 540 something - something that can be disproven just by watching through her weigh-in videos. ALR has not been 540 since about this time last year, meaning that she has either not updated her weight or opened the app in a year or she is lying to herself about her weight.

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It wouldn’t surprise me if this video was the reason that Amber deleted her Twitter, so she wouldn’t have to deal with all the “hate” she was guaranteed to get.
She has one less source to blame if things don't turn out her way like how she blamed the hate for making her stop Optavia so I'm not sure if she ended up playing herself. HindsightLynn and all.

Idk why the fuck she is soooooooo concerned about calories.

Climb on The Magic School Bus kids let's go for a ride.

Hamber claims she is 560 she should weigh around 120 (if she isnt an athlete with lean muscle mass). That leaves 440 pounds of blubber hanging off her fat fucking ass or roughly 1540000 calories to spare. Fucking amazing guys.
That's literally almost 3 years worth of food for me what the actual fuck. I'd gotten through this thread up to this point nodding and rolling my eyes because we all knew this would happen, but that number is gargantuan. Even if she only ate 720 calories and logged correctly she'd be fine ffs.

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It's sad. Recognition of what you eat is the way forward. I possibly knew someone who struggled all their life then started using MFP and learnt about nutrition then gradually over two years lost over 100 pounds and is happier than they have ever been and finds weight maintence while not easy definitely not hard. They were literally ignoring what they ate while being active. Knowledge is key.


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Someone added up 3 packages of beef jerky and it added up to 420 cals and 4290 mg of sodium. They were thinking AL added these up to have an excuse to quit. View attachment 851401
That sounds about right,the powerbowl lunch has 330 calories and 600mg sodium, and her "2 Bacon's" only have 320mg sodium and 80 calories. 2 aygs would be 140 cals with negligible sodium. Her dinner of lean meat and veg would have 300-400 cals (knowing her serving sizes) and could have negligible sodi if she doesn't pour seasonineens on it. These are the brand of beef jerky she used:
If she ate 5+ servings of it, then she really wasn't following the doctors orders of having a serving or two.


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It's sad. Recognition of what you eat is the way forward. I possibly knew someone who struggled all their life then started using MFP and learnt about nutrition then gradually over two years lost over 100 pounds and is happier than they have ever been and finds weight maintence while not easy definitely not hard. They were literally ignoring what they ate while being active. Knowledge is key.
Amberlynn has been using MFP for over five years.