TRY ON TORRID HAUL!!!!!! 11/20/18

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May 2, 2018

Holy crap, she looks absolutely enormous :c

Most of the clothes do not fit her appropriately and end up looking like sausage casings. One awful white dress actually hurts her because it's so tight. Gorl.

Amber also states that most of the new clothes will still fit her for probably the next 200 pounds.
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Jul 16, 2017
Buys dresses 4-5 sizes too small, surprised that they don't fit.

This is the model wearing a size 4. Does Amber really think she is even close to the same size as this girl?! She is like two of these fat girls.


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Aug 29, 2018
I love the part where she explains she should have bought a bigger size than 4X.

Weirdly, 4X "usually" fit her, but the fall line, for whatever reasons, seems to be making 4x much tighter.

Gorl, 4X fit you in the spring (kinda, anyway), when you were 50-60 pounds smaller. Come autumn, and 4X doesn't fit anymore and you happen to also be 50-60 pounds larger?

Hmmm...this is a puzzler. What could be going on here?

There are times when I think she just simply does not understand that she is getting bigger, she focuses on weight, not size. Then, I think, naw...she's only trollin', of course she knows she's getting bigger. How can she not? But then she seems utterly baffled why her clothes won't fit and the Walmart scooter sputters out, and I start to think she just doesn't grasp the concept that not only does food add weight, it adds size as well...

However, I am glad she assuaged my fears about her outgrowing her clothes. She's good for 200 more pounds with what she has! *whew*


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Aug 16, 2018

Al’s girth on full display in Cheesecake Factory couture called “Raspberry Vanilla Cheesecake”. This is a limited edition look that is sponsored by Orange Chicken and Diet Coke.

Al displaying her impressive upper arms while wearing a shirt that pays homage to Violet from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Her blueberry-esque look is completed with an undershirt from Wommart and an industrial strength bra that can withstand weights of 500+ pounds.

May 21, 2018
It tickles me that she's wearing it backwards and doesn't actually seem to notice much because the reality is her back tits are bigger and fill it out better. Probably why she thinks it feels so tight.

Also, gorl can't get the zipper up on the red shirt, where's her caretaker to help? I'm guessing it just doesn't fit as she claims.

This sad ass unicorn looking on in confusion at what appears to be a third, saggier front tit?